Download Casino Guide (2023)

Access not only the best Canadian online casinos but the best easy-to-download casino platforms that can be accessed from any device. Whether you play using your mobile or desktop computer, we provide a wide selection of Canadian sites that offer the greatest gaming features.

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The Benefits of Download Casino Software

Find yourself surrounded by the best online casino games in an instant. Download any of these incredible casinos onto your device and have one-touch access to your favorite casino games. All downloads are free and virus-free. Little storage space is taken up, so will not slow down the performance of your device. Click to download and see for yourself.

By downloading a casino’s entire software package or mobile application, you are able to instantly provide yourself, one-touch access to their entire cache of games and services. With desktop downloads, you can benefit by playing offline, and some casinos will actually provide you with a larger selection of games.

Immediately, you are in control of choosing how you play your favorite casino games online. Some of the benefits of having a downloadable casino service:

  • Offline gaming can take place anywhere you want and when you want.
  • There is added security when playing through downloaded services with personal details less likely to be picked up by third-party interests.
  • The number of games tends to increase when opting to play through a download package.
  • Graphics and quality of play are often better through the download because there is no interference of weak broadband.

Downloading software will take up a proportion of space on your device but it is not to the extent that you may first think. Downloading for desktop has always been part of an online casino’s service but the popularity of it dried up when players shifted from computer to mobile casinos, but it is still available from the top casinos online that still cater for desktop users.

Another incentive is that special bonuses exist for slot players that are able to reclaim exclusive slot bonuses when completing a casino download.

How to Download Casino

There are no specific requirements when it comes to the download process. You obviously need space but not a lot is required to complete the process. If you have Android, Windows, or iOS hardware, then you are only a step away from downloading your favorite online casinos to your device for instant play on games, live features, and sports betting.

Here’s how the process for gambling via a casino download works for mobile and desktop users:

TOP 3 Download Casinos
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Casino Classic
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Gaming Club $350
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All Slots $1500
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Using Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the most popular form of downloading that takes place online. It gives players instant access to slot machine games, blackjack, roulette, live tables, and other jackpot games. The app can be used on iPhone or Android phones, even tablets and iPad devices.

Here are the easy steps that you will make when downloading a casino app for your mobile (Android and iOS).

  1. Choose the Casino and the App Will Follow – From Casimoose, you can select a trusted licensed casino to play in and from their own website, you can download their free mobile app. You will rarely find apps within the Apple App Store or through the Google Play store.
  2. Download the Casino App – The instructions will be provided by the casino, but it is a simple case of clicking the app image or link to begin the downloading process.
  3. Accepting the Download – Your mobile will instantly ask for your clearance to download as some devices instantly block unknown source downloading. You will download a file that contains the app, this will remain on your phone to re-download, should you accidentally delete the app.
  4. Accessing the App and Casino – Once your app is installed, your desktop will generate the new icon for quick access to the site. You will also get a notification of the completed download. Now, you can sign in.
  5. Signing in – Once ready, you can enter your username and password if you have a pre-existing account. Alternatively, you can create your account if this is your first time accessing the casino. As part of the mobile’s security process in conjunction with the app, some services allow you to log in with just the use of your fingerprint I.D. So, there is no need to repeatedly enter the username and password every time you’d like to play.
  6. Begin Playing – With your account ready and access made possible to the casino via the app, you can now deposit your money into your account to begin playing and hopefully start winning some real money from the card games, slot machines, and casino tables.

    Note: Some mobile downloads offer an exclusive bonus that you can claim in conjunction with your welcome bonus.

On Desktop Devices

Playing from a computer desktop is no-longer the trendy form of gameplay these days, but still, online casinos recognize that there are still users out there that highly prefer this form of interaction and entertainment.

To those sat in front of their screens now, reading this, this is your How-To when it comes to downloading for PC / Mac (casino software).

  1. Find and Select Your Casino and App – From Casimoose, you are able to select Canada’s best online casino services that are licensed and regulated and offer free desktop download packages.
  2. Download Option – Across all the best casinos online, you will find the option to download clearly marked on the homepage of these optional sites.
  3. Commence Download – Click on the software download icon and follow the instructions displayed. If the process of download asks if you want the software to make changes to your computer, then click on the option Yes.
  4. From File to Feature – You will initially download the package file, to then run and install the casino software to your Mac or PC.
  5. Installation Complete – When the download is finished, a new icon can be added to the desktop screen, which you can now click on to enter your online casino and register or sign in.
  6. Your Account - Once ready, you can enter your username and password if you have a pre-existing account. Alternatively, you can create your account if this is your first time accessing the casino.
  7. Begin Playing – With your account ready and access made possible to the casino via the download, you can now deposit your money into your account to begin playing and hopefully start winning some real money from the card games, slot machines, and casino tables.

How We Carefully Select Download Casinos

When it comes to selecting a download, it’s all about the casino as a complete package. Some great sites don’t always have the download option, so it’s about what you want from an operator in all senses. Rating a download casino is the same as rating a regular online casino, all aspects have to be reviewed. Here is our step-by-step process:

  • The Security of the Casino – In any review of a site, safety comes first. When checking this for the download option, we ascertain the safety of a site both online and offline. We check the SSL security programming is in date and the linked banking transactions are secure.
  • In it For the Entertainment – The casinos we recommend to our users, must come with the highest quality of software development and provide a wide choice of gaming from live roulette to slots. It should be a mini-Las Vegas that can comfortably fit into and onto your device.
  • Compatibility and Ease of Service – When we suggest a casino, or some online casino Manitoba we have already tried and tested the service, so we always have first-hand experience of what that operator does. The process of downloading the software must be easy and hassle-free. The time should be as fast as possible and multi-compatibility is hugely beneficial so that players can pick what they download the casino too, be it Mac, PC, Tablet, or Mobile.
  • Banking Adaption – Easy, smooth, and secure deposit and withdrawal processes. The whole payment process must be flawless. This goes from the general banking feature to even the cashout option you get through live sports betting.
  • Excellence in Service – Our experts have many years of experience in the field of online and land-based gaming and recognize first-rate customer service. Our recommended casinos are able to put you and their members above everything else and with any download service, fast and simple-to-use communication services to receive help and support from is guaranteed.

The Difference Between Download Casino and No Download

Download Casino Pros & Cons No Download Casino Pros & Cons
✅ Quick and easy access to your favourite casino ✅ You still access vast numbers of games
✅ More gaming features ✅ A wide selection of gaming developers are available
✅ Instant loading time on games ✅ More options are available because you’re not tied to the download process
✅ Better and reliable graphics ✅ All online casinos offer instant play
✅ Safer banking and personal security ✅ You can still access your casino from any device
✅ Special download bonuses and free spins ✅ Players get exclusive bonus offers
✅ Mobile apps can sync to your I.D security to log in ❌ You might have a smaller gaming choice
❌ Beneficial if you have an impeccable internet connection ❌ Gaming quality is dependent on your internet connection
❌ Not all casinos provide the download option
❌ Mobile apps can crash

FAQs about Download Casino

Is it Safe to Download Casino Software?

Yes. Our experts check through tried and tested measures and we also make sure the casino itself is independently approved by a regulator and, where possible, an independent testing lab such as eCOGRA. Downloading isn't the be-all and end-all, it isn't a necessity to download to be able to play casino games. You can easily access the best sites without downloading them, and by simply playing via your device's browser.

Which Operating Systems are Compatible with Download Casino Software?

With today's technology, no system is out of synch with the compatibility of downloading casino software. No matter what device you would prefer to use, there is an option of downloading either a mobile app or a desktop package. The operating systems that can be used are Android, iOS, and Windows.

Is an Internet Connection Required to Play No Download Casino Games?

Yes. If you are not downloading the host's software, then all services will run via an internet connection. The quality of the gaming is also dependent on how good the internet connection is. Have no fear regarding disconnections because with the technology used by these casinos, the operator will be able to reconnect you to the point prior to the disconnection error so no money is lost.

Which Games are Available at Download Casino?

Within a download casino you have a variety of casino games, all of which you would find within a regular casino that isn't being downloaded. Your gaming options will include video poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, bingo, scratch cards, slots, live dealer gaming, game shows, live sports betting and poker tournaments. Every game you could want or think of is going to be available, relative to the quality of the casino providing them

Are There Any Charges to Download Casino Software?

No. There should be no charge whatsoever, and if you are seeking an online casino outside of the service of Casimoose and are charged, then take that as a warning sign. No casino at Casimoose will ask a cost for a download.

Are Download Casinos better than No Download ones?

Generally, the services and the features are exactly the same. In some instances, there are subtle differences. Whether they are better or not is down to personal taste. For example, if you like playing cards and you are offered more card games via the download service then it is beneficial. If you do not like cards, then there is no additional benefit to the extra games offered.

Can I Bet Real Money on a Download Casino?

Yes. As long as you are a member of the real money casino and have an account in place, you can play offline when and where you want and still win real money from the operator in complete safety and peace of mind.

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