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Before you commit your time and money to any of the top online casinos in Canada, we invite you to indulge in free games right here, enjoy thousands of free slots and classic casino table games, from our selection below.

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We provide our users with the best online casino software and authentic games, used by the best casinos around the world.

Here, you will find every game you could hope for as a player, every game you have played and loved. 100% free games with no download, no registration, and zero boredom!

This is what our service is all about:

✅ Access free slots and virtual table games

✅ Award-winning gaming development

✅ Mobile gaming with NO downloads required

And hey – should you enjoy your free games experience so much that you want to try your hand at the real deal, not only will you have access to casino bonus offers to bet on games to help you win real money back, but you can also read detailed reviews of the casinos which present these incredible gaming opportunities.

Experience how online casinos really feel by playing the best authentic virtual machines found anywhere in the world and most definitely here in Maple Country!

Step into the online world of Vegas-style gameplay and enjoy your time playing these extraordinary free video slots and games.

Best Platforms to Play Free Casino Games in Canada

To take your gaming to the next level, here you will find the best casinos for Canuck players listed below:

Canada's Best Casinos 2024

How we Rank Online Casinos for Free Casino Games

Quality is an essential attribute to all things associated with the casino. This covers the development of a site, the gaming products, and the integral service of the casino as they pass the games onto their members.

We hold key criteria in our assessment of sites that make sure that real quality is found throughout.

Our team of experts, with years in the field of experience in this industry, from player to designers, know the best of service you should be given, and that is why we are able to test and approve the right gaming options for you, giving you safe, fair, and entertaining titles.

Our criteria to provide you the BEST:

  • Licensing – Authorised and up-to--date ✅
  • Regulated – Approved and verified ✅
  • Gaming – Licensed and independently tested, high RTP % scores ✅
  • Security – SSL software, verified and in-date ✅
  • Promotions – Fair and honest ✅
  • Services – 24/7 customer support ✅
  • Banking – FCA regulated, alternative methods, fast transactions ✅
  • Software – Android, iOS, and Windows compatibility ✅

Our casino reviews detail all the features within the platform, giving you gaming insight and what bonuses are available to be played with.

These casinos are fully tested prior to selection and have company checks run on them, so you can be sure they are fully licensed and legally approved for the Canadian market.

The licensing bodies we look for include:

  • UK Gambling Commisson
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Kanhawake Gaming Commission
  • Curacao eGaming Authority

And as explained above, should you eventually decide to try your luck at real money casino games we also make sure these casino’s banking and customer support are of the highest standard, to round-off what will be all together, a first-class service throughout.

Canucks, we want you to have the best experience of your life, and this is why the games are also played and reviewed with the same stringent judgment.

It’s not just about simply picking a machine because it’s popular and played by millions every day.

  1. It’s about them being fair on the player, so we check the RTP% score produces a high payout rate in the eventuality you decide to play for real money. The RTP, being the Return to Player, is algorithmic programming inside the machines that determine when someone wins based on the percentage of money put into the game.
  2. It’s about offering innovative features, having winnable jackpots and providing the player something fresh to spin and bet on. So, we make sure the casinos recruit the best software developers on the market. This includes the likes of reputable, award-winning game makers like NetEnt and Microgaming.

What are the Types of Free Casino Games for Canadian Players ?

So, what do we mean by free and what kind of games are there exactly?

Here are some brief reviews of the wild games you can spin for free right here on our site – enjoy!

Free Online Slots

The casino’s number one game and one of the easiest games you will ever play. There are thousands of video slots out there in the world and you will have access to the best from our site and from the best Canadian casinos online.

These free casino slot machine games are so richly diverse that the numbers available dwarf Las Vegas a thousand times over. Moreover, slots offer a thrilling experience that is difficult to get bored of, offering cutting-edge graphics, innovative themes and constant excitement. Playing is an easy 3-step process.

  • Select your machine.
  • Set your wagering amount per spin.
  • Press the Spin button and you’re playing.

See for yourself why players find slot games so much fun and why they have become the most popular game in the casinos online.

Online slots are machines typically built with 5-reels, on which an array of symbols is placed. When you press the Spin button, these reels rotate and if you are lucky a win is formed by aligning the same symbols across the 5-reels. The cash prize values climb higher when you land jackpot features and enter the bonus rounds.

The house edge of a slot machine varies between 2 - 15%*

Titles of top free casino slot games for fun to spin and enjoy your time on with our demos and the top casino bonuses:

  • Mega Moolah™ by Microgaming: This funky, animal-themed slot holds the largest jackpot payout, a world record of $14million. The most successful progressive jackpot game developed with over 1billion paid out since its creation. This slot offers special features galore, which is yet another reason why it’s so popular – go on a wild ride with the Wild Multiplier, the Scatter Symbol, Free Spins and more. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can also opt for AutoPlay and watch those elephants, buffalos and giraffes battle for the right reel combination.
  • Starburst™ by NetEnt: Perhaps one of the most played games online. Reminiscent of retro-style arcade games, this slot is everywhere (almost) and is largely available through casino bonus free spin offers. Much like the sweet candy it is named for, it offers a colourful ride with 10 fixed pay lines that pay both ways. It doesn’t offer much in terms of features, but the innovative expanding wild re-spin makes up for that, as do the bold graphics.
  • Gonzo’s Quest™ by NetEnt: This slot features the tumbling reels. Removing the classic form of rotating reels, instead, the symbols fall into the game to build rows of blocks that crumble away when a winning line is produced and replaced with new blocks that fall into the game. This slot is often referred to as the ‘ultimate adventure slot, and it’s a well-deserved moniker. What you get is 5 reels over 3 rows with 20 fixed pay lines – add a fun narrative into the mix and the reason behind its popularity becomes obvious. Keep an eye out for the Avalanche Multiplier – one of NetEnt’s most successful innovations, which offers regular free spins and (if you decide to play for money) increases the winnings potential bigtime.
  • Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest™ by Playtech: A new progressive jackpot series by Playtech that mixes steampunk with otherworldly landscapes. Features maps to traverse other kingdoms in the gaming series and a game shop that allows you to buy bonus rounds. Enter the magical forest to be greeted by 5 gemstones, mystical warriors and majestic animals on the reels. The special features, like the Owl Respins, are all gorgeously integrated within the narrative theme, which makes for a totally immersive experience akin to that of starring in your own adventure.
  • Age of Gods™ by Playtech: The biggest progressive jackpot series that holds over 20 different titles, all linked to three enormous jackpots. What you get are 5 reels on 20 pay lines, all leading to possible bonuses and that famed progressive jackpot. The potential is huge with this one, and the mythology theme has proven itself to be super popular with Canadian players, who particularly appreciate the oh-so-smooth visuals that offer a completely immersive experience.

For more on free casino slot games, click here.

Free Roulette

The game of roulette is possibly one of the most iconic there is. Famous for how the game is played with the roulette wheel being the deciding factor on whether you win or lose and loved because of how the game allows you to bet.

The selection of free roulette games that is available to you, will allow you to play different variants of the classic traditional game, the principal rules of which, are the same throughout all titles. The object of the game is to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

This provides three decisions for the player:

  • The number.
  • The colour of the number, green, black or red.
  • Whether the number will be odd or even.

Your decision for the outcome is placed on the roulette table, where bets can be spread across a range of options to back your outcome and/or possible outcomes.

The love of the game very much comes in the spectrum of betting. Players can select one or more numbers, place the betting chips on rows and columns of numbers and really enjoy testing their predictive skills.

The house edge of a roulette machine is approximately 5%*

  • Double Ball Roulette: Double your chances with two balls in play as this variant can be played both as a live and virtual game. All you need to do is predict the number or numbers on which the two balls will land – you get the numbers 1 to 36 and a 0 to pick from. Once the allotted time for the bet expires, both balls are released until they decide which pocket to land on. If you guessed the numbers, you win. Easy as maple syrup cake.
  • Double Wheel Roulette: Taking the mix up to the extreme this double wheel variant will give you double the chances of winning.
  • French Roulette: One of the more traditional variants, French roulette is accompanied by a side betting feature that doesn’t appear on any other kind of roulette variant.
  • European Roulette: The European take is considered by many to be the original: this is very much like the American table, but this game is without the US double zero betting option.

Get more on free online roulette here.

Free Blackjack

A much-loved card game, blackjack is the quintessential card game attributed to casino gaming and lifestyle.

Playing blackjack is easy and is possibly the simplest of all card games as it doesn’t use many rules or require memorizing gaming card hands like in poker.

To play your free blackjack games, you will set the chip value for your bet and confirm by selecting Deal. You will be dealt two cards, and your aim is to reach a total value of 21. If you go over 21 and you go bust and lose. Stay below 21, and you are trying to be as close as possible to this number to win.

The game provides various moves that allow for you to reach 21, should your cards be too low.

  1. Hit – this signals to the dealer that you wish to have another free card.
  2. Double Down – this move produces a one-off extra card for your hand and also doubles your original bet on the round.
  3. Split – this action allows you to separate your hand to form a new pair of hands to play two against the dealers. You will either hit on each new hand to get to 21 or in some variants, double down on each pair.

The house edge of blackjack is approximately 0.5%*.

This classic has picked up alternative gaming features and these variants are listed below for you to try out:

  • European Blackjack: Often touted as the game in its original form. Played with 6 decks, the rules are that players can double down after a split, the dealer must stand on a soft 17 and there is no splitting on 4s, 5s or cards valued 10
  • Atlantic City Blackjack: The game gets its popularity because of the low house edge it provides. This means more frequent wins for you. The rules that allow this to happen are that the dealer has to draw on 16 or less and should they have 17, 18, 19 and 20, they must stand. As the player, you can double on any card and split any pair.
  • Spanish 21: The gaming variant is completely different because all 10s are stripped and not included in the game. Therefore, the game is won a lot with the lower cards.
  • Pontoon: The variant of pontoon allows you to double down or to ‘buy’ prior to taking hits. Doubling can occur with more than two cards!
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack: Born on the Vegas strip, hence the name, this variant uses 4 decks, the dealer must stand on soft 17, you can double on any hand, you can split on up to 4 hands and aces can be split.

Discover the complete world of free blackjack games here.

Video Poker

The game of video poker takes the original table games and packs them into an online slot machine. This is arcade gaming at its supreme best.

As with any poker game, there are hands to remember, these hands are the required formation of cards that determine the power of winning.

Royal Flusha straight flush that includes ace, king, queen, jack and 10 in the same suit
Straight Flusha hand where all cards are of the same suit and in continuous sequence
4 of a Kindwhen you have 4 cards of one rank and 1 of another
Full House a hand with 3 cards of one rank and 2 cards of another
Flush when you have 5 cards of the same suit, not necessarily in sequential order
Straight 5 cards in sequential order, not of the same suit
3 of a Kind when you have 3 cards of one rank and 2 of other ranks
Two Pair a hand with 2 cards of one rank, 2 cards of another and a 3rd from another
One Pair a hand with 2 cards of 1 rank and 3 from the other ranks
High Cardthe lowest possible winning hand, with no pairs and no straight flush

A lot of video poker is automated, so very easy to use for beginners. The machine will show a paytable and if you have a winning hand from the cards dealt, it will highlight this, so you know how much you can potentially win.

The gameplay involves having 5 cards dealt to you, and these will form your hand. You can hold numbers and you can also swap them. The move to change cards is a one-off. Wins aren’t necessarily made ‘against’ the dealer, like slots, it’s about hitting the right winning combination.

The house edge of over video poker is approximately 0.46%*

The variants of video poker you can play for free include:

  • Jacks or Better – uses the full pay table game from 1 to 100 hands
  • Deuces Wild – all cards with a face value of 2 are wild
  • Joker Poker – gives you one extra card, the wild joker, to make up a 53- card deck
  • Aces & Eight – gives you higher payouts for 4 aces, 4 sevens or 4 eights, and you can also choose to double your winnings at the end
  • All American Poker – gives an increased payout for flushes, straights and straight flushes with the option of doubling your winning at the end of the hand

Note: All video poker rules of playing are the same; trying to get the highest hand for the largest payout. The only difference between games is the additional hand variations you can win from i.e. standard poker will hold the high card as the lowest winning option, whereas in Jacks or better, the lowest is a Jack or better card.

Free Baccarat

Considered a niche game, this card feature is seen as one for the High Roller out there. It is a simple game but also has some complexities to it which is why it comes with such a prestigious aura around it.

The game of baccarat removes all cards valued as a score of ten; this includes Jacks, Queens, and Kings. The aim of the game is to score a total closest to 9 from the two cards you are dealt at the start of the game. The gaming allows you to bet for or against yourself, with the option of the game ending in a tie.

The house edge on baccarat games is between 1 – 15%*

Your variants of the baccarat game that are available for free as a demo game or live table in online casinos:

  • Mini Baccarat: This is a scaled-down version of the original game. it provides lower-stakes betting and found as both live and virtual games.
  • Chemin De Fer: As the name suggests, this is indeed the French version that comes with a slight variation in that the game is played with six decks instead of the usual seven.
  • Punto Banco: This variant comes directly out of Mexico and is a popular variant that used 6 – 8 decks of cards. Players are always dealt a third card with this game, regardless.
  • Baccarat Banque: The standout difference in this game is how high the bets can go.
  • Baccarat Squeeze: This is your live casino variant that is a must experience for players. This provides a very low house edge on the game. The difference is the odd practice of card revealing and manipulation to mark what there is, with a bend or fold.

Other Free Casino Games

Online casinos throw everything at players and there are scores of other gaming options that are provided to you for free.

So, what are the other free games that you can play via your claimed casino bonuses and through our selection of demos?

Well, in the field of gambling, you have your lottery-based games and specialty features. They provide big entertainment in their uniquely dynamic forms.

Some of these games are rare, and only through our special selection of casinos, will you find these gaming options. The lottery-based games are predominately virtual games, whilst Sic Bo and Craps can be played free as a machine game or live against the dealers if you decide to play for real money.

Here are the last of your alternative free casino games to play:

  • Sic Bo: A game that is often described as part roulette and part craps. This is played with dice and winning counts on your prediction to what numbers will land in the dice which are shaken up in a cup/game and not rolled.
  • Keno: This is an old favourite of many in the lotto category of games. Like bingo, this is numbers-based gaming, but unlike bingo, you can bet on different aspects of what numbers will randomly land to help you win. The house edge varies between 20 – 40%*
  • Bingo: One of the most thrilling games ever created by humankind, especially when played live. Bingo is a game that gives you three winning opportunities per gaming session. It’s high pressure, fast-paced and hugely rewarding if you win the jackpot. The house edge is roughly 10%*. Learn more about free bingo games here.
  • Scratch Cards: The simplest and fasted game to play, over in a blink of an eye, and can be enjoyed over and over and over again. Scratch games are diverse in themes and styles, but they all play the same – match 3 symbols and you’re a winner. The house edge varies between 4 – 35%*
  • Craps: This is the other dice game offered by casinos and might be the more complex game. In Craps you throw dice to progress to an advanced betting round, you will be betting on whether you do or do not achieve this prior to your roll. The house edge varies between 2.78 – 33%*

* This is the advantage the casino has over the game compared to the player.

Free Casino Games Software Providers

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, quality is key and for us to be able to provide you the suitable fun you are after, we have chosen the biggest and best casino software developers in the world.

They design, develop and produce the reels you spin, the tables you bet at and, if you are lucky, set up the jackpots you can win.

The top five, the most popular to win your cash from, to explore new gaming features with and to play for free, here are the developers making the fun and innovating casino gaming for the future:

NetEnt: A Swedish company that founded their development business back in 1996, that in the years that followed have scooped every single possible casino award going. They specialize in both the realm of virtual game making and live casino tables. NetEnt is the biggest company in the business and is responsible for helping online gambling reach the success it is at now. They provide hundreds of games within the free gaming category at NetEnt Casinos. You will discover some well-known brands and titles such as Netflix’s Narcos™ video slot, Planet of the Apes™ official slot, and that of Jimi Hendrix’s.

They have produced progressive jackpot gameplay and on average release at least 5 games each month making them the most productive software developer in the industry.

Recommended NetEnt Games:

  • Starburst™
  • Gonzo’s Quest™
  • Mega Joker™
  • Mega Fortune™
  • Hall of Gods™


✅ 2019 EGR B2B Award Winner: Slot Supplier of the Year

✅ 2019 EGR North America Platform of the Year

✅ 2019 Mobile Product of the Year

✅ 2018 EGR Software Supplier of the Year

✅ 2018 Global Gaming Awards Online Casino Supplier of the Year

Playtech: Forming before the turn of the century, Playtech adds to the industry that air of being the coolest software developer there has ever been. If you have a passion for playing big games loaded with bonus rounds and special features, and packed with huge jackpot prizes, then look no further.

This company has created the largest number of jackpot games on this planet and are found on our list of Playtech Casinos. They have made over 5 different super progressive jackpot series that reinvented how games are presented to players. On average they make 50 games a year and have associated with their portfolio the likes of MGM Studios, Marvel, and HBO.

Recommended Playtech Games:

  • American Dad™
  • Age of Gods™
  • Gladiator™
  • Justice League™
  • The Dark Knight™


✅ 2019 Intelligence Gaming Award Winner: Technology Provider/Supplier

✅ 2019 Which Bingo Award Winner: Best Online Bingo Software

✅ 2018 EGR B2B Award Winner: Platform of the Year

✅ 2018 EGR B2B Award Winner: Poker software

✅ 2017 EGR B2B Award Winner: Multi-channel supplier

Microgaming: The grandmasters of gaming, they may be old to the game, but they are bringing new tricks to the world of casino entertainment.

It was the first company back in 1994 to develop games for an industry that only just joined the internet. Supplying over 200 Microgaming online casinos around the world, it is a huge deal and important to the industry.

They were the first to achieve many things, producing the first progressive, developing mobile software, holding the world record for the highest payout. Their reputation and reliability have seen them work many times with Hollywood studios and they also collaborate with console producers Eidos Interactive, the makers of Lara Croft, with whom Microgaming has produced two games and are currently working on their third.

Recommended Microgaming Games:

  • Lost Vegas™
  • Mega Moolah™
  • Game of Thrones™
  • Jurassic Park™
  • Jungle Jim: El Dorado™


✅ 2019 EGR B2B Award Winner: Innovation in Slot Provision

✅ 2018 The International Gaming Award Winner: iGaming Software Supplier

✅ 2018 EGR B2B Award Winner: Poker network

✅ 2017 The International Gaming Award Winner: Mobile Product of the Year

✅ 2016 The International Gaming Award Winner: Innovator of the Year

Red Tiger Gaming: The newer of the listed developers we highly recommend you check them out. They are already changing the landscape of gameplay with their new alternative to the progressive jackpot feature.

Red Tiger have produced Must-Drop jackpots. A trio of prizes are contained across all their games, each one wired to the prize where one must drop before it reaches a certain value, another that must drop before it hits a certain time and another that triggers randomly. Watch the clocks tick down on the prizes and play the most spectacular games, rich with bonus rounds and eye-popping animation.

Recommended Red Tiger Games:

  • Rainbow Jackpots™
  • Phoenix Fire: Power Reels™
  • Dynamite Riches™
  • Dragon’s Luck™
  • Mystery Reels™


✅ 2018 EGR B2B Award Winner: RNG Casino Supplier

✅ 2018 EGR B2B Award Winner: Mobile Supplier

✅ 2017 EGR B2B Award Winner: Innovation in Slots Provision

Blueprint Gaming: Like Playtech, the richness in titles they have produced is ridiculous. Blueprint Gaming has an incredible selection of games and also have produced their own Jackpot King series. All titles wired into the same cash prize, with three different rewards that must be won by a specific time and another by date, leaving the million-dollar prize to drop randomly.

Many of their game will be available to play for free including some of the progressive jackpot games, so you can learn how winning a life-changing sum is done.

Recommended Blueprint Gaming Games:

  • The Naked Gun™
  • The Goonies™
  • Pig Wizard™
  • Deal or No Deal™
  • Genie Jackpots™


✅ 2019 Gaming Intelligence Award: Game of the Year (The Goonies™)

✅ 2016 EGR B2B Award Winners: Mobile Supplier

TOP 3 Online Casinos to Enjoy Free Games
CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Casino Classic Casino Classic
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The Gaming Club Gaming Club $350
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All Slots All Slots $1500
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Play Free Casino Games from any Mobile Device with No Download

Mobile casino gaming in Canada is how most players these days get their ‘a-moose-ment’ from. As such, all free online casino games no doanlaod and operators on our comparison site are entirely mobile-compatible.

Supported systems include:

  • Android: Samsung, Nexus, Xperia, Nokia LG, Sony, or HTC
  • Windows: Microsoft Lumina
  • iOS: Apple iPhone
  • Blackberry OS

Your free gaming can be provided with or without a mobile app, either way, access to the best video slots and table machines will be 100% secure, fast and in the palm of your hands, ready to play no matter when you want or where you are.

Mobile upgrading happened as far back as 2004 with developers such as Microgaming and Playtech being prepared to adjust their programming techniques and software so their games could be enjoyed on what was then, still a newly progressing device.

Well over a decade later and with one touch, you enter a digitalized Vegas landscape that fits neatly into your pocket.

Why Play Free Casino Games?

Our proud service is here to give you the very best options that are available. Some Manitoba online casinos also provide free casino games.

The games and the recommend casinos are to the highest standards of quality and come fully-licensed and regulated by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

All free demo games are verified by iTech Labs and other independent bodies, confirming they are fair and safe to play.

By using our services and gaming features, you are able to play with peace of mind and avoid any risks. Importantly, the choice is entirely yours.

Play for fun or play for real money with bonuses, either way, through our website, it is going to be totally free.

Here are FIVE very good reasons as to why you should be playing free casino games online:

  1. Learning – Understanding the rules of the games across all spectrums of play.
  2. Awareness – Seeing games in a new light, how they are made and the possibilities of winning.
  3. Freedom – There are zero requirements to commit to a casino, zero downloads, and zero financial costs.
  4. Knowledge – Bettering yourself as a player comes with knowledge.With this, you have an advantage over other players.
  5. Entertainment – You can access thousands of games 24/7 with any device you want.

By using the official demo games our site provides, you will be in the best position to learn how to play and win these online casino games. Many professional players attribute free gaming as the key to their success, making it the number one strategy tool.

In terms of playing for fun, well, you have hundreds of huge casino games for free which are diverse gaming titles covering a range of themes and styles, all different and all unique. You can play as often as you like, however many times you want. The free casino games Canada are open 24/7, working across all mobile smartphones and accessible via PC desktop, Tablet, and MAC.

Free Casino Games FAQs

Which are the best casinos to play Free Casino Games?

There are a number of casinos online that are able to offer you you 100% free gaming. Our top 2 recommendations are:

  1. PlayAmo
  2. 888 Casino

Their reviews can be located thanks to our TOP 10 list. Each of these two casinos also offers myriad free games upon which to hone your skills if you’re a new Canadian player. The list includes both the super popular titles from big developers like NetEnt and Evolution, and the newer games that are starting to make a splash, like Book of Sheba and Rise of Egypt.

Which casino games can you play for free?

When it comes to free gaming, you have EVERYTHING to pick and choose from. You can access all games created for the casino if you look in the right places.

Free games include:

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Bingo
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Scratch Cards
  • Keno

…and all their gaming variants as well.

Can I play free casino games on my mobile device?

You can access free casino games from your mobile device if your smartphone is built with either iOS, Android or Windows systems.

From your mobile phone, you can play our free demos and you can also access and play inside online casinos where your bonuses can be claimed to help you win real money.

Devices compatible with our games and recommended TOP 10 casinos:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
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