Charlotte Fitzgerald's Unique Journey at Casimoose and Beyond

Charlotte Fitzgerald has worked in a variety of positions for more than ten years across the iGaming business and is one of the most informed and experienced senior figures in Canada's online gambling market. Charlotte was in charge of implementing various improvements to the website as Editor in Chief of Casimoose in order to further strengthen compliance and guarantee that the highest standards for player protection were being maintained. She first entered the industry in 1998 as an online casino player at 888 and has since gained vast experience and a passion for online gambling. On completing her studies at the University of Toronto and obtaining a Bachelor of Business degree, Charlotte started project management role at since its inception and hasn’t looked back since.

Who is Charlotte Fitzgerald, the woman behind Casimoose’s success in Canada’s iGaming industry? Charlotte Fitzgerald is the Editor in Chief at Casimoose. She is defined by her dynamic personality and passions for transmitting the knowledge she has accumulated over the years to her fervent, dedicated readers. Charlotte’s journey at Casimoose started when she accepted an offer to serve as a project manager on one of sites earlier ventures. She has since become an indispensable addition to the team, growing within the ranks to becoming the site’s editor in chief.

Charlotte Fitzgerald has worked in a variety of positions for more than ten years across the iGaming business and is one of the most informed and experienced senior figures in Canada's online gambling market. As Editor in Chief of Casimoose, she oversees the implementation of various improvements to the website which further strengthen compliance and guarantee that the highest standards for player protection are maintained.

Charlotte Fitzgerald was born to a schoolteacher father and stay-at-home mother in 1979, the only girl to a family of four children. She spent most of her early childhood and adolescence in the Toronto area where she was born. As a child, Charlotte would watch with keen attention as her father and brothers fussed over sports, dabble with sports betting, and participated in local school leagues. She has dabbled in different sports herself including handball and volleyball.

Primarily led by curiosity, Charlotte Fitzgerald made her first appearance on the online gambling scene in 1998 as an online gambler at 888 Casino. After completing her studies in the University of Toronto obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business, the forward-thinking Charlotte began to actively pursue a career within the iGaming universe by taking up her first job at She has never looked back since.

Charlotte Fitzgerald's Diverse Creative Passions

Charlotte Fritzgerald leads an impressive and creative life. Before jumping on the opportunity of a lifetime at Casimoose, Charlotte Fitzgerald has explored varying creative interests: exploring art, nature, and music, each experience shaping her mind and fueling her desire to create content that inspires and transforms.

As early as 5 years old, Charlotte would explore different forms of creative expression. Between the ages of 10 and 16, she led every school musical, joined the dance teams, and explored her talents in painting, pottery, and papier mâché crafts. It wasn't until her senior year in high school that Charlotte fell in love with and truly began to explore her talent with words. Soon, she was writing short stories, attempting screenplays, and using words to craft worlds beyond what the eyes can see.

The now, full time writer and editor has mastered the art of harnessing the power to transport minds, touch hearts, and kindle imaginations through words. She is relentless in her pursuit for excellence and strives to bring stories to life, arouse emotions, and capture the minds of readers.

Charlotte’s varied artistic interests have significantly influenced her approach to storytelling. Now, as the Editor in Chief at Casimoose, she uses her platform to not only amplify her creativity, but present narratives that not only entertain but also immerse readers in the thrilling world of online casinos and beyond. Fueled by her inventiveness and a dedication to making a difference, Charlotte skillfully transports readers into new and exciting spaces with her reviews, exploring each element such that you able to make the best choices.

Charlotte's Hobbies as Catalysts for Strategic Thinking

Charlotte has a longstanding love affair with nature, a passion that was ignited in her early childhood as she assisted her mother to cater to their small garden in the yard. She would build bird feeders with her brothers and take long walks on the beach on weekends. All of these contributed to a solid bond between the writer and the earth.

Outside of her role at Casimoose, Charlotte is very proactive individual who does not watch the world from a high-rise building window but lives every day exploring the wonders of nature. She enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking across scenic spots in the countryside. When she is not working up a sweat on a hillside, she is relaxing and catching her breath at the beach.

In addition to having fun in the great outdoors, Charlotte is a lover of chess, a game that requires forethought and strategy. She is a member of an esteemed chess club and loves immersing herself in the intricacies and strategic challenges of the game.

Her love for chess has been a catalyst for strategic thinking which has been instrumental in her role as Casimoose’s editor in chief. Strategy and logic have been her guiding principle in her personal and professional life - from signing on as Casimoose’s project manager to devising a full proof review system for online casinos and forging formidable partnerships with the best brands in Canada and delivering high-impact, quality content.

The Fusion of Creativity, Adventure, and Casimoose's Realm

Charlotte Fitzgerald has successfully merged her passion for the outdoors with her work at Casimoose. As an adventurous spirit, Charlotte is committed to curating and writing immersive narratives that give players the sense of being part of the grand scheme of things. Her knowledge in creative writing equips her with the right skills to write captivating, easy to read and interesting reviews that inform and educate her readers.

Charlotte Fritzgerald is a vital member of the Casimoose team who uses her experience well and is great at communicating her passion for the gaming industry. Her knowledge in business and project management, together with her experience in offering high quality online content across multiple disciplines have proven to be priceless assets. In her role as editor in chief, Charlotte generates ideas, manages her staff, and brings together the most talented individuals to enhance the calibre of work generated. She now assesses online casinos, revealing the newest brands and the most reputable online gambling platforms. Charlotte also contributes to the recruitment and training of new team members.

Charlotte Fitzgerald's Impactful Narrative

Nobody understands the power of words and compelling story telling like Charlotte Fitzgerald. All her personal and professional experiences have prepared her for this role, and platform. First Charlotte grew up in a household that loves sports, with brother who bet on sports. She took an interest in online casino gambling and explored her options at 888 Casino. Her early interests in creative expressions led her to fall in love with words and master the skill of writing compelling and immersive reviews. Charlotte’s hobbies have also contributed to her formidable character and strategic thinking. We are privileged to have such a powerhouse as editor-in-chief of

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