PayPal Casino Canada 2023 - Best Paypal Casino deposit guide

PayPal is one of the best alternative online casino payment methods now used by the best online casinos in Canada to provide exceptional banking services to their players. Here are the best online casinos that accept paypal.

👍👎 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Paypal Casino payment method

Advantages of PayPalDisadvantages of PayPal
✅ Regulated Banking Service❌ Can Only Be Used as an Online Payment Service
✅ Accepted Globally By Online Merchants❌ No Physical Card Service
✅ Instant Withdrawal at Paypal Casino sites
✅ No Fees for Casino Linked Services
✅ Free Mobile App Download

🏆 Top casino sites that accept Paypal

We made this review of the PayPal Casino Canada service to show you the benefits of having your Canadian dollars handled by them.

Let’s give you some insight into what this page is all about. Here are some of the key points of discussion coming up:

✅ Best Canadian PayPal Online Casinos 2023

✅ CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) Regulated

✅ PayPal Mobile Services

For you to be able to use PayPal, you need the best casinos online that are able to offer their service as a payment method.

As such, we have compiled a top 4 list of PayPal Casino Canada - all wonderful sites that you can join right now. Setting up your account takes a matter of minutes and with PayPal, your banking set up will almost be instantaneous.

🏆 Best PayPal Online Casino in CanadaJackpot City
🎁 Top PayPal Casino Low WageringMansion Casino
🎰 Paypal Casino Free SpinsBritainPlay Casino
🆕 New PayPal CasinoBetiton

Jackpot City Casino

JackPot City Casino

Are you a fan of weekly promotions, terrific sign-up bonuses, over 500 outstanding casino games and no cap on your withdrawals? Of course you are – and that’s exactly why we think you should try Jackpot City Casino. Not only will it give you the adrenaline-pumping experience you expected, but you also get a chance to enjoy your casino bonus and use Paypal as your deposit option. We’ve even written a Jackpotcity Casino review that you can check out if you want to learn more.

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is one of our top ten casinos for Canadian players, and their low wagering requirements (going as low as x15 and even x0 times your stake!!!), tasteful slots online, jackpots, as well as various promotions make it one of our favourites. Are you excited to learn more- we’ve got the perfect Mansion Casino review just waiting there for you! Check it out.

BritainPlay Casino

Britain Play Casino

BritainPlay Casino is one of the newest websites that we managed to discover this year and we absolutely love every part of it. Not only do they have some of the most popular games like Starburst and 9 Masks of Fire, their online casino software is equally impeccable, and they also offer bingo rooms and lottery all in one place. Read our respective BritainPlay Casino review and find out if it ticks the right boxes for you.

Betiton Casino

Betiton Casino

If you haven’t heard of Betiton Casino, where have you been? Certainly not at all the right places. Betiton is a casino that takes itself very seriously and prioritises its player experience above all else. As they admit themselves, Betiton is committed to “CARE” – Customers Are Really Everything. They constantly implement professionalism in all they do – from their customer support to their real money games. To add, if you’re a sports betting fan, there’s plenty to enjoy on this website, and you can even unlock Free spins worth up to $10 when you first join. If we piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more, you can read our Betiton Casino review!

💰 Are Casino Bonuses Available if Depositing with PayPal?

While some casinos might not provide bonuses when making a deposit with Paypal Casino payment option, the four aforementioned websites will happily do so. If you’re wondering which casino to choose, why not consider their bonuses and pick one based on their offer? Our top four casinos to use PayPal when depositing are described below.

PayPal Casino Casino Bonus
JackpotCity Casino Exclusive $1600 Deposit Match Offer
Mansion Casino Deposit Match Up to $5000
BritainPlay Casino Up to 500 Free Spins
Betiton Casino Get 100% up to $150 + 150 spins

NTB. Please note that all offers are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Some of these casinos are part of our $5 deposit casinos , which you can check out if you click on the link!

🏦 How we Rank Casino Payment Providers

Our ranking system is based on 4 key criteria. These set-in-stone elements of our system mean that all banking services provided by the best casinos online will give you risk-free security that covers your financial transactions.

Those four criteria are:

  • Safety & Security
  • A Smooth Transaction Process
  • Speed of Payment
  • Customer Support

We make every effort to pass on services that are not only legally approved but that also meet the necessary safety and security standards as expected and, as such, must be fully regulated by an independent financial body.

We check that the transactional processes are adequate for casino members so that they are able to deposit and withdraw with the PayPal service. With this we expect the speed of the transaction to be adequate to meet the user’s needs and lastly, support is to be provided by casino operators 24/7 so that banking matters can be assessed and resolved at the player’s convenience.

❔ What is PayPal?

Canadian PayPal is a leading name when it comes to electronic financial services, which is used worldwide for payments and deposits across all commercial markets. PayPal is a free service for members which allows you to make payments to a variety of vendors, and this is where online casinos now feature.

Any online casino with paypal as a payments service is practicing something much like a third-party accounting model. Players will deposit funds into their PayPal account through a standard bank transfer synced to their original banking operator.

The funds deposited into the PayPal account can now be transferred into their preferred real money online casino. Whilst this banking service is set up, payments become as fast and simple as one click, or tap.

The set-up of PayPal is beneficial because as a middle party, they can extract your own financial details and pass the payments on to the casino without the risk of data being attached to the transaction from PayPal to casino.

Note: There are no fees added to your payments or withdrawal. Any online casino using the PayPal service will pick up all surcharges related to transactions. This is 25% of all costs used through the service.

↗️ How to Open an Account with PayPal Canada

PayPal has a simple 4-step guide on how to open your account with them.

  1. Head to the PayPal website and click Sign Up.
  2. Select the type of account you’d like to create, in this case, your choice would be ‘Individual’.
  3. Click Get Started and enter your information.
  4. Click Continue and complete your PayPal account sign-up.

Form this point of completing your personal details and generating your account, you will now need to add your credit or debit cards to your PayPal account.

Now, you have your PayPal account ready, you can now add PayPal as your banking option inside your casino account.

💳 Paypal Casino Deposit : How does Paypal work ?

Using your PayPal will help you to deposit funds into your account faster and more securely, which can be done via Laptop/Desktop or from a mobile smartphone. These are the steps you take to deposit payments into your casino account to begin playing.

  1. Get Funding Ready

    Connect a credit or debit card to your PayPal account so that there is credit available that can be transferred instantly to your casino account.

  2. Casino Setup

    Inside the casino site, make sure you have selected PayPal as your main payment service.

  3. Pick Your Amount

    Check the casino’s minimum deposit requirement (is it a $1 deposit casino or as high as $20?) and select the amount you wish to transfer from your PayPal into the casino account.

  4. Confirmation

    When using PayPal, transactions are often instant. Wait for your balance to refresh with the new amount before exiting the banking process.

  5. Time to Play

    Now the money is in your account, you can use the funds to begin playing games inside of your online casino.

💵 How to Withdraw from Online Casinos using PayPal

Just like the deposit process above, the withdrawal of your winnings can be actioned in 5 easy steps. Relative to the casinos terms on how the winnings are made and upon completion of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process during registration, you can begin to collect your money.

Follow these steps and you can be splashing out with the cash you won in no time at all.

  1. Check Your Balance

    If you have finished playing and your winnings are confirmed, make sure your balance matches what you won during your time playing.

  2. Verify Your Details

    Next, you must verify that you are able to withdraw the winnings from the balance. So, if you used a casino bonus make sure you have met the wagering requirements. Check the right payment method is set up on your account in case you have more than one option, and the default is not PayPal.

  3. Select Your Withdrawal Amount

    The PayPal withdrawal section will display your cash total. You can withdraw all or part of the sum. Select the amount and make sure the value is within the min and max limits.

  4. Withdrawal Process

    Confirm the withdrawal by selecting the confirmation button to activate the process and, once the banking has refreshed, it will inform you how long the transaction will take so you are able to go to your PayPal account to see it has arrived.

  5. Time to Spend

    From this point, you have two choices; A) Spend the winnings online by using your PayPal service or B) Withdraw the money from your PayPal account into your original banking account and spend the winnings as you normally would.

Note: The KYC is a registration process all registering members of every online casino goes through. This is a monitoring process to cut down on fraudulent accounts looking to launder money. The KYC process it there to safeguard you.

🆓 Is PayPal Free to use?

Opening a PayPal account is free, with no hidden charges and this also comes with the option of downloading their mobile app at no cost.

Sending money as a personal payment comes with no fees, should this be between family and friends, and receiving money in kind is also without fees.

When it comes to goods and services and purchase payments, there are no fees included. This means deposits into casinos are free as well as withdrawals.

Withdrawing the money from your PayPal and putting it into your bank account is also free.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawal limits, these vary from casino to casino; In this case, you will need to either contact Paypal customer service team to confirm or read the casino banking page for clarity.

🔐 Is PayPal Safe and Secure?

When you sign up to use PayPal, you are immediately protected by a wide range of safety and security measures. The PayPal package includes Fraud Prevention, Buyer Protection and advanced encryption software to protect your data.

PayPal Canada is not affiliated with any other company and has a strict policy on what casinos they will and will not provide their service to. This ruling adds to a casino’s validity, as PayPal services inside an operator is now a golden seal of approval.

As the service of PayPal allows you to pay through them as a third party mediate, your banking details do not get used or passed on with using the service to perform an online transaction.

PayPal is also a service that is approved by the PCI Security Standard Council.

📲 Review of PayPal Casino Mobile App

The PayPal Casino mobile app is a free download option, not essential, but will give you instant access to your account data and usage. The mobile app is available to download directly from the PayPal site offering iOS and Android applications, for an amazing mobile casino experience.


  • Move your money with ease and have full control over your finances.
  • Action transfers with just your mobile number or email address.
  • Get global currency rates and transfer funds worldwide.
  • Choose how you want to pay across millions of app and sites.

Get your payment on the go and receive instant notifications whenever you receive, send and spend with your PayPal.

Pros and Cons regarding the PayPal mobile app:

Pros of the PayPal AppCons for the PayPal App
✅ Instant Notifications❌ Accounts can be frozen if suspicious activity recorded
✅ Easy Organization
✅ Secure Online Encryption Tools
✅ Free to Download
✅ Supports Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

🔎 Alternative Payment Providers

PayPal offers such a wonderful service, but for some players, they may not wish to use this service: if they already have a PayPal account, they may look to keep things separate. So, what alternatives are out there and available to online casino members that can offer the same reputable and reliable service?

Neteller : Incredibly similar to PayPal, this e-wallet service is a global champion in providing fast and anonymous payment. Neteller works as a third party service, so just like PayPal casino deposit, you will deposit money from your original back account into your Neteller account, you will then transfer funds to your casino account without the primary details of your original bank account being used. This is what is meant with the term anonymous banking.

Skrill: Just like Neteller, Skrill is an alternative e-wallet service that performs the same tasks in handling your finances between your bank account and casino. Setting up your Skrill account can be done so with just an email address. This service fully supports anonymous banking and also provides a free mobile app to help you keep track of your finances.

Interac: Officially Interac e-Transfer, this is a new online service that has already boomed in Canada. Supported by over 250 operators, this service is backed by the OSFI and FCA. Anonymous banking, deposit and withdrawal support, and no fees on the transactions.

🧑‍⚖️ PayPal Casino Canada Conclusion

PayPal is a highly important product for consumers in the modern age. It’s a brand with a reputation that exceeds it, people know what PayPal is and if you have purchased anything online in your lifetime, you will have seen this as the main payment option.

The reason for its success is that PayPal managed to make online payments and PayPal gambling more easily convenient than what they already were. The effort to pay for goods soon became a one-click habit and because of the amounts of money which PayPal is used to handling, there is no question that the security had to be the very best possible given the user numbers there are signed-up as members. In Canada alone, there are 6.4 million registered PayPal accounts. There are casinos for all Canadians even the Manitoba dwellers. You can check out our online casino Manitoba review.

For us, being a service that passes on factual recommendations and honest advice, the key to the success of banking services like PayPal is the anonymity that comes from being a member. Simply put, if you do not want your personal banking details whizzing through the ether of the Internet, then companies like PayPal are going to spare you that concern and headache. There is simply no disadvantage to it, making it perfect for online gamblers to use to support their time playing online in the most secure way possible.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions PayPal Casinos Canada

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a globally accessible payment system that allows users to transfer money and pay for goods and services. It functions as a third-party service that handles funds between your original bank account and your online casino.

Can I use PayPal at Online Casinos?

Yes. The service of PayPal is available at a number of online casinos in the Canadian market. The service is entirely free and there are no added fees to your deposits and withdrawals.

How long do transaction take when using PayPal?

Whether you deposit or withdraw using the PayPal services at online casinos, the transaction will be immediate for deposits and up to 24-hours for withdrawals.

Can I bank in Canadian Dollars when using PayPal?

Yes. You can use Canadian dollars for your PayPal account. To transfer money into your account, you can use standard bank transfers, credit and or debit cards.

Is PayPal Safe and Secure?

Yes. PayPal has a number of security features that will protect and support your time as a registered account holder. Features include Fraud Prevention and Buyers Protection. The service is also integrated with encryption technology to code all data. As for your banking data, nothing is used in the transferal of money from you PayPal account to the casino.

Are there any fees associated with PayPal?

There are no fees when using PayPal as your main payment service. Freely allowing you to deposit and withdraw funds as often as you like.

Does PayPal have a Mobile App?

Yes. There is a free mobile app for mobile devices built with Android or iOS systems. You can download free from the PayPal site directly or from Apple stores and Google Play.

What are the alternatives to PayPal?

We recommend three services that provide almost identical services to that of PayPal:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Interac e-Transfer

Do any casinos take PayPal?

Many casinos take PayPal as a banking method. If you are on the fence about using PayPal as a payment method, read our guide to find out the advantages and disadvantages to see if it's right for you.

What online casino pays the most out?

According to our research, Spin Casino has been voted the highest payout casino in Canada.

What slot games pay real money through PayPal?

Any slot game has the opportunity to pay you real money which you can then transfer back to your PayPal account, provided you choose from the casinos on our list that offer PayPal as a banking option.

Can I use PayPal for online slots?

Yes, you can use PayPal as a depositing method at an online casino. All you need to do is choose a PayPal Casino Canada on our list which offers PayPal as a payment service.

What casinos withdraw with PayPal?

All the aforementioned casinos on this page will accept withdrawals via PayPal.

Can you deposit in online casino with PayPal?

While not many casinos will accept PayPal as a deposit option, any PayPal Casino Canada from this page will enable you to do so.

How do you receive money from PayPal games?

Once you deposit using PayPal, you might end up receiving some real money winnings. You can deposit those back into your account if you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount and you played at a PayPal Casino Canada.

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