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Reviews of Online Casinos

Fancy a flutter at the best online Casinos Canada has to offer? Maybe you've been thinking of dipping a toe in the world of online gambling but you are not sure where to start? Or maybe you're an expert looking for pastures new? Casimoose is here to make your lives easier.

Is the online casino you picked safe, secure and legit? And is the welcome bonus for real? Are the games fair, and if you win how fast will they pay out? What kind of games are on offer? And do you have to give them your banking details?

These are among some of the questions that Canadian players ask themselves when looking for a casino review.

This is usually when they hit Google and find themselves facing even more questions. Are the reviews legit? Do these people know what they are saying? Can we trust their advice?

The world of online casinos can be a murky one, whether you're a Canadian player or wherever you happen to be based, really. Enter Casimoose, a casino comparison site that came into being precisely to help players set their minds at rest.

Our reviews are all written by industry experts, a band of casino enthusiasts who have experienced the world of online casinos first-hand at a professional level. We will give you objective advice that will help you navigate the world of Canadian online casinos, and we will always tell you the truth about any disadvantages a casino may have.

Check out our reviews with full confidence and get ready for the Canada casino ride of a lifetime.