Bitcoin Casino Canada Review (Canada 2021) 

Enjoy the top 5 online casino services in Canada that offer you the financial support of playing with Bitcoin. The bitcoin service provides you many great advantages, many of which do not come from using other forms of banking. In this Bitcoin casino guide we will be going over the top 5 casinos offering the bitcoin service.

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Top Bitcoin Casinos

With bitcoin payments, your transactions are entirely anonymous, there is no direct link to your personal bank account and as a player, you get to experience extra promotions and play provably fair games that make playing safer and fairer.

More information discussed under Bitcoins:

✅ Canada’s Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021

✅ Provably Fair Gaming Technology

✅ Top Secure Banking Service

There are two kinds of bitcoin casino on the Canadian market, those specially designed purposely for bitcoin and those that are adapted to accept the payment. These two are available from our top 5 list below.

How we Rank Payment Providers

When it comes to producing a list of recommended services that allow for the members to use Bitcoin, we go through a detailed check of the attributes that help them to be positioned in our top 5 list. Thanks to our 15-years of expertise in the industry as players and workers, the task of producing a compelling list is made easier, despite the complexities involved.

Here are the criteria we analyze to bring you the highest quality in payment services.

  • Safety & Security
  • Transaction Process
  • Speed of Payment
  • Customer Support

Each section of the criteria plays a valuable role in the overall performance of service. Bitcoin safety and security are unlike any other and makes it a very attractive way of depositing and withdrawing funds with an online casino.

For the bitcoin transaction process, we want to make sure that users are going to be satisfied with the ease of the method and how quickly it will enable users to play and spend their winnings. With this method of banking inside a top-quality casino, customer support knowledge is vital. If you are new to bitcoin, the understanding and knowledge from the casino’s cashier is another key-factor when presenting you with first-class service all round.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency: this is one of the newest form of online payment that is not linked to any banks, nor comes in physical cash form. Bitcoin offers users a decentralized virtual currency which is used by millions of players and online businesses around the world. When it comes to bitcoin casinos, this is a fairly new venture, having only been recognized on the market since 2015.

The option of bitcoin use provides you with many protective features that look after both funds and your identity. You can deposit and withdraw without your personal information being shared. Your bank details remain private as the currency itself is a binary code that is for a specific value and is not repeated. To put this into context, it would be like every Canadian dollar having a one-use shelf life and never again made available.

How to Open an Account with Bitcoin

Your journey into the world of cryptocurrency begins at the Bitcoin website, where you need to buy bitcoin and open up your bitcoin wallet.

  1. Head to the bitcoin website and choose your wallet.
  2. Once you have selected your wallet, which can be downloaded as an app, you can begin to collect your bitcoin.
  3. Buying bitcoin is fast and simple. From the site, you select the amount and the currency conversion. Currently, CA$100 equals 0.0063 mBTC. One full Bitcoin or BTC equals CA$ 15,865.
  4. Once you have converted and bought your bitcoin and it’s in your wallet, you are ready to use this and add your banking details to the online casino you have joined.

There are, of course, a lot of technical stuff to know about bitcoin, but new starters can easily get by without having to understand everything. Once the Bitcoin wallet is installed on your mobile or computer, it will make your first bitcoin address. This can be shared with family and friends to experience the freedom of payment with bitcoin between each other.

How to Deposit to Online Casinos using Bitcoin

Despite being an entirely new form of currency, the principle of how it is used is really no different from any other banking or payment service.

  1. Get Funding Ready

    Make sure you have bitcoin ready in your wallet to transfer into your casino account.

  2. Casino Setup

    Open the cashier section of your casino operator and select bitcoin as your defaulted banking service.

  3. Pick Your Amount

    By linking your bitcoin wallet to the casino by inputting the address, you can begin to start transferring bitcoin payments.

  4. Confirmation

    Enter the confirmed amount of MBTC you wish to transfer. This is the micro bitcoin coin, the fraction of an entire bitcoin which you could transfer in whole if you wanted to play with nearly $16,000 – that’s how much an entire bitcoin is worth!

  5. Time to Play

    Funding your account with bitcoin takes a matter of seconds for it to become available.

Note: for casinos not built for bitcoin purpose but accepting of the payment, your bitcois will be converted into Canadian dollars to play with. Only in 100% specialist bitcoin casinos can you deposit and play with full bitcoin.

How to Withdraw from Online Casinos using Bitcoin

The reversal of transactions and withdrawing money from the casino bank into your account is as easy as depositing. Just like the deposits, there is the ability to win and withdraw bitcoins, however, there is also the element of not getting bitcoins back, but Canadian dollars instead, so you will have to set up another payment method to withdraw this currency. After, you can convert into bitcoins by buying them.

  1. Check Your Balance

    Check your balance is reflective of the right amount of winnings if you have just finished playing a game or slot and won.

  2. Verify Your Details

    Go to the cashier section of your account and select your payment method for withdrawal as Bitcoin.

  3. Select Your Withdrawal Amount

    Open the bitcoin wallet and copy the address the casino provides.

  4. Withdrawal Process

    Enter the address and the value you wish to withdraw, checking the amount is within the casino’s limits and terms.

  5. Time to Spend

    Click the withdrawal button to confirm the payment and the transaction process of the withdrawal will only take a few hours once the casino has actioned the request. As standard, the process takes up to 24-hours making it the fasted withdrawal methods online.

Is Bitcoin Free to use?

The service of bitcoin is entirely free. Your only payment is in purchasing the bitcoin themselves. Because there is no main banking involvement, there are no administrational costs and therefore no fees. The only deductions in cost come from the automatic conversion done by the casino that will, in some cases accept your bitcoin payments, but will convert the BTC into Canadian dollars. This will only happen in the casinos that are not specially made for the cryptocurrency, but rather adapted for it.

Is Bitcoin Safe and Secure?

When it comes to the security of users and the protection of details, bitcoin can be argued as the best in the business. As a bitcoin user, there is no connection to currency, omitting your name, account and private data. Nothing can lead the bitcoin back to your identity, enabling someone to exploit it: this just cannot happen. All bitcoin transactions are almost untraceable and secured by encryption tech that codes the currency.

Every bitcoin on the planet has a unique serial number, once a bitcoin is broken into its micro bitcoins or MBTC, then these receive their own unique codes. Once payment is made, the code is expired and cannot be duplicated.

Bitcoin Casino Mobile App

The bitcoin wallet is downloadable through the Apple store and through the Google Play platform.

Here are the instant benefits and highlights of the bitcoin wallet app service.


  • Easy to buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.
  • Storage of bitcoin and SLP tokens under one safe place.
  • Faster payment experience with the InstantPay feature.
  • Live price charts to buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • Use Stablecoins for market volatility..
  • The app allows you to change between BTC, Stablecoins, and BCH

With InstantPay, your transactions will be faster than MasterCard and Visa and any other form of cryptocurrency wallet out there.

Pros and Cons regarding the Bitcoin mobile app:

Pros of the Bitcoin App

Cons for the Bitcoin App

✅ faster payments than all other methods on the market.❌ Possible malware/spyware integrated
✅ Store and exchange bitcoins.
✅ move money more freely across the globe.
✅ Free App Download.
✅ Send, receive and store tokens.
✅ Fingerprint unlock technology.
✅ Bitcoin account portfolio

Alternative Payment Providers

If you find bitcoin to be a payment option that is a no-go, then the qualities of the service can still be found within other online banking services. Here are the top 3 choices we recommend you look in to as an alternative to bitcoins.

  • Paysafecard: The pre-paid voucher card that gives you 100% anonymity. Payment of the voucher/card comes with a special 16-digit code that is applied with the payment. This deposits money instantly into the casino. This often tends to be a one-way method of payment from the customer to the casino, not the other way around.
  • Visa: Just about the most popular credit card company in the world, Visa is a service that allows you to easily trace payments, it uses the latest security tech and software, deposits are instant for a casino and your withdrawals take 3 to 5 working days. It is one of the world’s most trusted providers and works both as a credit or debit card service.
  • eChecks: Working just like a paper check, this virtual method of payment provides you with security and a 90-day payment window that leaves credit valid for up to 6 months. eChecks can take 1-3 days for a deposit and 3 to 6 days for a withdrawal. With no transaction fees and loads of safety features, eChecks are a favorite of many bank customers.

Bitcoin Casino Canada Conclusion

Bitcoin is a service that has received equal praise and concern. Though applauded for its innovative approach as a currency, it’s too new to give people reassurance. The most notable advantage for having this as your main payment service is the complete anonymity. With this come full security measures, as no coin can be duplicated and no coin linked to your personal details or data.

The bitcoin service is the most secure of any currency going. The bitcoin uses binary coding and as such can be fully encrypted. As a casino currency, payments as deposit and withdrawal are instant, with a max 24-hour for withdrawals clocking up the most time.

Advantages of BitcoinDisadvantages of Bitcoin
✅ 100% anonymity❌ Currency is still new and still building confidence in people.
✅ Free App Downloads❌ if the casino is only adapted to take payment, you will have conversion rate losses and play with CAD
✅ Instant deposits and withdrawals❌ Fluctuating currency value
✅ No Fees
✅ High-end security

Another important feature of the bitcoin experience is the Provably Fair games. Inside of the casinos that are specially built for bitcoin use, the slots and games are also built with a new feature. Provably Fair games run a diagnostic check on the game before each spin. This is to make sure the game is not corrupted by a fault or bug and that the payment and gamble made is equally fair. The Provably Fair feature does this for every spin, with every code generated logged onto your account. Now, this doesn’t make a bitcoin game easier or harder to win, there is no effect on the RTP, it just assures that no game is corrupted by a fault.

Bitcoin FAQs

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency or cryptocurrency. It offers only a digital form of currency with no real hard-cash alternative. It is not controlled by banks, is encrypted with the latest security tools and allows for anonymous payments inside all casinos.

Can I use Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

Yes. though you must note that there are two different types of service. Casinos built for the sole use of the bitcoin and, therefore, pays out in kind. Then there are the adapted casinos that accept bitcoins, but convert them into Canadian dollars to play with.

How long do transaction take when using Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are the fastest payment method online. Deposits are instant and any withdrawals can take up to 24-hours.

Can I transfer Canadian Dollars into Bitcoins?

Yes. when buying bitcoins online, you can do so with CAD. On the site or the mobile app, you will find the conversion rate to change your CAD into BTC. Note that the markets will fluctuate from time to time so study this to make the largest profits.

Is Bitcoin Safe and Secure?

Bitcoins are the most secure and safe currency every created and used by Canadian casinos online.

1: The Bitcoin is coded with its own unique serial number that cannot be duplicated.

2: The transactional process uses encryption coding to secure payment.

3: All payments offer complete anonymity.

Are there any fees associated with Bitcoin l?

Nope. Using bitcoin is free to use and not fees are involved. The only thing to be aware of is if using the coins in a casino that converts bitcoins into dollars and there may be a loss on the rate.

Does Bitcoin have a Mobile App?

Yes. You can ddownload your Apple or Android app for free and access your bitcoin wallet that allows you to control everything regarding its service. It has the latest market prices, statements, access to bitcoin cash and allows you to buy and store bitcoins.

What are the alternatives to Bitcoin?

There are many quality payment services online that offer the same qualities as you get from bitcoin services. Your choices include these common three payment methods:

  • eChecks
  • Paysafecard
  • Visa

Find more specific banking options below:

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