Online Scratch Tickets Canada 

One of the most popular gambling features outside of online casino games is the abundance of lotteries that are made available on a national level, a huge part of this being the scratch card games that are available. Our guide takes a look at all the online scratch tickets Canada has available and invites you to learn where you can play online.


Online Scratch Tickets Canada  Online Scratch Tickets Canada 

How we Rank Casinos for Real Money Online Scratch Tickets

best scratch tickets canada best scratch tickets canada

Our team of writers have lived a long life within the gambling industry. Collectively having over 20 years’ experience we want to offer our own professional advice to help improve your experience of choosing the right games of luck, including for online scratch tickets. We do this through our many gaming reviews that will help you to locate the safest and fairest casino games legally available at Manitoba online casinos and in the rest of Canada.

For the selection of scratch cards available at online casinos in Canada, you have a collection of scratch games that offer fair chances of winning real money online. Each casino site's services and features associated with scratch games should provide you with the highest standards of security, and personal service. We look forward to the success that will come your way by using our website.

We rate the best scratch tickets in Canada as scratch tickets that come from:

  • Licensed Casinos Only
  • A large Scratch Card Games Selection
  • Come with Fair and Honest Bonuses
  • Have a High RTP % Scoring
  • Banking and Fast Payout Options
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Excellent Mobile Access

Online Scratch Ticket Bonuses for Canada

scratch cards canada scratch cards canada

When searching for the best scratch card games to play, it will become apparent that online casinos are willing to offer you special promotions in order to help you play their scratch card games. Promotions are available across the entire spectrum of casinos that are open on the Canadian gambling market, therefore, take your time to assess all the options because there are most definitely some that are better than others and the terms of use will vary from site to site and bonus to bonus.

It is of the utmost importance that you read the terms and conditions of the bonuses made available, these will inform you of the specific details regarding the cost/deposit needed to be paid in first before claiming the offer, including weather or not they are applicable to scratch ticket games. The terms also highlight the wagering requirement rule which relates to the costs needing to be paid into the casino before any winnings can be paid out. You are also informed of the eligible games available, in this case, what scratchcards can and cannot be played, along with other online games, like slots.

Our advice is to only take advantage of scratch ticket bonuses if the costs are beneficial and provide you with a healthy potential for profit. If you win 100 dollars and need to pay in 3,000 dollars in order to withdraw the $100 you won, the math makes no sense to apply for that specific bonus.

Online Scratch Tickets for Real Money – Basic Rules and Objectives

scratch and win real money scratch and win real money

New to the concept of the scratch card games and not too sure how lottery games work? Well, do not worry, we believe that this is perhaps the easiest of any game to play that has been created for the industry, not skills needed, no great knowledge required, it’s all very simple.

What are Instant Scratch Cards?

This is a lottery-based game, meaning that winning is pure luck and that no skill is involved in producing a winning outcome. A scratch card is a ticket that holds a panel of hidden features that are to be revealed once the panel has been scratched away. Hence, you scratch and win real money. The process of playing scratch tickets online is to tap or click the screen as your "scratch", so you only have to click once to scratch and win.

What are the objectives of the scratch card game? Under the panel that you scratch are random symbols, and the objective is to match three of them to constitute winning a prize. Different symbols will hold different values of real money prizes. Depending on the card you buy to play, the more money you put down for a scratch ticket, the greater the value of the real money jackpot becomes, so your prize amounts are relative to what you pay-in for online scratch cards in Canada.

How does playing Scratch & Win games online work?

There are hundreds of scratch card games out there and they vastly work in the same manner, in that by simply pressing the Scratch or Reveal button, the outcome brings about what is a very fast end to the game. To scratch and win you need to match 3 symbols. If not, then you must try again. Each symbol has its own unique value and there is often a chance of 7 different symbols and the jackpot symbol to land.

Are online scratch cards better than those sold on the high street by retailers?

Yes, and for a very good reason. Although national lottery associated scratch cards are likely the scratch tickets winning the most in Canada, there is no information before the purchase to advise you that the main jackpot is even still available! Scratch tickets that stay longer in circulation unscratched, most likely have already paid out their biggest prizes and need to recoup funds still on the tickets that have no real winning profits in them. Scratch tickets Online always guarantee the biggest prize still being available for the player to win, because of the relative values that players play for given the amounts can vary depending on what they put into the game when purchasing a scratch ticket. In conclusion, the best scratch tickets in Canada are online scratch card games. They are far fairer in their overall service to players and on average are the scratch tickets that pay out the most in Canada.

Online Scratch Tickets Variants

different kinds of scratch tickets in Canada different kinds of scratch tickets in Canada

There are a number of variants of the simple scratch card game, but the big changes are incumbent on the gaming style rather than the rules of play. In every scratch card game, you will always need to match the same symbols to qualify for a prize. The look of the game and the razzmatazz is all that will be available for players to select the kind of scratch game they win from.

Where the variations can be found in the specifics of gaming include games that have more than one game within the feature, so, if you lose game 1, game 2 can be played on the same ticket. Other variants include bonus side games and there are also games linked to progressive jackpots that are also tied with their partnered slot game.

TOP 3 Online Casinos for Scratch Tickets
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All Slots All Slots $1500
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The Best Scratch Tickets and Odds

When it comes to finding the highest paying scratch tickets available and their odds we must first begin looking at how the digital versions of scratch card games are made. Just like online slot machines, online scratch tickets are built with an algorithm called the RTP or the Return to Player. What this program does is calculate the payout of a game based on the percentage of funding it has taken in by all players accessing the gaming titles.

If, for example, we look at the top 5 best scratch ticket games that have the highest payouts:

  1. Merlin’s Millions™, the payout or RTP is 95.17%, meaning that off all the money put into playing this game, it pays out 95.17% of that money in winnings. It does not mean you will win 95.17% of the time.
  2. Pig Wizard™ comes with a payout or RTP of 95.82%
  3. Wish Upon a Jackpot™ is a scratch game with an RTP of 96.06%
  4. Whack a Jackpot™ offers players an RTP of 96.30%
  5. Lucky Numbers™ is the highest paying online scratch card, coming in at 96.57%

Playing a scratch game is comparable to making a single spin of a slot machine but in the most basic form. Winning an online slot works on the same principle – match the symbols and win a payout. The scratch game removed the spinning element and produces a reveal option. This is why the two games are built alike. And like slots, the size of the winning return on an online scratch ticket is relative to the amount wagered.

Why Playing Scratch Tickets Online is more Fun

play scratch cards for fun play scratch cards for fun

Why play online scratch games rather than purchasing offline tickets found in your local high street? Well, there are a number of benefits of playing online besides the fact the game is more fair as an online feature. Here is a brief list of the benefits of playing online and why it is more fun for players in Canada.

  • Online scratch tickets win the most in Canada on average. The payout rate is far greater than those that are purchased offline.
  • Playing scratch games online gets faster results and the convenience of online gaming means no requirement to go out and buy your scratch tickets.
  • No mess! No scratched away foil or acrylic to clean up after scratching off traditional scratch tickets!
  • The gaming options are vastly greater with most national lottery scratch cards Canada producing at most 10 different games. Online there are literally hundreds of different scratch tickets to access.
  • You can play online scratch tickets via your mobile phone. Gaming is supported by both Android and iOS devices.

Terminologies of Online Scratch Tickets

which scratch tickets win the most in canada which scratch tickets win the most in canada

Online scratch tickets: Digitalized games that match the traditional versions of scratch and reveal gaming that is attributed to lottery-based gaming. Playing online offers a simple form of play which is done by clicking one button to reveal the outcome of the game.

Scratch panel: The scratch panel is where the gaming prize symbols are hidden. With traditional cards, this would be an acrylic solution that is removed, most often with a coin. In the digital world, you remove this with a tap of the Scratch button that does this automatically.

Scratch: The term ‘scratch’ is in relation to the process of removing the panel that hides the game’s prize symbols. Depending on the game and the developer, the button can be pressed to do the removal for you automatically, or with a mouse or your finger on the screen, you can remove sections of the gaming panel.

Scratch Card Odds: The detail of the card’s odds are often available in the game’s information section which is accessed by selecting the info button in the corner of the gaming screen. The odds of online scratch cards are in the form of the game’s RTP percentage score. These RTP’s or Return to Player vary between 95 and 97% in favor of the player.

Paytable: When purchasing an online scratch card, the winnings are relative to the amount you purchase the ticket for. The higher you wager on a scratch card, the bigger the return will be should you win. The paytable will highlight the options you have within the game. You will notice the values shift as you press higher on the wagering section.

Wager: Wagering it the term to bet, the money you put on a game in each specific round of play. The option of wagering allows you to increase and decrease when it suits.

Max: Max is the term used to cap a bet off. Players can only bet so much and there is a max level for every game online from slots to playing live roulette games online.

Jackpot: The jackpot gold is the ultimate prize. The jackpot for online scratch cards Canada has in circulation is one that is always available and one that always changes depending on the amount you are buying your scratch ticket for.

Playing Online Scratch Tickets on Mobile Devices

scratch cards canada scratch cards canada

Online gaming is possible through mobile smartphones. Your access is available in two forms when using these devices.

  1. Through using your mobile’s internet browser, you can access your online casino and play without the need of downloading any additional software. Gaming is all about fast and easy access and this method allows this to happen and it means you can play anywhere with free Wi-Fi access.
  2. Through the use of casino mobile apps. If you are happy to download the app, you can access the casino with one tap. You get all the same security and service benefits with the app and can usually be made available for Android and Apple users.

A perk of mobile gaming comes in its ability to reconnect to games that lose their internet connection. Just wait for the reconnect and you can continue playing from the spin, deal, or play you made prior to the loss of connection so no money is lost either. Feel like watching to the local retailer now to get your tickets?

Free Scratch Tickets Vs. Playing for Real Money

free scratch cards win real money free scratch cards win real money

Scratch for fun and for free, or scratch to win real money? How you choose to play scratch cards games is entirely up to you. You may want to do both and experience the fun without the risk and equally take the risk on for the reward. Here is a look at the pros and cons you will find of each option, which can help you decide how you may approach the scratch card games that are online.

Free Scratch Tickets Scratch and win Real Money
✅ No cost = no risks ✅ You get to win real Canadian dollars
✅ You can play for fun only ✅ Mobile gaming opportunity
✅ Demo games are accessible 24 hours a day ✅ Access to progressive jackpot games
✅ You get to play authentic licensed casino games ✅ You can play with scratch card bonuses
❌ You don’t keep what you win ❌ You could make a financial loss
❌ Adverts to play for real money

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Scratch Tickets Canada

How does playing scratch tickets online differ from traditional cardboard cards?  

There are numerous differences in the service of online gameplay. The rules of achieving a winning outcome remain the same - match the symbols and win their respective cash values. Playing online gives you convenience when you play. The main jackpots are always available, and players have more choice over the style of card they play. The value you win determines on how much you wager on the game, the lower you pay-in the lower the prizes, the higher you pay-in the greater the return.

Where can I buy the best online scratch tickets in Canada?  

The best scratch tickets would be played at the best online casinos. You need to make sure you can bank with the casino operator, you may or may not want a mobile app and bonuses could settle the difference and you may also be interested in other games besides scratch games. The casinos listed in our reviews are equally worthy opportunities to offer you the best scratch tickets Canada has to win real Canadian dollars.

Should I claim a casino bonus to play scratch cards online? 

Our advice is to only take advantage of scratch ticket bonuses if the costs are beneficial and provide you with a healthy potential for profit. If you win 100 dollars and need to pay in 3,000 dollars in order to withdraw the $100 you won, the math makes no sense to apply for that specific bonus.

What are the odds of scratch cards when playing online? 

The odds are based on the algorithm used by the developers. In the case of scratch cards, players have a system called the Return to Player algorithm that determines winning outcomes based on the money put into the machine/game.

Here are the top 5 highest paying scratch games you can access and their RTP % scores:

  1. Lucky Numbers™ is the highest paying online scratch card, coming in at 96.57%
  2. Whack a Jackpot™ offers players an RTP of 96.30%
  3. Wish Upon a Jackpot™ is a scratch game with an RTP of 96.06%
  4. Pig Wizard™ comes with a payout or RTP of 95.82%
  5. Merlin’s Millions™, the payout or RTP is 95.17%

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