2022 Yukon Online Casino Guide

When gambling in Canada, what are the laws does your province hold to either allow you to gamble? Here we delve into the region of Yukon to provide residents and visitors insight into the province’s laws, casinos, and how players in the region are able to access online services that are fully legal and compliant.

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Best Yukon Online Casino Sites in 2022

We start with a selection of the current top Yukon online casino sites that you are able to join via our website. Each of the above YK online casino is packed with over 500 casino games and slots and licensed and regulated to meet all legal and safety requirements. Here are the additional highlight perks of playing online inside these top casinos:

✅ Instant mobile access with Android, iOS, and Windows

✅ Live sports streaming and betting

✅ Real-time live dealer table and card games

✅ Localized and online banking options

✅ Exclusive one-off Welcome Bonus

Gamble Responsibly in Yukon

The opportunity to gamble online has been in the homes of billions since the mid-90s. Though with great opportunity and freedom to access such sites, the weight of responsibility becomes greater. There is no denying that the industry has surpassed all records and continues to grow membership numbers month on month, year on year.

The number of new casinos being generated online reflects the demand and right now, that demand is high. With all this in place, for sites like ours and for online casinos themselves, they must still look after the wellbeing of their members and users, so that players are informed and educated about the risks of online gambling.

So, what can be done when you have such ease of access, the membership interest, and the potential of gambling addiction overspilling? Here, our Editor in Chief, Charlotte Fitzgerald explains the new legal measures in place that could help to reduce the issues around gambling responsibly.

“With the rapid rise of online casinos and their accessibility, there is inevitably going to be increased numbers in gambling addiction and problems. Online regulators want to make sure casinos do more to help their clients, and thusly, account tools were created to help players to control their habits of spending and playing. The player can now dictate what they spend and how long they are able to play for. ”

“This is no new scheme, it’s just that players had not been properly informed that these options were available. In the past year, there has been a greater awareness brought to light with casinos now having to send out notifications to members every so often to comply with new regulatory measures to keep the online gambling service in line. ”

It is a small but necessary step. By no means will a player who is wanting to gamble suddenly stop because they are told it carries risks, so educating them to gamble a smarter way is at least starting off in the right steps.

We do our bit to advise and inform where we can. We notify of the responsible gambling measures and tools that casinos have within our own casino reviews. We share tips and strategies in our game guides, and we too, also support gambling organizations and charities like along with the best Yukon casinos online. Here are some of those that can provide professional help and advice to those in the Yukon province that wish to understand more on the subject of gambling addiction:

If at this stage you feel that you might need to reconsider your interest, you can always return once you are happier with the risks that come from gambling. Otherwise, let us now inform you of the available games that are accessible online…

Enjoy Your Favorite Games in Yukon

If you are new to the world of online casinos and are not too sure where to begin, then it’s always best to start with the games as they will be supplying the entertainment and hopefully, the riches!

An average casino can hold between 500 to 1000 games, some the same, some different. These games can fall into specific gaming categories that are the main headings of a casino’s menu.

Here we take a look at each one and briefly present information that may help you to decide what to play. However, for a better and more clear understanding, then the best approach is to access these games in their demo mode and play them for free. You can access authentic real online casino games here at Casimoose and practice on the very games you will find inside the casinos we recommended. Why spend to learn when all the action can be tested for free beforehand?

So, how will you make your fortune?

  • Slots - Slot machines are the simplest game to play. There are no complex rules, just press the spin button, there is no skill needed to win, just luck. You have the largest number of games to pick from and with them, the largest jackpot prizes to win. Enjoy in-game features and bonus rounds that help to make each slot game online wholly unique from the next. You will have award-winning software to play on thanks to the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.
  • Blackjack - The card game which offers the fairest odds winning than any other casino game online and offline. Here you get to play at an almost 50/50 level against the house that only carries an advantage of 1.48%. This is why blackjack has been the most favored card game there is. Online you can play a number of blackjack variants and experience the game as a digital feature or as a live casino game.
  • Roulette - This is the go-to-game for any new player that wants to experience traditional gaming for the first time. Roulette is so easy to play that you only need to predict where the ball lands within the roulette wheel. You have multiple betting options on the roulette table and a single correct win pays out the largest single odd of any casino game at 35/1. Again, this iconic feature can be played digitally or as a live casino game.
  • Poker - The poker card game is known for hosting major tournaments and this is also the case when playing online. If the challenge of playing against other players is perhaps a bit too pro for you right now, then you can settle playing either against the casino with their live features or solitary games in their digital form. There are many poker variants and twisted formats like video poker that takes the card game and turns it into a slot game. Poker is one of the few games that exist within the casino that is thought to invoke skillful attributes that can help players to win.
  • Baccarat - This niche feature is not like other card games that are found in the casino. It is played with a smaller deck by removing cards 10 to king. Baccarat was once the game of nobility and is now making a huge comeback online given it can be played as live game or as a standard traditional digital feature.
  • Bingo - Bingo online has a huge community. There are digital bingo games and live bingo games. The numbers are limited compared to other features because bingo is deemed a lottery game and not a casino game. So, if you cannot travel to Elks Bingo Hall or Legion Bingo in Whitehorse, then get the same thrilling action online and stay in where it is more cozy and warm.
  • Lotto - Other lottery games do feature online, not in the greatest of numbers, but they are, nevertheless, available. Look out for scratch card games, keno games online, and national and international lottery services. So, you can play those lucky numbers of yours online and not need to leave the house to get your next winning ticket.
  • Sportsbook - The online sports betting section of the industry is bigger than the casino games. Sports betting is huge right now and throughout the best sites, you can access over 25 different sports and bet on games and fixtures across the globe. You have the NFL, the MBA, the NHL, golf, motorsports, MMA, tennis and loads more. Players can access live streaming of games, access stats, get cashout options and can formulate their own bespoke betting slip across the many hundreds of markets that exist online.

All these games are accessible to players through any device, from MacBook to Mobile. If you have any device powered by Android, iOS, or Windows, then you have 100% access to the best casino games online, within Yukon’s top casinos.

With the YK online casino sites, players will also be able to access casino bonuses to help them play the selection of games provided. Bonus offers will come in the form of extra cash or free spins. If you wish to use any of the casino bonuses offered by any Yukon online casino, then please read all terms and conditions beforehand.

Live Casino Gaming in Yukon

Now, new online players may not know what a live game is, so let’s discuss the live casino platform that is presented by all of the casinos online that are open to Yukon residents.

Live gaming is as it sounds, you will watch and participate in real games, playing in real-time, using real equipment. Live games are broadcast from the studios of Evolution Gaming and you can not only take part in playing but experience live chat with the table’s host/dealer and can play with multiple players that are online also.

Live casino gameplay is no new thing, it has been around since casinos went online, only now it is more refined visually and technically, given you can now play these live casino games from your mobile phone.

The games available from the live casino platform include the following:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Poker
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Gameshows

Yukon Banking Options Accepted by Online Casinos

To be able to play online, you, of course, need to be able to bank. Depositing and withdrawing of funds is something all players will experience whilst assigned to an online casino. But not every casino offers the same service when it comes to this topic. There are numerous ways to deposit and withdraw, many opt with Visa or MasterCard, there are, however, alternative forms of payment given the growth of the online banking market. Here are four examples of payment services that are currently deemed the most popular amongst Canadian users online.

  • Interac - Used for fast online transactions that provide secure transferals for debit card users. Currently, the #1 form of online payment in Canada.
  • Bitcoin - The bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of the future and casinos, and industry of money, know this. You can enjoy safe online gaming with the safest online currency.
  • eCheck - This is the same as a paper cheque payment but online. Offering bank-to-bank service and security. Another popular choice used by Canadian players online
  • PayPal - If you shop online, then you should know by now what PayPal is. They are a third-party service that takes in payment and transfers costs without the users details and data. It is secure and it is also an insured payment service.

Withdrawal times across all different services will vary from 24-hours to 5 days. However, all deposits are instant, so you can begin wagering your funds in less than 30 seconds.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

A Brief History of Yukon Casinos and its Gambling Laws

  • In Faro, was named after the card game Faro in the 1890s.
  • The oldest casino in Canada is the Diamond’s Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall and it opened in Yukon 1971.
  • There is an official lottery service in Yukon that is operated by the Office of the Registrations of Lotteries.

Yukon Laws 2022

As will all Canadian provincial laws, Yukon is just like every other region. In 1970, the federal law, though banning gambling, gave provincial governments power to control and regulate their own gambling and casino laws. Like provinces, Yukon opened its doors to the opportunities of gambling and built their first casino in 1971 called the Diamond’s Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall.

When it comes to online gaming, this was never written or updated in the Yukon criminal code because you cannot stop or govern players from accessing casinos that are out of Yukon or Canadian jurisdiction. Where the law come into play is in stopping businesses within Canada from producing online gambling services. This is why all online casino here at Casimoose are registered outside of Canada’s territories.

We review licensed casinos that still comply with Canadian and Yukon law even though they are not based within the borders.

Yukon Online Gambling Regulator

The regulatory body has a long title: The Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Branch of the Department of Community Services. Their position is to license and regulate all gambling services that are made available to residents of the Yukon province. They also help charities that wish to host events within the community that want lotto and bingo gaming available.

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in Yukon

Stepping away from online gaming and stepping out to visit the casino sites around Yukon province could open your eyes to whole new experiences. Whether as a resident or visitor to Yukon, let us share with you the top-rated land casinos where you must be 19-years and over to enter and play their casino games inside:

Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall Casino

Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall Address: 1001 Fourth Avenue, Dawson City, Yukon

  • Phone Number: 1 (867) 993-5525
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: The first land casino built and the oldest in Canada. Diamond Tooth offers a variety of games ranging from table features like blackjack and poker to slot machine terminals. There are tournaments that take place inside to land players a healthy jackpot. The Gambling Hall offers up some old-timey entertainment with the Gold Rush Girls dance act and there is also the bar and restaurant services to fuel your stay.

Enjoy Online Casinos and Gambling in Yukon

As you can see, there are a number of places where you can strike gold with the help of some incredible casino games. Whether you use our site or enter the land casinos in Yukon, residents and visitors will have a wealth of choice and fantastic games to experience. We have rewards on offer with each casino online. Here you can claim exclusive casino bonuses through each online service, that offers each new customer a special one-off welcome bonus when they join and plenty more thereafter. Remember to read the full t&cs that will inform you about the min and max deposits needed, the eligible games, and the wagering requirement costs, should you apply to use them.

Access to the available casinos online does not require you to make any additional downloads. All can be accessed from any device and through any web browser. The option to download a casino mobile app is entirely up to you. Either way, it is mega entertainment all the way.

Best of all, any money won does not have to be claimed on your tax. No matter how mega the winnings are, you get to keep it all because these are all online casinos registered offshore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Casinos Legal in Yukon?

Yes. Casinos offering a service online are legal, oddly because they are not based or registered in Canada or the province. All casinos are online and therefore comply with the laws but not being remote services. If you gamble and win, you will be paid in CA dollars and you do not need to claim the tax, which adds to the first-class service.

Is it Safe to Gamble from Yukon?

Yes. The land-based casino is licensed and regulated, just like the online services. They may not be registered in Canada, but these are international platforms giving players all over the world an opportunity to play somewhere safe and somewhere licensed. The Casimoose casinos are all regulated and licensed and independently tested. They are approved by governing bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

What is the Online Casino Legal Age?

In Yukon, you must be 19-years or older to be legally allowed to gamble, both online and within the only land-based casino in the province. When you apply online to join an online casino, you will need to provide proof of age with a photo of your ID and proof of your residency from three bills in the past three months. This is all part of the KYC policy

Do you pay Taxes on Winnings?

No. the full winnings are yours to keep. The Canada Revenue Agency does not need to be informed of any winnings because you are not making the money on Canadian soil if playing online. If winning from the land casino, you only need to make a claim if your winnings generate interest.

Who is the Gambling Regulator?

The regulatory body has a long title: The Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Branch of the Department of Community Services. Their position is to license and regulate all gambling services that are made available to residents of the Yukon province. They also help charities that wish to host events within the community that want lotto and bingo gaming available.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

There are multiple options to controls your funds online, both for withdrawals and deposits. The common options are MasterCard and Visa, but there are additional services from e-wallets and cryptocurrencies that are becoming a new trend in Canada. Here are the leading options for online players:

  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • eCheck
  • PayPal

Can I find First Nations Gaming Properties in Yukon?

No. There are no other casinos in Yukon that reside on native land.

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