Online Bingo Canada Guide: Best Sites and Games

There aren’t many online casino games out there that have been enjoyed across a range of generations as much as Bingo. We introduce you to the game itself, how it is presented and how you are able to access the game from the top bingo casinos online in Canada.

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How we Rank Bingo Casino Sites

We have the absolute pleasure of being in a position whereby we can join online casinos and test them to see if they are suitable for public use. With many, many years working in the Canadian gambling industry, we are able to quickly recognize the required qualities that should come from online casino games. We are a team of former workers, software engineers and professional players.

When it comes to online bingo and the casinos that provide the games, we make sure the platform is firstly safe. Our service is here to offer you only the best licensed and regulated services that will keep you protected whilst you play. When it comes to gaming, everything must be fair and of the highest quality in terms of software and presentation. We have compiled a list of criteria to mix all elements that must be met before the casino and the gaming is passed onto you for your own experience of playing bingo online.

Here are the standards we set:

  • Licensed Casinos Only
  • Bingo Games Selection
  • Live Bingo
  • Fair Bonuses
  • High RTP%
  • Banking Options & Fast Payouts
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Customer Support
Bingo Bingo

Online Bingo Bonuses for Canada

Yes, you are able to collect a variety of casino bonuses that are offered by the best casinos on the Canadian market to help you play with more credit and to also offer you free gameplay that still allows you to win real money online.

Though bonuses are not essentially a marker for what makes a casino good or bad, we still offer you the options that are made available. the reason we do not consider them to be overly essential to the performance of a casino is that bonuses are relative, they are forever changing and adapting, plus, not all players are willing to pursue something that comes at a cost or comes with complicated terms and conditions (T&Cs). When it comes to bonus offers presented by any casino online, it is your responsibility to read the (T&Cs) prior to use. The details found within the terms will highlight to players what the deposit requirement is to claim the bonus (where applicable), what the eligible games are, the expiry date of the bonus and the wagering requirements that are tied into the withdrawal of winnings.

The wagering requirement is often the cost that must be played through once deposited which is a multiple of the bonus money you played with. For example, if you were to claim $100 and won with this money, you may be required to deposit and play 35 times this $100 bonus, before the winnings from the additional credit could be withdrawn, making the wagering requirement in this example a cost of $3,500.

Bonus Examples include:

  • Free Spins for RNG bingo games
  • Extra Cash Credit, to play live bingo
  • Free bingo tickets
  • Bingo loyalty reward points
Bingo Bingo

Playing Bingo Online for Real Money – Basic Rules and Objective

If you are new to playing bingo in any form, then note that this is perhaps one of the most simplistic games you will find attributed to online casino entertainment. Now, there are many variants of bingo, but the most traditional is the 90-ball bingo game. So, what is bingo? Well, bingo is considered to be a lottery game, purely won by chance, and works by using numbers. Numbered balls are randomly selected from a machine and your task is to match those drawn balls and mark the numbers off on your bingo ticket.

There are many different ways of obtaining a ticket and this will affect the amount you spend on playing the game. All tickets have the numbers mixed across and randomly positioned for lines on a grid, you need to match lines of numbers, one line at a time to claim your prize, but you must complete these lines in sequence before any other player. Playing online is exactly the same as it would be inside of a bingo hall on the high street, the same rules and principles of play are exactly the same.There are two formats of gaming when it comes to online bingo:

1. RNG Virtual Bingo Machines

2. Live Bingo Rooms

Bingo Bingo

Online Bingo Variants

Like lots of other casino games online, bingo comes in a variety of options to give players different experiences of playing and winning at bingo. Here are variants of online bingo that you will come across inside the best bingo sites in Canada.

30-Ball Bingo

30-Ball Bingo is as it sounds, only 30 balls are used and because of this, the game is far greatly condensed. On the 30-Ball bingo card, you have three rows, three columns and nine numbers with them to help you win the jackpot. This is simple rapid gameplay, match the numbers drawn and win the jackpot. This is one of the variants that is not available as a live bingo game because it plays too fast and because it doesn’t really work in the format as traditional bingo does.

75-Ball Bingo

Now, this is a variant that really makes gaming interesting. You will find this in live bingo room formats to play as well as RNG games. The game will only use 75 balls to help land the jackpot and the bingo card is entirely different. You have a total of 25 squares on the ticket grid. The central box is a free space and left blank or indicated by a star symbol. There are five rows and five columns. Now, the pattern of winning also changes with this new card which helps to make the game more fun. Wins can be formed by making patterns on your ticket like the letter ‘L’ that will be marked numbers that run in the left column and along the bottom row. Other shapes include a ‘T’ and ‘Z’, You can also form images like a ladder, aeroplane and turtle. You will find this variant available as a live game and RNG machine.

80-Ball Bingo

The number of balls used now increases to 80 and it comes with a different type of bingo card from which the prizes will be won from. The 80-Ball Bingo card has 16 numbers spread over 4 rows and 4 columns. This game is played in sections of lines first, rather than trying to get the full set of numbers like in the previous variants. The first prize is won by completing 1 line of numbers, then 2 and then 3, with the fourth line being the final jackpot game. You will find this variant available as a live game and RNG machine.

90-Ball Bingo

The most popular and common form of bingo played by people online and offline. This is the type of bingo that you know bingo to be. The big game is presented differently when it comes to the card you will be playing with. You can buy full tickets are several cards. A full ticket holds 6 cards, each card a set of 15 numbers with a full ticket hosting all 90 numbers. Like 80-ball, this game plays in lines first before players commence to play for the full house jackpot, this means the first line, then the second line and the third is the overall jackpot game. You will find this variant available as a live game and RNG machine.

Online Bingo Terminologies

Now, whether you play online or offline, there are terminologies that you would benefit from remembering, just in case something is said and you miss a number because it didn’t make sense and soon you’re left floundering to catch up with the game. Here are the important terms to learn when it comes to the game of bingo and what you might hear being called by the game’s host.

The Call The Meaning
After Games Games played after the end of a regular 'session' of bingo.
Any Way When a bingo game is played 'any way' that means a winning pattern can be completed in any direction on the card.
Cash Ball A progressive jackpot that pays when a Bingo is called.
CH The abbreviations stand for 'chat host'. Some online bingo games have chat rooms for players, which are moderated by a chat host.
Coverall This is also known as 'Blackout' and it is a bingo patterns that requires every number on your card to be called for you to win.
Free Space The middle square of the bingo card that has no number on it.
House A shorter way of saying 'The Bingo Hall'.
Lucky Jar This is also known as the 'Cookie Jar' and it is the container full of cash.
Quickie Also known as 'Blowout', in which the numbers are called as quickly as possible.
Special A game that is played outside the regular session.
Wrap Up The last game of the session.
Bingo Bingo

Bingo Odds when Playing Online

Bingo is a game of fixed odds. This means all the people that play in one session of bingo have all the same odds of winning. So, if you were to buy 10 online bingo tickets, each of them has the same odds as the other tickets do. When playing online there is one prize that is offered to the winner of the bingo game. Therefore, the chances of having the winning bingo ticket or card are 1 in one hundred.

If a player was to buy 10 of the hundred cards available, their odds of winning become increased to one in ten this is because they hold 10 cards (10% of the cards available).

The odds of bingo do not really change regardless of playing online or playing down in your local bingo hall, they are fixed because the number of balls remains the same. How the formulation of winning changes online in two ways. RNG games are virtual machines that are programmed to perform as if real. Whereas live games are not programmed, and chance is as it should be without the reliance on an algorithm. The best advice for winning in Bingo is to recognize that the more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances are of winning when compared to those that do not spend beyond the one card.

Bingo Bingo

Playing Online Bingo on Mobile Devices

Given the nature of the world now and how technology is, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that you can acquire a lot of bingo online and play it through your mobile device. All modern smartphones are able to access online casinos now with or without a casino app. iOS and Android systems can both access casino websites via their internet browser without the need to download further software programs. This access gives you direct contact with all the variants of the bingo game and its two formats.

The option of a casino app is a shortcut for your phone to what is essentially the same platform that is more modified to your phone settings. The app is never essential so the choice of how you experience bingo online is up to you. Either way, you can still play RNG games and access live bingo events in the specialist rooms online. Our casino reviews state which sites including Manitoba online casinos have and do not have mobile apps available.

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Free Bingo Vs. Playing for Real Money

There are two options that face you when playing online, do you play for free or play for real money. We suppose that there is a possible third option and that is to experience both. In this table below, we look at the pros and cons of each option of playing for free or for money. Note that the option for playing free online bingo games can be experienced through our own selection of licensed and official free demo casino games.

Free Online Bingo Real Money Bingo Online
✅ No cost = no risks ✅ You get to win real Canadian dollars
✅ You can play for fun only ✅ You can play inside of live bingo rooms
✅ Demo games are accessible 24/7 ✅ You can enjoy live chat features
✅ You get to play authentic licensed casino games ✅ You can play with bingo bonuses when you open an account
❌ You don’t keep what you win ❌ You could make a financial loss
❌ You cannot access free live bingo rooms
❌ Adverts to play for real money

Online Bingo FAQs

How does playing bingo online differ from traditional bingo halls?  

The only difference comes in the varieties you have. Online bingo provides a number of variants that can be played that traditional bingo halls do not offer. Your traditional bingo game is the 90-ball feature, this is what is in the bingo halls and online, but online gaming goes further with 30-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo and 80-ball bingo. You can play at your own convenience and through your mobile phone. The odds of playing 90-ball bingo online are the same as if you were to play in the old bingo halls on the high street.

Which are the best casinos to play online bingo in Canada?  

Canadian players have the fortune of being able to pick from a selection of licensed casinos online to access their bingo games. When selecting your new casino, do not just make bingo the focal point, you will need to be able to meet the casino's banking options which are important to be able to deposit and play, as well as withdraw your winnings. You need to see how their other services and gaming features meet your requirements and needs. There are a number to pick from and our recommendations would include 888-Casino and Captain Spins.

Should I claim a casino bonus to play bingo online? 

The bonuses offered by online casinos are entirely optional. There are several types to claim and each casino will be different in their own unique way. Bingo bonuses could be formed as free games, loyalty rewards, free tickets, extra cash credit and a number of other promotions that are out there to claim. As a player, you must read all the terms and conditions which come with each offer as they will be different. The terms will outline what deposit needs paying (if any), which bingo games are eligible, when the offer will expire, and what the wagering requirements are. If you are happy with the terms of the bonuses you show interest in, then that is the sign to go ahead and claim them.

What are the odds of bingo when playing online? 

Firstly, the game of bingo comes with fixed odds, so all players have the same chances of winning. The odds can be increased somewhat by purchasing more bingo tickets. There is only one jackpot prize and therefore if there are 100 tickets, your odds are 1 in 100. The more tickets you buy a further percentage is added to your odds of 1%

How can I improve my odds at winning when playing bingo online? 

The simple trick to improving your odds is to buy more tickets. If you have 10 bingo tickets and the players only have 1 each, you are in a far greater position to win more games than they are.

Also, think about the format of the online bingo game. Playing RNG games are different to Live Bingo games. You may very well have better luck on the games which are simulated rather than the live games. You need to test the waters of both options to see which favors you more.


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