2021 Prince Edward Island Online Casino Guide

What are the laws when it comes to gambling in Canada? Where can you play and what is there to play? This guide takes a look at the province of Prince Edward Island and discusses casinos both online and land-based, giving you the best advice on the matter.

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We look at the top Prince Edward Island online casino sites to join, review the top Prince Edward Island land-based casinos, and we also share information on the games inside both, how you can bank, and inform you of the gambling laws regarding casinos and gambling here in Prince Edward Island.

Best Prince Edward Island Online Casino Sites in 2021

We open our guide with a top list of Prince Edward Island casino platforms that you are able to join. The casinos presented are licensed and regulated services, that offer award-winning games and services. Here are some of the features that can be found amongst our highly recommended PEI online casino sites.

✅ Evolution Gaming Software and Live Casino Streaming

✅ National and International Live Sports Betting Service

✅ Mobile Gaming with Android, Windows, and iOS

✅ Instant Deposit and Fast Withdrawal Canadian Banking

✅ Exclusive Limited-Time-Only Casino Bonuses and Offers

Gamble Responsibly in Prince Edward Island

When discussing the world of casinos, we cannot avoid the subject of responsible gaming. It can be an awkward subject for some, but without confronting it, it will always be a subject that is not challenged with the degree of seriousness it requires.

Part of our task as a team here at Casimoose is to best educate our users as best as possible so that it helps to lead players down the right path and provide much-needed awareness of the industry and gambling so better decisions can be made.

Informing and explanation are key to our many guides and the new process of what casinos are doing to help also are explained here by our Editor in Chief, Charlotte Fitzgerald:

“Regulations have always put casinos into a box, there is little room for negotiation when an industry like gambling is involved, especially when it can have an effect on player’s livelihood at a financial level and emotional one with mental health. Therefore, regarding responsible gambling, it is now incumbent on casinos to provide support and inform of the risks that can lead to gambling addiction. ”

“New tools are now legally provided that can allow any player to have better control of their finances and time. Account restrictions are controlled by the player and managed by the casino. Players can opt to pick the levels that affect their deposit amounts either daily, weekly, or monthly. With this, their time can be monitored to help create control over how and when they can bet and gamble. Reminders are sent out to all members of the feature to make sure the awareness is maintained.”

If resolving addiction was easy, then we need not discuss such issues, but it is far from easy. Addiction resolution is more about personal change than having an intervention. If a player is in the throes of addiction, they are actually more aware of how the industry works, what games are best and aware that the odds are minimal, but we can try our best to still educate, nevertheless, there are the players on the cusp of this addiction that can be helped. If we can help to change a player’s thinking that then limits their cost and boosts their profits, then this is a positive.

We are, of course, not alone, there are numerous organizations and charities that are available in Prince Edward Island that offer professional help and advice. Here are their details:

Enjoy Your Favorite Games in Prince Edward Island

When taking the steps to find a new casino online, the first area you must look into and be conscious of are the games. They will dictate your entertainment and what you win. For most players, they seem to instinctively know what they want to play already. If you are unsure, then perhaps the best advice is to play them all and see what you like.

But do no spend whilst learning, we have a free casino games section on our site that provides players official casino games, with them, you can test how fun they are and learn about which games are more profitable than others and become a pro.

Casinos online and land-based are swamped with a mixture of opportunities, each one allowing you the chance to win real money. Let’s take a look at them more closely:

  • Slots - Casino slot machines online and within land casinos are built the same, so your odds of winning are evenly matched. Online you have more of a selection. An average land casino in Canada holds about 200 machines, online the average PEI online casino can offer 600 on average. Slots are diverse and easy to play. The interest really comes from the fact that they contain the biggest jackpot rewards.
  • Blackjack - A classic card game that will be found in every casino no matter the format and where you play. This traditional gambling feature can offer some variant gameplay, but mainly online. Again, online the choice is always more, and you can still play live or as a digital feature.
  • Roulette - The table game that is roulette is so iconic, that most players know instinctively how to play it without having played it before. It is for that reason; roulette is the go-to-game for new players that want to experience a traditional casino game. Online you can play live and digitally, plus both online and land casinos offer players roulette’s unique variants.
  • Poker - This card game provides the online world with the biggest tournament action. Poker is a card game with a competitive edge. Some believe that there is a certain degree of skill involved in playing and because of this, heated contests online can return healthy fortunes as the main prize. Poker also offers many gaming variations, Texas Hold’em being the most famous one. Online and land casinos provide a range of poker games and tournaments.
  • Baccarat - Perhaps the most niche card game that plays in a very unique way. The game uses a smaller deck of cards and removes all the 10s, jacks, queens, and the kings. Once a game for nobility, this is making a resurgence online and can be enjoyed through digital gameplay or against the live casino dealers online.
  • Bingo - Bingo is a lotto game that for casinos is either a hit or miss. Some sites have them, some don’t. Players in PEI can, however, get hold of live bingo services, that provide special live bingo rooms that are supported by a vast bingo community online. Plus you can stay in and play without having to go to Charlottetown and playing at Bingo County or Legion Bingo.
  • Lotto - Additional lottery games are available online, limited, but available. You can collect your scratch cards and lotto tickets online and play digital keno as well.
  • Sportsbook - Online betting is big business and the choice matches. Sports from all over the world are available. Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Motorsport, Horse Racing, and many more are available to bet on. There are hundreds of markets and the online service provide more in this field. You have every national and international sporting league, tournament, cup, fixture, the whole damn lot. Watch live sports, get up to the minute stats, in-play betting, bespoke bet slips and cashout options.

All these games and features are playable through any device, the most popular now being the mobile. If you have a modern smartphone powered with either Android, iOS, or Windows, then you can access your games anywhere you want.

To also help you play, you can collect casino bonus offers that provide free spins and extra cash credit to help you win real money in return. Note, that if any bonus is considered to be used, please read the bonus terms and conditions first.

Live Casino Gaming in Prince Edward Island

Live gaming is part of the live casino platforms that are offered to players from the best casinos online. They are live streaming services that allow you to watch games, interact with the host/dealer and play, all in real-time.

The games are your classic card and table feature with a number for new gameshow features. This is immersive gaming like no other that also sets up a multi-player experience.

Powered by Evolution Gaming, all Canadians will be able to access this 11-time award-winning software. If you wish to step away from the digital gaming variations the casino offers, this platform offers something quite special and is the gaming of choice for online pro gamblers.

These are the games that make up the live gaming menu throughout the best Prince Edward Island online casino sites.

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Poker
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Gameshows

Prince Edward Island Banking Options Accepted by Online Casinos

Banking is an important area of an online casino to check. Players assume too often that their banking service is covered and with it that can deposit and withdraw. In some instances, this will be true, but not all casinos and their payment services work the same.

Before you register online, make sure from our reviews, that the casino accepts the payment method you use and that it can support both deposits and withdrawal payments.

Whether new online casinos or established ones, some casinos, for example, will allow you to deposit with Visa, but cannot provide the withdrawal service. This is why it is best to check now, rather than discovering after you have signed up.

The methods accepted across the PEI casinos online include the common Visa and MasterCard options. There is also Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller. Players also have other alternative options, these four are currently trending in Canada:

  • Interac - The online direct debit payment service created here in Canada. Provides reputable service and fast transaction between player and casino.
  • Bitcoin - If you have this cryptocurrency, then you can enjoy special bitcoin gaming. The service provides the best online security and you can win bitcoins in return.
  • eCheck - The bank-to-bank payment service that works like a cheque but saves more trees from being cut down.
  • PayPal - The most popular online payment service and you’re most likely already have it if you use services like eBay. It’s secure and doesn’t add personal data to any transaction.

Deposits with any service are instant and withdrawal times tend to vary between 24-hours and 5-days depending on the method you use.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

A Brief History of Prince Edward Island Casinos and its Gambling Laws

  • Organized track betting started in 1906.
  • In 1976, the province’s Lotteries Commissions Act was formed to put the Lottery Commission in control of all gambling activity on the island.
  • In 2012, the island tried to become the largest online regulator for Canada but the plan failed.

Prince Edward Island Laws 2021

First, gambling in PEI is legal, this is why casinos are able to exist in the province. The gambling laws or Criminal Codes are pretty much the same for all of Canada’s provinces. The federal government made gambling illegal, but provincial governments were given the powers to control and make their own laws on the matter. PEI, just like Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, all chose to make it legal, open up a few casinos, and form their own lottery.

Online gambling was also legal, given that the only online choice was offshore sites. These are the casinos that Casimoose presents. Overseas casinos, all licensed and registered and compliant with the Canadian laws so that you can join and play with peace of mind.

Prince Edward Island Online Gambling Regulator

There are a number of different operations within the PEI area that control different areas within the gambling spectrum. You have the ALC or Atlantic Lottery Corporation that looks after the sporting and lottery operations across the four maritime provinces. This includes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

As for casinos, the regulator is the Lotteries Commission. They are tasked with licensing and maintaining the integrity of the games within the province.

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in Prince Edward Island

If you want to get offline and step into the real world of casino gaming, then allow us to share with you the top-rated casinos that are land-based and available here on Prince Edward Island. The legal age to gamble is 19, so you must be 19-years or older to enter each of these premises if you are looking to use their casino facilities. Currently, there are only two places to go, as yet there is no news on the development of more for people to enjoy when they visit or are already residents of PEI.

Red Shores Racetrack and Casino

  • Red Shores Racetrack and Casino Address: 21 Exhibition Dr., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • Phone Number: 1-902-620422
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Home to the oldest track in all of Canada, here you will have the additional option to play casino slots, table games and poker. There is dining to enjoy and promotions available to members only.

Red Shores Summerside Casino

  • Red Shores Summerside Casino Address: 55 Greenwood Dr., Summerside, Prince Edward Island
  • Phone Number: 1-902-629-6636
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Offering members a selection of casino games. Entertainment includes slot machines, poker tournaments, and card games. There is an in-house restaurant and promotional offers available.

Enjoy Online Casinos and Gambling in Prince Edward Island

Whether you play online or inside one of the two Red Shore casinos, the important thing is that you have the choice as a resident or visitor of our province in PEI. In the world of online gaming, you will have far greater gaming choice, there is no doubt about this. Our reviews will share with you all the features and services available.

All casinos listed are licensed and regulated, you are legally within your right to gamble and no tax need be claimed on winnings made. These are offshore casinos that work globally because they are not registered inside of Canada, they do not bow to the laws of taxation upon players and their earned winnings.

Enjoy all this opportunity and look out for a host of exclusive casino bonuses that each and every Prince Edward Island casino is able to provide throughout your membership just as they do for every other city resident in Canada. Please check all terms and conditions before using any promotional offer and enjoy what you play, where ever you decide to play, just play responsibly and win smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Are Online Casinos Legal in Prince Edward Island?

Yes. The federal law states gambling is illegal but makes no mention of online gambling. The laws or criminal code for each province changes this, they are empowered to control/regulate casinos and their business, making them legal. Again, no law stops anyone in Canada or PEI from playing inside online casinos. BUT those casinos must not be remote. Canada prohibits businesses other than provincial from making online services. Therefore, all legal online casinos you can join reside outside of the Canadian borders.

❓ Is it Safe to Gamble from Prince Edward Island?

Yes. The laws protect you from gambling in the province’s two casinos and the online sites you can play in are licensed and regulated by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission, the Curacao eGaming Authority, and the Malta Gaming Authority. Online casinos are protected by SSL technology, this is an encryption security tool that codes all data behind its firewall. No casino online has been breached and banks and military use the same SSL software.

❓ What is the Online Casino Legal Age in PEI?

You must be 19-years and over to gamble in Prince Edward Island. When you register with a Prince Edward Island casino that is online, you will need to prove your age with a copy of your ID, so passport or driving license. You must also provide proof of your address from a statement or bill. This is all part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy that all casinos must comply with.

❓ Do you pay Taxes on Winnings in Prince Edward Island?

No. There is no requirement to inform the revenue agency in Canada of your winnings because you are playing in offshore casinos that are no registered or tied to Canada. No matter how much you win, you get to keep every dollar won.

❓ Who is the Gambling Regulator in PEI?

There are a number of different operations within the PEI area that control different areas within the gambling spectrum. You have the ALC or Atlantic Lottery Corporation that looks after the sporting and lottery operations across the four maritime provinces. This includes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. As for casinos, the regulator is the Lotteries Commission. They are tasked with licensing and maintaining the integrity of the games within the province.

❓ Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

The methods accepted across the PEI casinos online include the common Visa and MasterCard options. There is also Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller. Players also have other alternative options, these four are currently trending in Canada:

  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • eCheck
  • PayPal

❓ Can I find First Nations Gaming Properties in Prince Edward Island?

No. There are no First Nations casinos in the province of Prince Edwards Island.

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