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Thank you for using our online casino service, where we bring you the best and honest gambling services open to the Canadian market. To add to our transparency in service, we present our Privacy Policy. The forthcoming details will outline and discuss how your personal data is collected and used by and third-party members.

Going forward shall also be referred to under the terms ‘our’, ‘us’, and ‘we’. By reading our Privacy Policy, you agree to the conditions of our service and what is outlined in the terms here forth.


During our policy, we may refer to any reader as ‘user’ or ‘users’, followers, ‘members’ or ‘players’. The discussion of Personal Data refers to the identities of those using our service and their private information. The term ‘Public Area’ will be a reflection of all of as a website.

2. Information We Collect Through Our Services:

By using any service or feature of the Public Area, you will be providing us data about yourself that you may unwillingly be aware of. This is how the use of this collected information works.


Correlated information regarding user details can help us to better the experience of our Public Area and services provided. This is done by tracking the user’s movements throughout the Public Area that allows us to form a profile of the user’s interests on our site.


Data can be requested and in part, but not solely subjected to, can be used to confirm the legal age of a member and where they live. Information can be the member’s full name, date of birth, residential address, email, and contact number.


Data can be collected automatically at and this comes directly from the user’s IP address. This port of information is carried within server cookies. The information tells us where the user had been prior to and what sites they visited after. This is just one example and the information obtained from cookies allows us to interact with the customer through email and instant messenger to boost the user’s experience.


Authorized Services is a term whereby the user has willingly provided us the information and data. An example of this is the submission of an email address to register for a monthly newsletter. However, other data submitted can include photographic I.D, addresses, email, gender information, full name and date of birth. This use of information allows us to improve our services throughout our Public Area and details can, if required, be passed on in legal cases.

3. How the Information We Collect is used will collect information and data against all users. The use of this data is valuably important in the running of our service and business. Here are examples of how this data helps function.

3.1 Operational Services

Information gathered by can and will help in the operation of maintenance and service to help enhance a player’s experience. Information will assist with requests made by users relating to comments left on the Public Area, along with recommendations of site improvements.

3.2 Service Improvements

Collected data can be used to form analytical trends and how our services form popular and unpopular features that can be improved down the line, with the inclusion of new products, updated functions, and a better bespoke service.

3.3 Communications

Data that is collected can now allow us to better communicate with all users which benefits our administrative qualities.

(a) Our customer services are able to address the order of infringement rights, complaint and possible violations.

(b) Enabling to update users with exclusive bonuses and promotions that are directly linked to the products and services within. All suggested offers are not compulsory and those wishing to withdraw from such services promoting these can withdraw. Further information is discussed in Section 5: Your Rights.

3.4 Tracking and Cookie Technology

Information on users can be automatically collected by the user’s device and cookies that will allow us to:

  • Develop a personalized service that can memorize previous tasks i.e not needing to re-enter any personal data like usernames and passwords
  • We are able to better the customized advertising and content to give an overall bespoke service
  • Set up third party monitoring
  • Tracking entries and submissions
  • Login status and recorded use of promotions

3.5 Analytics uses Google Analytics. This helps to measure and record data and study the traffic that passes through Google is not affiliated with and both companies are entirely separate. The reposts correlated by this tool help us to better our services and Google can acquire the data if requested, however, information is only shared with non-identifiable data which in cases can be used by Google to resolve technical issues.

4. Disclosure of Information

The disclosure of information which users will have given consent to and often as part of the following examples:

4.1 Information which is Unrestricted

Voluntary information can be left by the user throughout the Public Area. An example of this works regarding the comment section or through voluntary submission of an email for our newsletter.

4.2 Service Providers

In order for to be able to provide the service we do; we must work alongside third parties. They will undoubtedly have access to information, this will, however, be limited where it is enough to help the service providers carry out their duties. They are contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the data and information they are given access to.

4.3 Non-Identifiable Information

Auto-collected information that is extracted from your IP server will be passed to third parties to help with the following areas.

  • Compliance with reporting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Reporting user habits that analyze pattern usage, the user content, and services used

4.4 Legal Processes and Compliance will disclose personal information and data where requested by legal orders. We will endeavour to comply with court orders, warrants, subpoenas, and state judicial practices in Canada. Our compliance with all law enforcement and government agencies falls under our own legal rights.
  • Precaution for liability
  • Protect our business from fraudulent and abusive activity
  • Defence from third-party allegations or claims
  • Security
  • Protection of our property that is, the protection of our legal rights, and the enforcement of our contracts

4.5 Change of Ownership

Should our services change ownership be it through acquisition or done through a merger, please note that all personal data that was stored and collected prior to the takeover will be accessible by the new party and their affiliates.

Any new ownership must still commit to a Privacy Policy that looks after your rights. The data which is now under new ownership may be passed either physically or electronically. Other forms of acquisition may also be as a result of insolvency, the sale of assets, or in the possible event of bankruptcy.

5. Your Rights

Your rights are always at your control, and we will grant you access upon request to the information that has been collected. You can submit a request at any time and have your data adjusted to be correct or for it to be deleted. To action such a service, you only need to contact us.

If you wish, you can object against the processing of all your personal data, with the exception of it being under a legal case. You are welcome to log a complaint if you believe that your legal rights have been infringed. If this is the case, then we advise you to seek out help and assistance from your national Data Protection Office.

5.1 Analytical Information

If you wish for your information to not be stored or collected by Google, you can adjust the settings by visiting their Google Analytics page.

5.2 Suspending Commercial Communication

You can freely unsubscribe from all commercial emails that are received by at any point in time. The instruction of unsubscribing can be found at the bottom of the emails sent out. Alternatively, you can opt to contact us directly to complete your request. We must state that it can take up to 10-days for the deletion process to be complete, in which, you may still receive commercial communications and you still may receive emails from regarding just our service.

6. Third-Party Services

Of our services found throughout our Public Area, you will access links to third party sites and services. We cannot take responsibility for how the information you submit to them is dealt with or used by these third party services. It is our advice that should you wish to use third party services and products, that you learn about their business before you disclose information to them.

7. Privacy Shield meets the standards of the GDPR which is the General Dara Protection Regulation. Out Public Area complies with all regulatory conditions and with regards to the storage and use of personal data, should there be any conflict of interest between ourselves and one of our users, then the GDPR can carry out a formal inspection of the conflict.

8. Third Party Cookies

8.1 Cookie Functions Used in Casimoose

  • Essential Cookies – These cookies work in your benefit, enabling you to navigate throughout our website, giving you access to security features that recognize you as a user of
  • Performance – The information recorded at helps use to get a better idea of what Canadian users are most commonly interested in on our website. We can then better player’s experiences of our popular feature and help to boost the service of those not as commonly used.
  • Function Cookies – The cookies play a part in preserving commonly used data by the user. This can include selected log-in data, language setting and other features. By having this information to hand, we are able to service a bespoke experience to all individual users.
  • Behavioral targeted Cookies – These behavioral cookies help with collecting personal preferences that can assist in advertisement, bringing more relevant branding and interests both casino and non-casino related.

9. Minors and Children’s Privacy does not supply any service that is aimed for the use of children that are under the age of 18-years. is an adult service and as such, it is not in our interest to willingly collect data belonging to those that shouldn’t be using our services unlawfully.

  • If you are under the legal gambling age, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the services of and please exit the site.
  • If you are a parent or legal guardian and have reasons to suspect that a minor has used our services, please contact us so we can delete as much auto-collected data as possible.
  • If personal data has been acquired with regards to anyone underage, this can and will be used in any legal matter raised by either party.
  • We must state that though we try within all our power to remove content that has been captured of a player underage, we cannot feasibly guarantee the are of that data can be removed.

10. Data Security complies with the highest industry standards and we follow the stringent rules set upon us to protect all important and private information. With this, our administrative standards, along with the technical and physical safeguarding of data is done so to the best of all capabilities. No data collected by will be tampered with nor altered or disclosed with non-affiliated partners which would be deemed unlawful.

We also have the latest 128-Bit SSL software in place to help encrypt al data collected and secure it behind a coded firewall. Despite all the right measures taken, we cannot fully guarantee a 100% security net over all the collected data. Should in the unlikely event of a breach take place, then we will be informing you of such and outcome. If you feel there has been a breach of your personal data and you wish to inform us, please do so by contacting us as soon as possible.

11. Data Retention

We will keep data for as long as it is necessarily required. We will keep hold of the details until we are satisfied we have used it to meet our purposes or in light of any legal cases.

12. Settings

This is your data and is always under your control whilst it is stored by Your legal rights allow you to adjust or even change your privacy settings. It must also be stated that at no point can any online service guarantee a 100% security measure and as such we must be clear in advising that the best technology and software are used, but all services must come with a cautionary warning.

13. Data Transfer

Whilst we have the fullest of confidence in our own systems that help to function to the highest standards, we cannot give 100% assurance regarding third-party affiliates. They may or may not have the same level of security as has. We will transfer all requested data within the most secure framework we have, but once it is in the hands of any third-party, we cannot be held accountable for their use and actions of all recorded data.

14. Data Controller and Data Processor

For clarity, is recognized as the Data Controller by the GDPR which is classified under 2016/679 in the regulation terms. What this means is that is liable for all data and is solely controlled by us. Giving us power over how the information is later used and to what purpose.

However, the regulation means that has no power against third party usage. Not how it is used or stored. Now, will use subcontractors that may require the data which can only be used in accordance with the regulations

15. Changes and Updates to this Policy

As with anything bound to legal regulations and policy, all terms of Privacy are subject to change and at we will strive to update this policy to comply with all legal changes. We do advise all our users to regularly check back to see any updates that have taken place. We what you to be clearly informed of the legal changed and even though by reading this Privacy Policy, you fully agree to how we conduct our service as this policy stands right now, we still would like you to be aware of changes.

Last update: September 2020

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