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Kayleigh reviews online casinos and sportsbooks while coordinating training initiatives for new recruits at She excels at sharing her love for the iGaming industry and puts her past experience to good use. With a background working for the biggest gambling brands online and a strong analytical ability, Kayleigh developed a natural gift in breaking down each component of online casinos, betting sites as well as their offerings and hasn't looked back. Outside of Casimoose, she's a proud Ontarian with a love of sports and entertainment.

Kayleigh Williams is the Head of Online Casino and Sportsbooks Reviews at The woman is defined by her ardent devotion to transmitting her knowledge and passion through analysis and reviews. In the past few years, Kayleigh has been the center through which we’ve passed to reveal top online casinos and sportsbooks in Canada. Her journey with us began when she joined the team as a senior editor, a position that let us see how good a fit she was for our goals. Currently working with our team of content creators and editors, Kayleigh keeps our audience engaged through unique and helpful publications like her work on online casino games.

Born in March 1978 to an American mother and a father native to Canada, Kayleigh Williams is the second child of a family of four. Growing up, she watched her father work at the sports department of a local newspaper and in some way, she believes it inspired the path she has so far followed. Kayleigh showed a lot of interest in creative writing and was already a major school news reporter by the age of 14. This alongside other traits made it relatively easy for her to grab a scholarship to study Journalism and Literature at one of Ontario’s most prestigious universities. While pursuing her studies, she started as an intern for a local television station in Hamilton. She was charged with investigating and researching relevant topics that tied down to the brand image of the TV. For every program to be broadcast, Kayleigh checked facts to uncover interesting stories and avoid false information. She equally wrote scripts, handled the paperwork, and prepared press releases. By the end of her second year of studies, she was proposed a part-time position as a junior production assistant. Not only did she co-supervise the production of news reports and shows but also, she had her first on-air presentation during an annual hockey tournament which was a big event at the time. In 2000, she graduated with a major in Online Journalism and immediately set off to explore her newfound life in other cities of the country.

Kayleigh’s professional career kicked off with a role at a newly opened Canadian branch of a multinational media company. She was in charge of providing news on the local channel while frequently updating the e-news magazine. For sporting events and competitions in cycling, racing, and hockey, Kayleigh was called to come up with game insights and even predict what the outcomes would be. She discovered a real passion for converting all those moments of fists and tactics into rich content to keep online audiences ever informed. From one game to the other, she became a real figure who was progressively being noticed for her profound understanding of the stakes at hand. She attended press conferences and got exclusive interviews with top players and teams. Through hard work and skill, Kayleigh took the reigns of the esports section, becoming the first lady to hold such a position in the company. After hundreds of publications and countless hours of work to keep up with tight deadlines, Kayleigh worked the company to the top 3 media houses in the province. She kept the flow going until we came along, sweeping her off her feet with a brand-new challenge she willingly took up.

Kayleigh joined our team at a time when we needed an extra force to help keep our troops in place while inspiring them to unlock their full potential. As soon as she came in, a breeze of change swept past and her experience in delivering online content across several disciplines couldn’t have been more welcomed. Together with other colleagues, she brainstorms ideas, assembling the best of them to boost the quality of work produced. She currently reviews online casinos, bringing to the light of day the newest brands and the most reputed gaming sites. In our sportsbook section, Kayleigh drafts writing plans based on upcoming sporting calendars to ensure that we have it all wrapped up. Aside from that, she programs and coordinates training sessions for recruits at She puts her experience to good use and excels at sharing her love for the iGaming industry, making her an invaluable member of our team.

Outside of Casimoose, she's much of a social person who enjoys those moments spent with friends and family. As a proud Ontarian with a deep love for sports and entertainment, she hasn’t missed any major Ice Hockey event in the last two years. Besides being a fervent fan, Kayleigh still has the flare and reflex for sports which is why she finds it reviving to partake in local amateur competitions during her free time and also talks about sports on her personal blog you can follow Kayleigh Williams on her socials to follow up with her activities.

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