2021 Manitoba Online Casino Guide

We have generated the most comprehensive guide on gambling in Canada and in this regional study, we venture into Manitoba. We will share with you all the information there is regarding the state of gambling in this Canadian province. Where to game, what you can play, what the laws of Manitoba are and lots more.

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Best Manitoba Online Casino Sites in 2021

To kick start this review of Manitoba, we present you the sites that are accessible to residents of Manitoba online. These are all licensed and regulated casinos that each offer these unique qualities:

✅ Best online software developers

✅ Sports betting with live in-play bets

✅ Canadian banking services

✅ Live table and card games

✅ Exclusive promotional bonuses

Whether you wish to play online or inside one of the land-based casinos in the area, this guide will give you the most valuable information there is.

Gamble Responsibly in Manitoba

Before we delve into the casinos and the opportunities that are available to Manitoba players, we first must discuss the taboo subject that is gambling and touch upon the subject of responsible gambling.

Playing casino games is very much an adult activity, the legal age may only be 18-years, but the luxury of taking part must be one that is financially supported. At 18-years-old, not many teenagers can properly fund themselves, and this can and does in some players lead to gambling problems both in an addictive sense and financial.

What can be done to curb this or to help players think about their actions? Our Editor in Chief, Charlotte Fitzgerald speaks about what our message is behind the issues of responsible gambling:

“There is no doubt that the popularity of online gambling is prevalent in the age bracket of 18 to 21, now online opportunities have emerged. As a site that offers safe access to these casinos, we owe players a level of responsibility to tell them the facts of gambling online. No many would say to think twice or that online gambling is all about luck. Presenting players with factual input is more likely to make them think and pay attention.

“Our stance is 100% towards the guidance of players and providing the relevant information to make them seriously think about the implications of betting inside online and land-based casinos. We also direct those who need to the relevant gambling support systems.”

Betting and gambling is still a huge taboo that will never diminish and it’s counter-productive because players feel they cannot speak about getting help or support when times are hard because of the fear of judgment. In Manitoba, there are a number of outreach programs and charities that are a call or email away that are there to help players seeking advice on gambling issues. Here are some contact points if you wish to start making a change to your management of gaming online:

If you feel you are unable to financially support any online gambling or are perhaps away you have addictive traits, now would be a good time to collect your thoughts and perhaps come back at a later date. If you are fully understanding of the possible risks and costs, then please continue with this Manitoba online casino guide.

Enjoy Your Favorite Games in Manitoba

When looking to gamble online, most players find what they want to play almost instinctual. For others, the choices are overwhelming, but this is where it must begin. To know where to play from the vast range of online casinos and land-based establishments, players need to take the games into account and first priority. Given that nearly 100% of your time is playing whilst you log in, then you want your casino to be the best at providing that special gaming service. Making sure that you have continuous new game releases, that you have a mix of developers, so you have ranges of style and gaming qualities to choose from.

Here is a list of games most commonly associated with casinos and betting, all of which are available within the best Manitoba online casino sites.

  • Slots - The most popular and diverse game you will find of any MB online casino. Slots provide players with an easy-to-play game that in return pays out the highest jackpots of any casino game online. The average casino online holds about 500 to 800 titles, whereas land-based casinos will average 100, depending on the site of the establishment.
  • Blackjack - Deemed to be the fairest casino game of them all, blackjack gives players an almost 50/50 chance at winning. The house edge of blackjack is a mere 1.48%, which is why blackjack is the most played card game within any casino. Your playing option can be enjoyed via a number of blackjack variants and a mix of formats that can allow you to play blackjack live or as a digital game.
  • Roulette - Perhaps the most iconic casino game ever created. Roulette looks like no other game and plays like no other game. So easy are the rules that many new players wanting to experience traditional casino games tend to go for roulette first. The rules require you to select placement on the table where you predict the roulette ball to land on the roulette wheel. That’s all there is to it and you can bet on so many outcomes. There are many variants of the game and you can play live and in digital formats.
  • Poker - Another classic card game that allows players to use elements of skill to win. The advantages are more prominent inside of land casinos rather than online. Online and inside of MB online casino sites, you can play live and within tournaments, but it’s just not the same as inside of regular casinos. There are, of course, many variants, one of the most popular being Texas Hold’Em. Live poker tournaments online can raise substantial main prizes, but they are a niche market, though available within a number of our recommended Manitoba online casino platforms.
  • Baccarat - A card game like no other. Playing baccarat is simple and uses fewer cards than all other card games. You play baccarat with 9 being the highest card in the game, 10 and the picture cards are all removed. The object of the game is to land as close to the total of 9 with the cards dealt. Baccarat can be played live or as a digital game. Not many variations exist, but once you know how to play one game, you can play them all.
  • Bingo - Online bingo is not as popular as it should be within casinos online. This is because casino gaming and lotteries are two different markets, and because lotteries are notoriously difficult to win, they tend to be less popular with casino players. Regardless, bingo is still one hell of a game to play and online it is available mostly as a digital feature but there are limited platforms where live bingo is provided and in them, huge bingo communities reside.
  • Lotto - Further lotto games inside of the MB online casinos include scratch cards, keno, and national and international lotto games, including the enormous US Powerball.
  • Sportsbook - Online sports betting is an industry unto itself, and many consider it to be bigger than the actual casinos they are housed in. Roughly every 3 in 5 players online right now, only registered with casinos to participate in online sports betting. For Manitoba residence, you can enjoy all of the top sports in Canada and all international games including baseball, basketball, MMA, American football, soccer, motorsports, tennis, golf, and all major sporting events, cups, and tournaments.

These games and features can all be played with additional casino bonuses, like free spins and no deposit bonuses that are offered to players as promotion bonus or as membership rewards. Players must be sure to read any terms and conditions to learn what games are eligible with the offers and rewards.

In addition, all games listed, and more, are always accessible through numerous devices. Games will play via mobile, laptop, desktop and MacBook. Mobile gaming is the most popular and if you have Android, iOS, or Windows, you can easily play without the need of downloading extra software or casino app.

Live Casino Gaming in Manitoba

So, what exactly is a live casino platform? Well, the best sites online all give you the chance to experience live casino gaming, which is achieved via live streaming. Within the developer studios, live casino games are played and then broadcast out across the entire online casino network. From this platform, you can watch, play, and win real money, all in real-time. There are scores of games and you can also experience multiplayer features.

The gaming option presented through this live casino platform covers your traditional classics with card and table games available. The most common developer behind this is Evolution Gaming, 11-times Developer of the Year when coming to the live category.

Here are the main attractions on the platform:

Manitoba Banking Options Accepted by Online Casinos

When selecting a real money online casino to join, banking may not stand out as one of the more important aspects, though it is, in fact, in the top three. It’s not the fault of a player to assume that with a popular banking service available, that they would think any casino they join can make deposits and withdrawals from them. It may be a case there are no issues, but not all casinos are the same and take note, not all banking services are the same across each platform either. For example, Visa is a well-known payment service, now one casino may offer deposits and withdrawals using a Visa credit or debit card, despite another only being able to support your deposit but not withdrawals. This can happen with all payment types across all casinos online, so do be aware of this and always check our casino reviews for clarity on the services accepted.

Here are four alternative banking options that are now popular online amongst players in Canada.

  • Interac - Any Canadian knows this form of service already, the most popular debit to debit transaction that provides high levels of security and fast payment.
  • Bitcoin - The most accepted form of crypto coin that allows players to access specially built bitcoin games. Security is unmatched, given anonymity to players and fair gameplay measures.
  • eCheck - This is a direct bank to bank payment service that can be processed in minutes with high security and every stage.
  • PayPal - Like Skrill and Neteller, you are offered a payment service that removes all personal data from the transaction. It is the most popular internet payment service and it is highly likely you have PayPal if you shop online.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

A Brief History of Manitoba Casinos and its Gambling Laws:

  • The MFL or Manitoba Lottery Foundation was made in 1982 to become the only distributor of lotto tickets in the province.
  • In 1984, operations were agreed with the Opaskwayak Cree tribe to open land-based casinos.
  • In 2002, the Opaskwayak Cree tribe opened their first land-based casino called Aseneskak
  • In 2009, video slot terminals were approved on native land.

Manitoba Laws 2021

As with many of the laws in Canada, they are first controlled at a federal level, and then passed down to the province to control their own jurisdiction. So, at a federal level, gambling is prohibited, but if any province allows gambling in any form, then they are in charge of setting up measures and regulations to control it.

Manitoba Online Gambling Regulator

The regulator is The Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Authority or LGA. They regulate the gambling services inside of the province. They also license charitable activities that use gambling formats, they check the games used are fair and in compliance. They also work with the Western Canada Lottery Corp regarding the official lottery of the province. The LGA also has a hand in the regulatory service of the site

Games taking place on native land are supported by the order in council under term 110/2014. Separate from the federal or provincial law. As Manitoba allows gambling, the residents are able to participate in lotteries, sports betting, horse racing, charitable games, and visit one of the land-based casinos in Manitoba.

The oddity of the laws when it comes to online gambling is like that of every other province in Canada. In fact, the law is the same for states in the USA. Businesses that are remote, are not able to make online gambling services, however, foreign sites are not made illegal. It’s odd, but this gap in the law allows Canadian players everywhere to be able to play online casinos because none of them are registered within the Canadian borders.

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in Manitoba

Manitoba is a stunning area, for locals its home, for visitors, the land of a thousand lakes. If you want to experience the best of the province’s land-based sites, then here is a list of the top 5 Manitoba casinos, we believe you should visit.

Remember, the legal age to gamble is 18 and that some of these establishments will have dress-codes that you must respect before entering.

Club Regent Casino

  • Club Regent Address: 1425 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Phone Number: 1-800-265-3912
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Slots, Tables, Poker, and Bingo. These are the main gaming highlights at Club Regent. You can also come here for other entertainment and fine dining.

McPhillips Station Casino

  • McPhillips Station Casino Address: 484 McPhillips St, Manitoba
  • Phone Number: 1-800-265-3912
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: The small site does have an architectural wow-factor. Inside you have numerous slots and table games. Members can also enjoy bingo and dining at the Dixie’s Lounge and drinks in Loft 180.

South Beach Resort and Casino

  • South Beach Resort and Casino Address: 1 Ocean Drive, Scanterbury, Manitoba
  • Phone Number: 1-877-775-8259
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: This is 1930s Art-deco with a pulse. A stunning building in a stunning location. This offers hotel accommodation, restaurants, pool, and award-winning service. With over 460 slot machines and nothing else, it is a complete light show once you step inside.

Sand Hills Casino

  • Sand Hills Casino Address: 777 Sand Hills Drive, Carberry, Manitoba
  • Phone Number: 1-855-370-7263
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Enjoy a seasoning of table games that include blackjack, and roulette that resides amongst the 300+ slot machines inside. Enjoy the Oasis Bar and Grill to fuel your game time. Open times are Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 am to midnight. Friday and Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 am.

Aseneskak Casino

  • Aseneskak Casino Address: MB-10, Opaskwayak, Manitoba
  • Phone Number: (204)627-2250
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Hailed as the best little casino in Canada, the Aseneskak is run by Frist Nations people and celebrates their heritage with stunning artwork throughout. They provide near 200 slot machines, blackjack, and poker. They also host tournament nights if you like your Texas Hold’Em. A warm and humble place that people should visit.

Enjoy Online Casinos and Gambling in Manitoba

Gambling online provides many opportunities for players at a greater level than land-based casinos. But they are two entirely different experiences. The Manitoba casinos that are found throughout the province capture an energy that cannot be found within your standard MB online casinos.

Discover your own way of playing and make the best of both worlds. Remember to approach games with as much knowledge and understanding as you can get. Our articles and guides are there for a reason and provide important information to assist those wishing to play casino games for fun and profit.

With our recommended online casinos, you can claim special bonuses that are exclusive to new players and you can enjoy the online experience from any device without the need to download. You can also choose from low deposit casinos that start at a minimum of 1 dollar deposit and 5 dollar minimum deposit casinos.

Gambling in Manitoba is 100% legal. All online casinos are registered overseas and accept Canadian dollars. They will also payout in this currency also.

All winnings do not need to be claimed by the CRA.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Are Online Casinos Legal in Manitoba?

Yes. In fact, there 8 licensed casinos in Manitoba that provide over 3000 slot machines and 53 table games combined. Residents and tourists are welcome to enter these establishments if players are 18-years and older. When it comes to online laws, players are also protected to play, as the casinos provided by is registered outside of the Canadian borders and, therefore, not bound to federal law that prohibits remote online gambling. So, yes, online gambling is 100% as no law stops foreign online services.

❓ Is it Safe to Gamble from Manitoba?

Yes. The casinos you find around the province are licensed and regulated by the Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Authority or LGA. They regulate the gambling services inside of the province. They also license charitable activities that use gambling formats, they check the games used are fair and in compliance. They also work with the Western Canada Lottery Corp regarding the official lottery of the province. When it comes to online casinos, they are licensed and regulated by foreign governing bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. These sites also come independently tested and certifies for safety and fair gameplay.

❓ What is the Online Casino Legal Age?

The legal age to gamble in Manitoba is 18-years and older. Registering online required players to prove details by submitting photo evidence of their I.D and proof of their address. All casinos are to comply with Know Your Customer protocols, so there is no way of players that are underage to bypass these online regulations.

❓ Do you pay Taxes on Winnings?

The short answer is No. If you win millions or a few dollars, nothing needs to be claimed by the Canada Revenue Agency. If you were a professional gambler and it is your only job, then yes, you would have to. But we do not advice that gambling be taken up as a full time job.

❓ Who is the Gambling Regulator?

The Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Authority or LGA. They regulate the gambling services inside of the province. They also license charitable activities that use gambling formats, they check the games used are fair and in compliance. They also work with the Western Canada Lottery Corps, regarding the official lottery of the province.

❓ Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

There are a number of payment methods that can be used beside the customary Visa and MasterCard options. There are now loads of alternative payment services that are preferred, these being the most popular in Canada right now:

  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • eCheck
  • PayPal

❓ Can I find First Nations Gaming Properties in Manitoba?

Yes. In total, there are six casinos that are operated by first nations people.

1. Aseneskak Casino

2. Niichi Gaming and Leisure Centre

3. Swan Lake First Nations Gaming Centre

4. Sand Hills Casino

5. South Beach Casino and Resort

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