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Our site is all about presenting to you the very best online casinos in Canada that are available. Now we present to you the new casino platforms, we will guide you through getting to know your potential new gaming hub - from bonuses to responsible gaming, all your queries will be answered right here.

TOP 20 New Online Casinos in Canada

New Online Casinos in Canada

We receive requests to review new online casinos in Canada on a nearly daily basis however for reasons we will get to shortly, not all of them make the proverbial cut. Below is a table that consists of the new casino reviews we have recently published. Simply click on the name of the casino in order to read the full review.

New Online Casino 🏆Bonus Offer 💰
Zodiac CasinoC$480 Bonus + 80 Free Spins
Yukon Gold CasinoC$1000 Bonus + 125 Free Spins
Grand Mondial CasinoC$250 Bonus + 125 Free Spins
Caxino CasinoC$200 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
Mr Mega CasinoC$200 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

How we Review a New Online Casino

The growth of the online gaming industry is going through its blooming stage. With this, new casinos arrive on the market every week. In order for us to ensure that you are guided and recommended the best of the new breed, we implement our own criteria of checks on every casino.

It is nothing more than a simple presentation of the facts, made clearly and with an explanation to help you make up your mind about where you’ll be playing from this point forward.

Here’s a brief insight into how our criteria checks work:

Security This is priority number one! Providing you safe and secure options and businesses of trust. Each of the casinos, old or new, provided by our site will have passed stringent tests and processes to be listed and reviewed. Every player should have peace of mind whilst playing online and we make sure it is so, through casinos supplying the correct regulated security SSL software that comes with encryption technology. This also includes casino following regulatory KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols that are in place to stop online fraud and money laundering. Therefore, registering members are required to submit their photo ID when accounts are created.
Support Support comes in many forms and all operators must adhere to the essential and surpass expectations to be ranked amongst the best. Now, it is a given that technology isn’t always compliant, therefore, it is essential that lines of communication are always open in times of great matter. This also applies to the different types of communication between casinos and clients. So, what we consider and recommend as the best casinos, will have 24/7 live chat and adopt common social media platforms to communicate with them from Twitter to Skype.
Fast Payouts There is no greater feeling than a win, but it gives great peace of mind when that money arrives in your bank account. This is why it is essential that online casinos recognize that the process of withdrawing the money must be both as fast and as secure as possible. There should be no delays and their payment services should be as competitive as their market rivals.
Banking Options The focus of payment is one of the most important aspects of playing online, if you cannot pay, you cannot play. With this, there should be a system that works for all. Not all casinos work the same and their payment services may differ, with their accepted payment services and their timing. It is imperative that a casino supplies adequate alternative banking for Canadian players to pick from. With the options, must find a range of credit and debit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, vouchers, banking transferals and cheques.
Mobile FriendlyFor many Canucks, online gaming is now preferred through mobile devices. Online casinos must now be up to date with the trends, therefore, to be considered one of the best, they must provide mobile gaming across all software, mainly Android, iOS, and Windows. From this service, you must also have the choice of playing directly from your internet browser or be offered the casino’s app service. All apps are thoroughly reviewed in addition, to make sure they meet their own specific criteria which can be read about in our new online casino reviews.

Choosing a New Casino Site That is Right for You

When looking at online gambling as a means of entertainment, there are certain areas of all online casinos that will have a direct influence on you the player. These are the general aspects of a casino site that should stand out to players as points of specific interest as they are determining factors that have a direct impact on what you play, how you pay and the services that surround this. These important areas are listed below and briefly, discussed to highlight how they can help you choose the right casino that meets your needs.

Banking Methods: So, as mentioned earlier, banking is of great significance because you need to be able to deposit in order to play and withdraw when you win. Not all operators have the same services available and not all of them support both deposits and withdrawals within each casino banking service. Check and double-check you are able to fully comply with the casino’s payment processes when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. This will potentially narrow the choices down to make better your selection of casinos to join.

Game Choices: 99.9% of your time as a member will be taken up by the time you spend playing. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that the casino you choose to join is able to cater to your needs and provide a hearty selection of games that you love to play. With this, you can also factor in the different platforms that online casinos are also able to provide, like sports betting and live poker tournaments. Assess how you wish to be entertained and how you would like to make your money and go for the casino that is able to tick these boxes and perhaps surpass your expectations when it comes to game choice.

Customer Services: Getting help and support is important, despite the fact that needing to communicate with any casino operator in an emergency is very rare indeed. Nevertheless, the freedom to contact the casino must be a necessity that should be done through a number of services to suit you.

Promotions: If you are going to take promotional offers into consideration when picking a new casino, then take the time to see what real value they have. Question if you are able to benefit from the offer and the Terms and Conditions that come with it. Many players overlook the Wagering Requirement of a promotional bonus, despite it being essential to the rules of how you are allowed to withdraw any winnings made from any claimed offer. In fact, not many know this existed.

How to Create a New Account

Making an online casino account is a simple process. There are 5 steps, that are standard for a vast majority of casinos online. The process of registering should take no more than 3 minutes if you are able to prepare beforehand.

  • Step One: Enter the online casino and select the tab that highlights Sign In or Register.
  • Step Two: An online registration form will need to be filled in. This will require you to provide the following details – Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, Sex, Contact Number, Email, Username, and Password.
  • Step Three: In order for the casino to comply with the industry KYC policy, you will be required to submit proof of I.D and your address from the previous three utility bills or bank statements. These can be photographed and added to the attachments of the online form.
  • Step Four: Once the online form is submitted, your details are checked and upon approval, you will be sent a confirmation email, with an attached link to verify and activate your new online account.
  • Step Five: Click on the email link and sign in. From this point, you can deposit money to claim your exclusive welcome bonus and begin playing games and slots online inside your new online casino.

New Casino Bonus Promotions

Casino bonuses are special, despite the fact every casino online has them. Do they hold any worth or value in them? Well, there are numerous kinds and they’re not all the same when you get into the details of them. Some are good and some not so good.

Should you be judging a new site based on their promotions alone? No. Should they be a consideration? Yes.

Here are some of the top bonus offers you will find throughout the best new Canadian casino sites that you can join online today.

Welcome Bonus: This is the most common bonus online because every casino presents its new members with it. The welcome bonus can comprise of a single reward of cash credit when a deposit is made, or players can get two rewards with additional free spins added to the offer. Most casino bonuses work on the basis of rewarding the first deposit or first few. On the rare occasion, you will stumble across 100% free no deposit bonuses that welcome you as a new member.

No Deposit Bonus: This is as it sounds. You will receive a bonus that comes at no cost. The reward itself will be minor compared to those paid for. It can be a minimal cash credit bonus or a small number of free spins that can be played to help you win real money in return.

Free Spins: The offer of casino free spins is essentially one of free games. You will receive a number of free goes that can range from 5 to 500 free spins, depending on the bonus type. The games eligible aren’t just slot machines but can be used on scratch tickets, online keno and many other games, depending on the Terms and Conditions of the offer.

Deposit Bonus: This is the more normal form of bonus you will come across within any casino online. Players can gain extra financial support for their bankroll, should they meet the depositing requirements of these bonus types. Cash subsidies can range from an extra $10 to $10,000.

Loyalty Reward: The rewards of membership are lifetime. Receive random bonuses as a thank you for your continued loyalty to the casino. They can be minor cash credits or free spins, usually tailored to suit your favourite games.

VIP Bonuses: You will find that there are some casinos online that offer players a chance to experience VIP services. Many are open to all members whereas others are by appointment. VIP Bonuses allow you to gain rewards for the effort you put into playing. Points are accrued through playing and the tally places you into a VIP tier. Depending on your tier status, depends on what level of VIP reward you receive to help you win. Plus, there is also the opportunity to win gifts and holidays through some of the VIP packages.

You will find a variety of other optional promotions that are not the standard like bonus codes. If you find any code offering a discount or reward, again, always read the terms before using it to bet with.

New No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is the rarest bonus of them all. There is no guarantee that you will ever come across one because online operators refresh their promotions weekly, or monthly to compete with other casinos online.

Should you manage to find the no deposit bonus being offered, then it is one that should be taken full advantage of. Granted the likelihood of winning something substantial from it is highly unlikely as a no deposit bonus, as yet, has not yielded a jackpot payout. Nevertheless, it is a way of making free money and profit if you are lucky.

Despite not needed to deposit any finances into the casino prior to use, it is still worth reading the bonus Terms and Conditions. This will advise what games are eligible with the offer and if winnings can be cashed or if they are to be played-though into the same or other games once won.

Many of the new online casinos out there recognize the importance of this bonus and, therefore, tend to implement it as a small reward or goodwill gesture to those that are worthy of a loyalty reward.

A New No Deposit Bonus which amounts to CA$88 is being offered to new players by 888 Casino.

New Online Casino Software Developers

Casinos are built on the software of gaming developers. They are the very heartbeat and lifeblood of the entire platform. If a casino is old or new, it can only compete if they provide the best gaming software in the market.

When it comes to the older casino, there tends to be more of a uniformed approach, each providing the familiar options to players that they had been doing for years. This is no bad thing, with the likes of Microgaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, IGT, Quickspin and Playtech amongst the associated names, you have some of the very best in the business providing award-winning games to their clientele. These names and many others will be amongst the vast majority of Canadian casinos online.

When it comes to the newer casinos, they are in a position of having the benefit of hindsight. Able to assess the market and pick out the brands that meet upcoming trends. With these new casinos, you will find a mix of established and smaller up-and-coming software developers.

The benefit of having smaller brands plays out in their limited interest. The fewer the numbers, the greater the opportunity of winning from them are. With more established brands, you have more casinos using them, in turn, having more people play their games, thusly, reducing the chances of winning.

New Online Casino Slots and Table Games

The new online casinos you are able to join through Casimoose are not only able to provide an eclectic mix of developers but them, in turn, bring about new slots and new casino games for your enjoyment and excitement.

Gaming is such a vast concept, but firstly, with vaster numbers of developers associated with the casino, the greater the turnaround of newly released games will be. We believe the best new online casinos should and will be able to replenish on a fortnightly basis, at the latest, if they are to meet the needs and demands of their members.

The gaming itself can range across the spectrum of online entertainment. Slots are produced in greater quality and what is expected of the developers is to produce new ways of winning and in greater entertaining fashion each time. This can be said also of any new card or table feature that is presented in its virtual format.

Surrounding new casino games releases there is an abundance of new features added to the top new sites that allow them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. With bespoke gaming features that are either linked to bonus settlements or outright gaming titles that are only available within that one new casino and nowhere else.

New Live Casinos

The release of new games will also factor in the services of live dealer gaming. One of the leading developers in this field being Evolution Gaming, who recently released production on several new game show features that included Crazy Time™ and Mega Ball™.

With Evolution Gaming leading the field in the department of live entertainment, newer casinos are still encouraging other competition to deploy their live games into the Canadian market.

The development of technology also plays its part with live dealer casino, having already gone through considerable changes since its inception. What is expected of this side of the industry is in-date accessibility to the features and function of live casino gaming and with it new and improved games. One standout subject regarding this is Virtual Reality gaming.

This is the future of new live casinos and is in development. The first place these will be made available to the masses will be from within the newer breed of online casino Manitoba, more so than the older establishments.

New Mobile Casino

Since the mid-90s, casinos and technology have gone hand in hand as they have waltzed through time and change for over two decades. A lot has been developed and cast aside in this time, and we entrust our online mobile casinos to take us where the technology leads.

Pre-2010 and the most popular way of playing in an online casino were through your desktop device, in under eight years, it went from a 70% market foothold to 30%. Mobile gaming took over and became the choice of people all over the world. Faster access, no matter where or when the player wanted it.

It is now perhaps, more standard than ever than right now, that you are reading this from your mobile, looking to play from your mobile. The simple reason for this is that it’s a lot easier. Instant gaming, in tune with faster banking, 24/7, is the modern way of living and now gambling.

From the new casinos, players will benefit from the casino’s rollout of better services and application delivery. Though not wholly essential to the accessing of a site because you can play via the web browser, apps allow for one-touch access that is now also combining safety features with your mobile’s I.D security. It should now be standard that your new online casino mobile app can be unlocked with just your fingerprint, rather than having to type in your username and password. This goes for all smartphone devices, whether you use Android, iOS, or Windows.

New Banking Methods for Canadians

When the growth of online gambling started, casinos deemed their services a luxury and with that, there was a wrongly calculated approach. Many of the older casinos set up limited types or forms of payment that would be accepted. It would work for the few, not the many. This became an issue as casinos branched into other alternative global markets.

As all Canada’s casinos are based in Europe, their payment services were not geared up to meet all of Canada’s banking services. Now, this is an issue rectified by the newer casinos online, as they build their platforms to meet the requirements of as many Canadian players as possible, such as PayPal Casinos so that no one is left out. They also reduce the min deposit amount from $10 down to $5 in most cases.

The payment options open to players in Canada are expansive and they needed to be, so your choice of how you control your finances is down to you, rather than having to conform out of your normal habits to suit the casino.

Canadian Payments now include:

✅ Credit and Debit Cards (MasterCard and Visa)

✅ Interac E-transfer

✅ eCheck Deposit Online

✅ Canadian-based e-Wallets and iDebit

✅ Paysafecard Deposits

✅ Skrill e-Wallet

Soon, online casino payment processes will adopt contactless payment, so you can tap your card to your mobile and your payment will be processed like you do when grocery shopping.

New Online Casino Payout Rates

The payout rate is an interesting subject and for those unaware of what a payout rate is, here is a clear explanation:

  • The payout rate records the difference between what money is kept by a casino and what is returned as winnings from all deposited payments.

New online casinos tend to have a higher percentage score for this, given to customer awareness and regulation compliance.

The average payout rate is approximately 96% to 97%. This means of all the money taken in by the new casino, they are only making at most a 4% profit.

The score is, however, relative to the games they provide. Should the casino be affiliated to games with a lower scoring win ratio or payout, then this decreases the overall payout rate of the site.

Game scoring is often found on slots and other virtual games, through what is known as the RTP (Return to Player). This is game programming that calculates the rate a player succeeds. It is one of two algorithms used by developers. However, it is the other algorithm that is more favoured by the newer casinos as it is deemed to be fairer.

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is programmed to produce random outcomes. Chance dictates the wins and losses, not the amount of money you put into a game. Therefore, a player’s chance of winning with only $10 to spend is equal to that of a player with $100 to spend. It is pure luck. Both RNG and RTP are tested and certified by independent 3rd party specialists such as eCOGRA which is recognized by gambling jurisdictions worldwide.

New Casino Sites Vs. Established Ones

So, what are the pros and cons of a new up-and-coming casino over those that have been in the business for a greater period of time?

Here is a table that points to the positives and negatives of each side of new versus old:

New Online Casinos Established Online Casinos
✅ Implementation of the latest technology ✅ Greater reputation and reliability
✅ Innovative service features ✅ Tried and tested services and features that endured
✅ Greater promotional bonuses ✅ Higher bonus values due to greater membership numbers
✅ Newer gaming selection ✅ Larger gaming selection
✅ Better VIP Rewards ✅ Associated with more developers
✅ Mobile Apps ✅ Greater currency market
✅ More platform choices ✅ Can provide alternative platform choices
✅ More alternative banking services ✅ Faster payments on credit and debit cards
❌ Limited currency market ❌ Higher negativity rating
❌ Fewer partnered developers ❌ More content goes unplayed
❌ Lower bonus rates due to fewer members ❌ Older VIP schemes

Enjoy your New Online Casino Experience Responsibly

Despite being next to the USA, a place you would think would be more liberal when it comes to gambling, Canada has far better perks with casinos online than those living State-side. Spare yourself a visit to any land-based casino, whether visiting the like of New Jersey in the US or here in Canada, as you can now play online, from any device, any time you want.

Gambling is 100% legal in Canada, and all sites found through our services here at Casimoose are legally licensed and regulated in their services to you.

Gambling is adult entertainment, and the legal age is relative to your province so you must make sure you are within the legal age to gamble before you commit.

Winning is purely based on luck and losses must be expected. Gambling can lead to personal issues and those in need of seeking help with online gambling can find professional support and advice through a number of Canadian gambling charities.

Please, take your time exploring our list of recommended new online casinos. Our online casino reviews will highlight all the need-to-know information regarding their features and services.

Make gambling a source of online fun and do so with responsible measure and only bet when you can afford to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play at New Online Casinos?

Yes, 100%. New online casinos go through the same process checks as the older casinos you find online. In fact, getting a license these days for a new online casino is tougher than before because a lot of rules have been updated by regulatory bodies that approve the legalized forms of gambling and new governing laws must be abided too. All new sites at Casimoose are licensed and regulated and go through our criteria process before being passed onto you for recommendation and review. This means 100% security, support, fast payments, ease of banking, and mobile-friendly.

Are all new casinos licensed and regulated?

Yes. Again, this is a 100% confirmation. Before any operator can become a fully-fledged online service, they must obtain legal credentials before they can trade. The process of getting an online gambling license takes a long time, so the sites you find listed on Casimoose have been through all the right processes to be able to supply you with legitimate games that have also met the approval of independent regulators, that deem them fair and safe to play. The licences of new casinos that we feature on our site could be verified at the licensee register page of the respective gambling regulator. You will also find that some of the casinos have gone further to gain gaming certificates from iGaming labs that test the programming of the games. All so that you have peace of mind whilst playing.

Do new casinos offer generous bonuses?

Yes. Though the types of bonuses will vary from site to site. No two casinos will try to produce the exact same offer. What you will find is that the greater deal of difference as to how bonuses really are is within the bonus terms and conditions.

New casinos are savvier to this than the older casinos, whose terms tend to be a bit stricter and regimented. New online casinos are more aware that players are aware of fairness in consumerism and if a deal sucks, then a business could massively miss out. But don't be overly fooled into thinking generosity is a good thing. When it comes to welcome bonuses, they are designed to seduce and lure players into the casino. Always read the small print before committing.

Do all new casino sites offer a no deposit bonus?

No. Though some will, it is not a guarantee that they all will. In fact, we can say with a high level of assurance that not every new or old online casino will implement no deposit bonuses within their menu of promotional offers.

The no deposit bonus is a very rare offer that is rewarded to players. It is so rare that only 888 Casino is offering a true No Deposit Bonus of CA$88. Granted the likelihood of winning something substantial from it is highly unlikely as a no deposit bonus, as yet, has not yielded a jackpot payout.

Can I access a new online casino on my mobile?

Yes, 100%. From the new casinos that you can join from Casimoose, players will benefit from faster and more robust services and application delivery. Though not wholly essential to accessing an online site because you can play via the web browser, apps allow for one-touch access that is now also combining safety features with your mobile’s I.D security. It should now be standard that your new online casino mobile app can be unlocked with just your fingerprint, rather than having to type in your username and password. This goes for all smartphone devices, whether you use Android, iOS, or Windows.

Do new online casinos feature the latest games?

Yes, however, the number and frequency of games being released are all relative to who the casino has partnered with a software provider.

Your new online casino can only ever provide games made by their software developer, the more they have partnerships with them, the greater the volume will become.

Of these developers, you will gain access to their newly released titles, the same time as other online casinos.

In some cases, there are new online casinos that have their own exclusive bespoke games that do not feature inside of any other site, so you can benefit greatly by playing these when released.

Which online banking methods are accepted by new casinos?

The payment options open to players in Canada are expansive and they needed to be, so your choice of how you control your finances is down to you, rather than having to conform out of your normal habits to suit the casino.

Canadian Payments now include:

  • Credit and Debit Cards (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Interac E-transfer
  • eCheck Deposit Online
  • Canadian-based e-Wallets and iDebit
  • Paysafecard Deposits
  • Skrill e-Wallet

Should I choose a new casino over an established one?

There are many advantages to joining both old and new casinos online. With them, comes some disadvantages as with anything. what you choose should not matter if the casino is 1 month old or 20 years old. Your choice is relative to what you would like to play if that casino can facilitate your needs in terms of banking, accessibility, and contact points. 99% of your time will be spent on playing the games, if you have the best of these, then you're pretty much in the complete casino that suits you. Additions on the side, like promotions, customer support, payments, are all aside that helps to make your experience less complicated.

Who should I contact should I run into a problem?

The best casinos online will run award-winning customer services that will resolve any query or matter as soon as humanly possible. Great lengths have gone into focusing on customer services over the past 10-years to coincide with the rise of membership. Casinos will also adopt additional online information for members that obtain fast solutions to their query. This includes FAQ pages, guides, and video information.

Social media also plays a role, with many of the new online casinos having Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that pose as alternative points of contact.

How do the wagering requirements of new online casinos compare with older ones?

To clarify: A wagering requirement is a bonus rule that is specific to the withdrawal of winnings that have been obtained from the bonus money. The average wagering requirement works on a cost basis. It is a multiplier of the bonus's worth. If, for example, you claim $100, and the wagering requirement is 30x the bonus, you will need to deposit and play $3,000 before your initial bonus winnings can be released. The newer casinos online, still maintain this rule but have more sensible levels in terms of the play-through amount.

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