2021 Ontario Online Casino Guide

As you’re in Canada or perhaps thinking of visiting other areas of the country, we take a look at Ontario as a place that can provide a physical and online service to satisfy all your casino needs- providing plenty of choice and information, so you can play the casino games you love, no matter where you are in Ontario.

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Best Ontario Online Casino Sites in 2021

Above, we present our top list of licensed and regulated casinos that are open to the Canadian market and can be legitimately accessed by players within the Ontario province.

From the above casinos you will receive:

✅ Award-winning gaming development

✅ Access to Live Sports betting

✅ Reputable Canadian banking services

✅ Exclusive Welcome Bonus on Deposit

✅ Live casino platforms

Gamble Responsibly in Ontario

First off, before we dive straight into the juicy stuff of gambling in Ontario, we must discuss the responsible actions you must take on when looking to gamble online.

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment and those taking part must be 18-years and over to be legally allowed to gamble in Ontario. But it is much more about the age of a player. Gambling should only be considered as a form of entertainment by those that can afford it.

Gambling online is about luck, the games are run by algorithms and though they try to mimic chance and randomness, they are not the real thing. Inside of Ontario’s casinos, the skill can come into play but by and large expect to experience losses no matter how you approach gambling, it is the nature of the beast, as they say.

The last legitimate poll on gambling that was conducted in Ontario was in 2011. Back then 82.9% of the residents confessed that they had gambled in the past 12-months. 2011, online casinos in Canada weren’t even a thing then, so you can imagine how much higher the percentage would be now that the opportunity has widened and grown.

So, what should the approach be when it comes to gambling? Well, Charlotte Fitzgerald, our Editor in Chief here at, said this of gambling and the advice she shares with her friends that have an interest in gambling:

“Gambling brings out both the best and worst in those that take part. That is not to say there are good and bad people, but it is more about the ability to control one’s actions. Many people who gamble know they may not win, it’s an old cliché that the house always wins, but it’s still true no matter what you play or now, where you play, online or offline.

“There are numerous types of players and with this, there is no blanket advice that can be said to support all of them. You can’t tell people to budget and expect a millionaire to consider this as sound advice, so we have to focus on the specifics. We advise players to be sensible with their time and their money and to study the games they like. Knowing how games work can help to know what should be bet. With slots, there are three forms of gaming development known as the game’s volatility. There are low, medium, and high. In a sense, those with low funds would benefit better by playing low volatility games. Those with greater finances can, therefore, focus on high volatility games. There are a number of services in the Ontario province that can help troubled gamblers, and you will find their details below."

If you wish to learn more, you can proceed with the rest of this review, or you can now choose to leave and give it some more thought as to whether or not now is the right time to be considering online gambling as an interest.

Enjoy Your Favorite Games in Ontario

For newcomers, gambling can either be exciting or a daunting prospect. Either way, starting off on the right foot is beneficial to any player. Knowing what to play is the key factor when looking for a casino online. It’s going to take up 99.99% of your time whilst you’re logged in and trying to make some money, so it should be the only point of interest right now.

So, what do you want to play?

The Canadian services online host an abundance of options, each with an opportunity to make real money from. Let us break down the choices you have from the top casinos you can find through our site.

  • Slots - The most popular form of online entertainment within a casino. Online slots are the most diverse of games you will find. They cover every theme and style and also come with the largest jackpot payout, if you play the Progressive jackpot variants. There are thousands of video slots online, with the average Canadian platform hosting around 500 to 800 different slots alone. You can test the various slots volatility levels by playing free slots first.
  • Blackjack - The card game is one of the most popular and is a classic when it comes to gambling entertainment. In the world of online play, you can experience blackjack online as a digital game, like a slot, or you can play live blackjack. Blackjack is not a complicated game as is perhaps the easier of all card games to learn and master. It also has the best odds of any casino game online.
  • Roulette - When it comes to iconic gaming throughout all forms of play in the world, online roulette is embedded into the minds of many and seen as the definition of gambling. There are so many types of roulette out there and you will get to experience them all, from American roulette to double ball roulette. This is a game that is presented to players as a digital option or can be played as a live casino game.
  • Poker - This is a hugely popular card game that is now shown on late-night television channels. It comes in a number of forms that can put a number of people off give the numbers, but once you learn how to play poker, you can play them all. Poker is a game that does come with skill elements, and this adds to its popularity. Online you can play digital poker, live, and a variant form known as video poker.
  • Video Poker - This offshoot of poker presents a different take on the game. It removed the gaming of poker from the table and places it into a kind of slot machine. Some of the bigger titles are Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and Jacks or Better. There are several types and playing is easy because the machines almost make playing automated so you cannot get stuck.
  • Bingo - Who does not like bingo? It’s the most thrilling of all games created by humankind. You can experience the same magic online as you get in regular casino halls in Ontario like Six Nations in Ohsweken and the Delta Bingo in Niagara Falls. Many of the bingo games are digitalized, but there are some live bingo rooms that present the authentic nature of bingo, where you can play with other members and friends and be part of the online bingo community that is present.
  • Lotto - From national lottery games to scratch cards, you can take on real games of chance with hundreds of available games in this section to play. You can also take on trying to win foreign lotteries if you feel you have the right lucky numbers.
  • Sportsbook - Sports betting, there is no bigger part of the industry than this. You can enjoy the list of many national and international sports that take place 24/7. Build your own bets, enjoy live streaming content, get up to the minute stats and odds. From basketball to tennis, you can bet on them all, supported by hundreds of betting markets.

Look out for exclusive casino bonus offers that can help you play this range of games. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of any offer you might be tempted to use. Plus, you can 100% play every online casino game from your mobile device if your smartphone is powered by Android, Windows, or iOS. But you're not just limited to one device, if you're at home, you can connect to your favourite games with your MacBook, PC, and even your Tablet.

Live Casino Gaming in Ontario

In Ontario, there are about 4 commercial casinos right now and about 5 charity casinos. They are more commonly packed with card and table games, so for Ontarians, these become the games of interest. During our Winters though, making the effort to go out and play them just no longer exists now. Why? Because it is all online now. So, next time you are stuck indoors with it at -30°C outside, pick up your mobile or open a laptop and play the same games online.

Now, how are they the same if they are online you say? Well, live gaming makes it possible. The live casino of Canada’s top sites provide real-time live streaming services. This gives you access to real games played in real-time, with the use of real casino equipment. You can watch and communicate with the dealer and play with multiple players.

Games include:

Ontario Banking Options Accepted by Online Casinos

When it comes to banking within the service of online casinos, Ontarians have a sound collection of payment methods that are accepted by the casinos we are able to recommend.

The most popular options still remain as credit cards and debit cards with association to Visa and MasterCard. There are numerous alternatives that are starting to merge because of the generational interests in online payment services.

  • Interac - This is currently the #1 online payment service in Canada. Reliable, easy to use and boasts incredible security with online transactions. Plus, free to use with no fees.
  • Bitcoin - The leading cryptocurrency that comes with leading security and comes with no banking affiliation. You have complete anonymity when playing online and get to play specialist games specifically built for bitcoin users.
  • eCheck - This is a form of banking that most people will be familiar with. Bank to bank payments with 100% security in the transaction. Perfect when it comes to withdrawals and deposits.
  • PayPal - Used throughout the world and highly likely you already have a PayPal account set up. This is a third-party payment service that uses innovative security measures to make payments without submitting your banking details.

You can read more on banking and these individual services from our informative payment guides.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

A Brief History Ontario Gambling and its Supportive Laws.

  • The first commercial casino opened in Ontario in 1994, called the Casino Windsor.
  • First projections through the Casino Windsor would make $150 million p/a. The reality is that it earns 20 times this figure.
  • The success of Casino Windsor led to the construction of Casino Rama.
  • During 2010, online gambling spawned the website. OLG standing for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
  • In 2019, casino revenues hit an all-time low of just over $8 million.

Ontario Laws 2021

It didn’t start too well for players in Canada, with all forms of gambling being banned up until 1969. Later in 1992 a gambling act was published called the Gaming Control Act of 1992. This brought about better control of how gambling is regulated and how businesses were able to provide it as a main function of service.

In short, the laws are simple, gambling in Canada is illegal at a federal level, but the power of right, so to speak, is governed by each province. This is why there are so few places in Canada with land-based casinos. The good news is that Ontario has this license and though businesses within the province cannot form their own online casino, players are not under any legal stature to not play in overseas casinos via the internet.

In fact, the term online is deemed to be too vague to put it into law, so Ontarians are 100% legally allowed to gamble inside of a foreign online casino. All of whom are listed right here at Casimoose.

Ontario Online Gambling Regulator

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is the main power of regulation in Ontario and runs the state-owned casinos that you’re able to play inside. They also control all forms of gaming from horse racing to the charitable games that take place. Their services have been in place since 1975, and in that time through their regulated games, they have paid $55 million to the people of Ontario.

Their position is to provide the province of Ontario with gaming entertainment that is done so in a socially responsible manner. They report to the Minister of Finance as the company is controlled by a Board of Directors. The only shareholder is that of the government of Ontario.

Their services include lotteries, both online and as land-based tickets, along with scratch card gaming.

Their online service provides slots and table games and there are also sports betting options.

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in Ontario

Out and about and wanting to experience the finest gaming establishments inside Ontario, then we present the top 5 highly rated casinos to play in. We will direct you right to their front door, where you can step inside and experience the glitz and glam that comes from Ontario’s finest gambling sites.

Remember: You must be 18-years and older to enter the Ontarian casinos and please make sure you are dressed in accordance with their dress-code policy prior to arriving.

Fallsview Casino

  • Fallsview Casino Resort Address: 6380 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls. Ontario
  • Phone Number: (888) 325-5788
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: This casino houses 205, 000sq.ft of floor space. Taking up this space are over 3,000 slot machine cabinets; 124 table games and the casino is open 24/7. The casino boasts the Mighty Millionaire slot game that has a jackpot of $1 million. The dress code is relaxed and provides a steakhouse restaurant, Italian fine dining, Chinese cuisine and there is a nightclub providing live music.

Caesar’s at Windor Casino

  • Caesar's at Windsor Address: 377 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario
  • Phone Number: (800) 991-7777
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: This establishment sits on 100,000 sq. ft. of space that is able to accommodate 2,600 slot cabinets and 95 card and table games. Open 24/7, and lucky players are able to profit from the highest betting limits in the province. Here the slots have a screen touch service that can order drinks and there are nightly poker tournaments with daytime tournaments from Friday to Sunday. Food is provided by the Mediterranean grill, or there is classic American food or the steakhouse to fill your belly.

Thunder Bay Casino

  • Thunder Bay Casino Ontario Address: 50 Cumberland Street South, Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Phone Number (807) 766-7900
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: This smaller establishment covers only 14,000 sq. ft. and holds 450 slot machines and also 14 poker and other casino table games. The opening times vary at this place with Slots available Mon to Wed at 9am to 4am, Thurs to Sun 24 hours. The Table games are available Sun to Wed from 4pm to 3am, or Thurs to Sun from 4pm to 4am.

Rama Casino

  • Rama Casino Address: 5899 Rama Road, Rama, Ontario
  • Phone Number: (705)329-3325
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: One of the more extravagant land casinos in the province, players here can enjoy 2,500 slot machines, and 100 table games. this casino comes with 8 incredible restaurants and provides a 5,000 seated entertainment center. Should you wish, you can stay the night in the hotel resort of the casino.

Niagara Casino

  • Niagara Casino Address: 5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Phone Number: (888) 325-5788
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Opening in 1996 and open 24/7 since then, the Niagara Casino supplies members with 1,300 casino slot machines, there are 40 table games and a special poker room. It houses two restaurants and provides live entertainment. You can sign up to become a part of the player advantage club and whilst visiting, take in the great surrounding of the falls.

Enjoy Online Casinos and Gambling in Ontario

If you are an Ontarian, you are blessed to be living in one of the more liberal parts of Canada. You have ease of access to a number of local casinos and if it gets too cold out, which it does, then you can stay in and play online.

Gambling in this province is 100% legal and all sites on Casimoose are fully regulated and licensed to provide secure and fair gambling options.

All the sites provide a wonderful mix of games that come with additional bonuses to help you play. Take a look at our reviews to help you get a better idea of each site and what they offer.

You can play from your mobile, without the need to download, this is optional if you’d like a casino app. And note that all winnings are paid out in Canadian dollars and best of all, you do not need to claim any winnings to the revenue agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Are Online Casinos Legal in Ontario?

Yes. The federal gambling laws allow provinces to regulate their own laws and Ontario has this clearance. This is why they are able to house so many land-based casinos. The law on online gaming specifically is not covered in the federal law as the term 'online' is deemed too vague. So as digital gaming is not mentioned in the Gaming Control Act of 1996, gambling online is 100% legal.

❓ Is it Safe to Gamble from Ontario?

Yes. 1: You are legally protected to gamble both online and inside land-based casinos if you are 18 and over. 2: With online casinos, all sites are passed regulatory checks and governing approval before being licensed. Independent tests are carried out to certify they comply with industry standards in safety and security.

❓ What is the Online Casino Legal Age in Ontario?

The legal age for gambling in Ontario is 18-years old. Not all land based casinos use this age as a right to enter their property, as some casinos, mostly in tourist areas ask that you are 19 to be able to enter.

❓ Do you pay Taxes on Winnings in Ontario?

If gambling is not your main source of income, then no, you do not need to pay any tax of even inform the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

❓ Who is the Gambling Regulator in the region?

In the province of Ontario the gambling regulator is The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. . They also control all forms of gaming from the horse racing to the charitable games that take place. Their services have been in place since 1975, and in that time through their regulated games, they have paid $55 million to the people of Ontario.

❓ Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

When it comes to banking within the service of online casinos, Ontarians have a sound collection of payment methods that are accepted by the casinos we are able to recommend.

The most popular options still remain as credit cards and debit card with association to Visa and MasterCard. There are numerous alternatives that include:

  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • eCheck
  • PayPal

❓ Can I find First Nations Gaming Properties in Ontario?

Yes. There are a total of three First Nations properties on the reserve land. The casinos in question are the Casino Rama Resort, the Great Blue Heron Charity Casino, and the Golden Eagle Charitable Casino.

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The Best Online Casinos for Canadian Players - November / 2021
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