New Casino Games (2024) - The Latest Online Casino Games in Canada

When it comes to reviewing casino games that are found online, we are focusing on the traditional classics that are separate from slot machines. Casino games that most people would imagine when they picture what a casino would look like inside one of the more famous Las Vegas locations.

New Casino Games New Casino Games

New Casino Games Releases

New casino games New casino games

There are scores of online casinos that are available to join here in Canada and have a wild time. Now, when it comes to the production of the best games inside these big casinos, the responsibility comes down to the software developers that the casino has partnered with. New online casinos can have many affiliations in this department of gaming to help stock the much needed and necessary games that are expected by their clientele.

The turnaround in game releases varies, with slots being the most popular, you tend to get these forms of a new game every couple of weeks. When it comes to card and table games, then these are far less frequent and can be monthly and beyond into yearly releases.

The reason for such timely status literally comes down to there not being a necessity for supply and demand, with Slots, you can easily reinvent games because the slot machine isn’t bound to gaming rules, other than the need to include rotating reels. With card and table games, the rule of play makes the game what it is, to continuously recreate this would mean having to invent new variants. Alternatively, to get new games, you would need a new software operator to throw their ideas into the ring. Thinking about it though, what would the point be of this? Online Blackjack by one operator is still going to be blackjack by another. The only changes you would get are the aesthetics. In a business sense, this may be a pointless avenue to follow. This is why so many of the industry’s developers do not bother going into this area of gaming and why slots are able to categorize thousands of new designs and products.

The same can be said of the features that come in live dealer form, it is a market already dominated by one developer in Evolution Gaming. It is now at a stage where they themselves are having to reinvent live casino games for the many live casinos throughout the world, and this is where their new influx of game shows come into play, quite literally!

Here we examine those rare releases that make up the other half of the casino industry.

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

The new release of Crazy Time brings backs a new alternative to the wheel of fortune-based game. This live gaming variant offers a basic structure that’s packed with multiplier features and bonus games.

Crazy Time’s bonus rounds are the Cash Hunt, the Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time.

Playing the base game is simple enough, you have 4 betting options that are numbered 1, 2, 5, and 10. Between these numbers are the bonus round sections that form and complete the wheel.

In addition to the wheel, the game comes with a Top Slot, two reels that spin in conjunction with the wheel. One reel contains multiplier values that can be added to the base game bet. On the other reel, you have a mix of numbers and bonuses that correspond to the wheel. Should you land a bonus and a multiplier, then that will be added to the bonus round when entering the feature.

Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live is indeed an official game release that is in conjunction with Hasbro, the original Monopoly developers. If you know the famous board game already, then you will already have a good idea of what this game will be about and how it will look.

This new live variant is another wheel of fortune-based game and comes with an additional 3D-animated monopoly board.

This grandiose feature gives players a wheel that contains numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 that can have bets placed on them. With these numbers come the bonus sections of the wheel. These are 2 rolls, 4 rolls, and the Chance bonus. Bets must be placed on these for the bonus round to be activated. When they do, you will be presented with the 3D animated board game that plays out on a huge screen in the studio.

Once part of the 3D gaming experience, you are in for the chance to win additional prizes, with more multipliers and other rewards.

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

This was one of the first newly released game shows and has been on the market longer than most. This new live variant was built to revolutionize the experience of playing online casino roulette. It achieves its greatness by extending the roulette experience and offering players a new innovation which led to an award for gaming innovation in 2019. During the game, random lucky numbers are struck by lightning which adds multipliers to them that can be between 50x and 500x the value of your bet.

The game brings roulette into a new stunning light and is both a live feature and RNG gaming software that helps produce the lucky number strikes. To help achieve the odds of winning, between one and 5 numbers can be struck by lightning.

Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming

The newest exclusive in the chain of released game shows by Evolution Gaming is Mega Ball. This is one for the fans of bingo out there. A whole new game that uses 51 numbered balls. Playing is as simple as bingo as well.

Mega Ball players, or contestants, in this case, will wager a value to their game card and purchase what is their lucky number. As with bingo, the thrill comes from the draw of balls and matching them to the card. In total, 20 balls are drawn to form a winner. From a player’s perspective, this process of playing and marking the cards is totally automated by the game. The Mega Ball is the last ball drawn and this can bring about a multiplier to the winnings that range from 5x to 100x the card value. Should that Mega Ball help to complete a winning line on the card, your winnings could be up to an amount that is 1,000,000x your wager!!!

Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming

The very first release in the game show category was the Dream Catcher. This started the whole trend of wheel of fortune-based games that followed in Evolution Gaming’s now comprehensive arsenal of live features. Being the first, they kept the gaming fairly simple. Nothing like this was done before, so with new and simple gaming rules, it was a huge success with players online.

The Dream Catcher wheel host a series of numbers going through 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 that can be selected to place your bet on. The payout corresponds to the number you correctly guess, so landing 5 will payout at 5 to 1, 40 will payout at 40 to 1, and so on.

The wheel also contains two special multipliers at 2x and 7x, which are then added to the result of the next spin.

Deal or No Deal by Evolution Gaming

The official game of Deal or No Deal by Endemol Shine Group has been given the online touch with Evolution Gaming in partnership with them. This TV gameshow classic is world-famous and continues to present its multiplayer of entertainment in the world of casino gameplay.

In the world of online gaming, however, this game plays 24/7 non-stop! It produces winner after winner with incredible prizes, multipliers and instead of boxes, you have 16 suitcases to strike a deal or no deal with.

The beginning of the game all starts with an RNG-based bank vault game. This sets the value of the biggest prize in the game which can be 75x to 500x the wager. This is just the qualifying round, after which, you will be playing in a top-up round with multipliers of 5x to 50x. After this, you will be the contestant with the live host to play with the 16 special briefcases.

Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming

Now, this live variant is most definitely one-of-a-kind and the first, for that matter. Lightning Dice is a brand-new gaming innovation that holds the appeal of bingo and slot players. The whole gaming experience revolves around the Lightning Tower. Three dice are dropped into to tower to produce the outcome of the game. Before this, bets are places as to what the total will be of all three dice.

Bets are shown on the game’s betting grid with the possible values of the three dice drop. On this grid lightning will select Lightning Numbers and add multipliers of up to 1000x!

Football Studio by Evolution Gaming

The last of the new gameshow live variants from Evolution Gaming is the Football Studio. This is card gameplay with additional live match commentary. It is a new alternative to casino gaming if you are an avid sportsbook fan. The game focuses on a very basic card game, prior to the two cards being dealt and placed face-up on an interactive table resembling a football pitch, players will bet whether the home side card will be greater than the away, or vice versa. They can also bet on a draw. The card game and the football are not tied together, this is just a card game with commentary happening for those interested in football.

Real Baccarat with Courtney by Microgaming

This is one hell of a mesmerizing game that is a wonderfully unique video interactive RNG game of baccarat.

The gaming specs are:Total Win: $800 per game. Features: Pair Side Bets, Roadmaps, RTP: 98.94%, Mobile Friendly: Yes, Max Bet: 500, Commission: 5% on Banker Bets, and Decks: 8 decks used.

So, Real Baccarat with Courtney presents recorded video footage intertwined with RNG mechanics of gaming. It feels real and yet plays like a virtual game.

To play this feature, just look for the online casinos that are affiliated with Microgaming.

Rush Bingo by Inspired

For an alternative to ‘traditional’ casino gameplay there is bingo and because it is not considered to be a casino game but a lottery game, bingo can be seen as a niche feature. Because of this, it is rare to find these games throughout the wide selection of sites on the internet.

A new game by Inspired has, however, dropped to bulk the numbers up of online bingo games.

This is an RNG machine which produces Random Number Generator chances. The jackpot of the game is relative to the amount of wager placed on the game. You can bet up to $25 per game which will return the highest value, in terms of a jackpot prize.

Why Play New Casino Games?

New casino games New casino games

Why play new games indeed, Well, the reality is, if you have a passion for games, regardless of preference, then you should be playing both new and older games as they both carry the potential of winning real money from them and they provide the entertainment you seek.

So, why make this review on new games? Because great change comes with the intent to meet the public demand. Games are not made to distance players from casinos. It’s not like developers don’t want us to win, they do. They see the trends and figures and adjust to improve the player experience. So, with this, newer games conform more to the latest needs of the public playing them.

Here is a brief, case in point that clearly highlights this and we will use the example of a slot machine. Back in the 90s when slots were first released, for the first 5 years, the games would come with one bonus round and perhaps one in-game feature.

The trend was obvious, people played to hit that bonus round, and despite it being hard, they continued to play because they profited from the in-game feature.

So, the slot evolved and now you have up to 8 different bonus rounds to trigger, more in-game features and random triggers, and there is the explosion of not one jackpot like before, now there are up to four different ones to be won.

As mentioned in the section of newly released live casino games. You can only take classic games so far, there needs to be a reinvention to keep up with public need or to influence a shift in the interest of the casino’s clientele.

So, why play new games? because perhaps, you will find a more direct enjoyment from them than how older games were built to target the market of that time. But we are not all the same player, we think differently, we like different games, and more importantly, we all bet and gamble differently.

Here we highlight some of the key components to the development of new casino games and how they affect our involvement in classic card and table games that are featured inside the best Canadian casinos.

New Game Features - When it comes to expanding classic games, you look to variants. Card and table games have a long history of variants like roulette, you can play French roulette, American roulette, double ball roulette and so on. The more recent changes have come in their adaption from digital to live gaming. Live gaming is the trend, so developers look to this format for where new features will end up. The example of Lightning Roulette is perfect.

New Gaming Benefits - The benefits of new gaming development are two-fold, entertainment and profitability. These two factors are always the reason supply and demand in the industry have existed. If you were to remove one, the whole thing collapses. No players would be entertained and not play, and if you cannot profit, gambling ceases. The adaption from old to new must, therefore, always be better than what came before so that the model for interest works. New games are always of benefit in their very nature. Plus, new games spike the interest, and, therefore, produce more frequent payouts because of the money going into the games.

Updated Software and Graphics - Technology moves fast and casinos work in tandem with this. Now there still may be a plateau for a few years to allow things to embed themselves, but nothing ever lasts. The recent change came from the shift in gaming software. Before, casino games needed add-on or plug-in downloaded, like Flash Player, in order to play games from a desktop. Now, gaming is about mobile access, so the software had to become compatible. It went from Java Script to HTML coding, in one example of many. Updates are essential to the continued preservation of interest.

Gameplay Features - When it comes to the specific nature of play, the features that can be added to enhance the experience primarily come from the added side bets. Side bets are the most common in card games. But online casino gaming goes beyond what is played on the table, there is also online scratch tickets, video poker, sic bo, craps, bingo and you have gaming tournaments. New casino games that develop the features are mainly found in these niche areas of gaming. Bingo is not bound to conventional rules nor are scratch cards, this is why so many variants are able to be adapted and developed.

New Casino Games Promotions - The implementation of bonuses combined with new games is an old, yet successful business practice. Along with slots, new casino rewards boost the interests of a newly produced game and gives players the opportunity to experience them with exclusive rewards, either in the form of cash credit or free spins. They are, however, as common as newly released games, so blink and you might miss them.

New Mobile Casino Games - It is now common practice that if any online casino game is made that it must be compatible with Android, Windows, and all iOS mobile smartphones. The days of desktop gaming as diminishing year on year. Mobile casino access access is now the most popular route of access to an online casino.

Now, this can be a social thing or a convenience thing, the fact of the matter is, that if a developer was to produce a game that was not compatible with a mobile phone, that game would not be available to 70% of the target market. Therefore, it can be said with reasonable confidence that all new online casino games are built to perform across all smartphones.

Important Points to Look out For

New casino games New casino games

If you are new to online gambling and are perhaps unsure how to pick new games are distinguish them. Here we help to point out some important factors when approaching the option of new casino games online.

First, how to tell if they are new or old? Well, this is made easy by the fact that all casinos online will either place a market of ‘new’ on the game image icon, or they will have a new games menu to select from.

Here are some other factors that influence the gaming aspects of casino features or check out our online casino Manitoba review.

  • RNG - RNG is an algorithm that is used to determine the wins and losses of a game. It stands for Random Number Generator and uses near 30 billion numerical sequencing to produce life-like chance that is random as it can be. The benefits of this come from the fact that winning is not determined by how much you spend, so those with smaller bankrolls have an equal chance of winning as those with larger bankrolls. This is the difference between RTP and RNG algorithms.
  • Payouts - Casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and even bingo, do not have set jackpots to be won. The prizes or payouts returned are relative to the size of the bet placed. With slots, you can win 1 million dollars from a 1 dollar bet. In roulette, you can only win $36 from 1 dollar because this is the highest odd available. If you want to win more, you need to up the wager. This is the same of all card and table games. With bingo and scratch cards, your return or ‘jackpot’ is always relative to the size of the wager placed before commencing the game.
  • Variants - There is no one single game of all popular card and table games. For example, there is no one poker game, there are variants of the original that alter some of the rules in how to play and win. Variants offer choice and with that, you may find that an offshoot of a classic game is more beneficial or more fun to play than the original.
  • Live Dealers - Live casinos are a platform that are wholly other to what players will experience from digital and virtual RNG games. Live dealer features change the whole game. By using real casino equipment there is no algorithm dictating the state of play. This is as real as it gets and, therefore, is the biggest influential changer with new casino games. The experience, the odds, and the entertainment is not comparable to any digital game, and it cannot be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play new casino games?

You can pick from our selection of online casinos that have been identified as safe and licensed platforms that allow players in Canada to play new game releases. Our reviews will highlight the selection of games available and you will have a direct access link that will come with a special embedded casino bonus code, so if you wish to claim an optional welcome bonus, then that decision is yours.

Can I claim a promotional bonus?

Yes. All of Canada's online casinos come with numerous promotional bonuses. Offers and rewards are open to players, old and new, throughout their membership. The first bonus being the welcome bonus, this is only available to newly registered members. beyond this, an online casino offers ongoing promotional options. Bonuses can be weekly, monthly, and even seasonal. Rewards can comprise of credit and free spins. They are not always free, with the vast majority requiring a deposit to be made first to claim them in return unless you take on 888 Casino CA$88 No Deposit Bonus.

Please read all terms and conditions before using any promotional bonus you come across.

Do you need to download New Casino games to play?

No. The concept of downloading games is no longer something you need to be burdened with. In today's modern advancements of technology, the only downloading you have left with casinos are the mobile apps that you can download. These are not essential as you can play from the internet browser. The other download is the option for desktop users to download entire casino packages, should they wish to play casino games offline.

Besides this, there is no requirement to download anything in order to access the newest casino games and that also goes for the new online slot releases.

Can I play them on my mobile?

Yes, 100%. If you have a smartphone powered by Windows, iOS, or Android, you will be able to connect with our recommended online casinos and from them, you can play the new casino games from your mobile.

There is no requirement to download any mobile app because gaming can be done through a web browser. In some cases, because of this ease of access, not all casinos have mobile apps.


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