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There is always a lot of buzz around a new online casino, and BritainPlay Casino provides no exception. Yes, we do need to address the elephant in the room: BritainPlay? Is this only a casino for Brits? Sadly, that is the case. The operator is available to UK players only, which raises the question of why we are bothering to review a British casino at all. We think it's always a cool idea to scope out the competition!

With that in mind, let's take a look at what could be in store with BritainPlay when it's released in early 2022.

What Slot Games at BritainPlay Should I Look out for?

Take a look at any online casino and you'll find one thing in common: more slot machines than you could shake a stick at. So, what do BritainPlay slots have in store?

The best way for any operator to get ahead is by providing the latest game crazes, so we're hoping to see only the best in spinning-reel action. Here's what is on our wish list:

  • Idol of Fortune™
  • Colossal Cash Zone™
  • Eye of Atum™
  • The Ultimate 5™
  • Safari of Wealth™

What BritainPlay Table Games Can I Expect?

Wondering what other casino games Britons play? As land-based casinos are a big deal in the UK, you can easily guess BritainPlay are going to jump on the hype and give players exactly what they want from their online casino experiece. Here's the sort of think we think may be on the cards - pun intended - for BritainPlay customers.

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Can I Expect a BritainPlay Live Casino?

Wasn't BritainPlay live casino already covered in the last section? - aren't table games the exact same as live casino games? That would be a big fat no. There are, of course, a ton of similarities, but whereas the idea of table games tends to refer to your classic video slots, the 'live' element means you get the BritainPlay casino experience streamed straight into your lounge. That means you can get all of your online casino favourites with live dealers, live reactions, and other live players. The British casino may even take it one step further by offering the option of 'game shows', meaning you could finally be a contestant on your favourite show.

How is this all possible? Well, the wonders of modern technology... and a lot of hard work by some ingenious game software providers:

Will I Be Able to Play BritainPlay on Mobile?

Let's face it, we've become people that are ditching laptops - let's not even start on desktops - and are moving more and more to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It's the same for those that play in Britain. So, how does that change the online casino dynamic for operators?

Well, it doesn't change much, as mobile compatibility has been on the mind of providers for years. Nearly all sites will work for most major operating systems. Essentially, you can pick up a device and start playing. We expect it will be exactly the same for BritainPlay mobile casino.

Is There a BritainPlay Mobile App?

One of the ways an online casino can guarantee mobile compatibility on certain devices if by creating a mobile app. Does that mean that those that play in Britain will be able to find Britainplay casino games on the brand's very own BritainPlay app any time soon? We think it is a strong possibility.

That being said, it wouldn't be the end of the world for the British casino if they didn't develop this software: fans of the online casino would still have the opportunity to play all of their favourite BritainPlay slots, as mentioned before, as long as the site was built with the latest HTML specifications in mind. So, whether there ends up being a BritainPlay app or not, the only thing that would stop players from trying out this new online casino would be not having a BritainPlay login.

What Payment Methods at BritainPlay Will There Be?

We write a lot of these articles - about your well-established household names to your new online casino - and one thing that often lets a provider down is a lack of payment methods. Let's face it, not everybody uses the same banking tools in general, so it would be silly to assume everybody would want to make BritainPlay deposits in the same way.

What we're hoping for, then, is that you will be able to enjoy the best BritainPlay slots with much more than just your standard bank transfer, even if their banking options are available only in the United Kingdom - although we would of course expect some Canadian-friendly variety if they ever open their market to us. With that in mind, here are some payment methods we think the new online casino couldn't go amiss with:

Will BritainPlay Provide Responsible Gambling Features?

We're guessing you either currently enjoy playing at an online casino or are interesting in learning more about the world of online gambling - otherwise, why would you be here? Either way, it is important to realise that gambling can sometimes get a little out of hand; and when that happens, it may be best for you to take a break.

It wouldn't matter if you were to be offered the most amazing BritainPlay welcome bonus offer, free spins on your favourite BritainPlay slots, or any other amazing promotions from the Brit casino, it's about knowing your limits and sticking to them, and there is no shame in setting deposit limits or having a break.

With that in mind, the best thing that BritainPlay Casino can offer all of their customers, whatever their humble Britons play, is fantastic responsible gambling services: everything from time-based deposit limits to periods of exclusion.

Final Thoughts on BritainPlay

Yes, we admit it may seem strange to write a BritainPlay online casino review, but we like to explore the whole world of online casino, to see what ideas may be translated to the Canadian market in the future; and we think our BritainPlay review has helped shine a light on what this new online casino could do.

Overall, we are excited to find out what's in store for BritainPlay UK - whether it's offering an amazing BritainPlay casino bonus on free spins, a different take on gaming-on-the-go with Britainplay mobile casino, or even incorporating exciting software providers to beef up their slots play.

Whatever the future holds, we will be sure to keep track of this online casino and to update our BritainPlay review when we know. Here's hoping all the great ideas from the Brit casino become available to us in the future. BritainPlay UK? We want to see BritainPlay Canada!


Is BritainPlay Casino Legal in Canada?

Legal? Yes. Available for Canadians to play? That's where you hit a snag. Sadly, BritainPlay is not available for Canadians, just for players in the UK. But we are hoping they open their online casino service to us in the future.

Do I Need a BritainPlay Casino Bonus Code? 

A BritainPlay casino bonus may need a BritainPlay bonus code in order to activate any offer. The problem is that the online casino will not be available in Canada at launch; so even if you got your hands on a code, you would not get much use from it.

What Is the Payout Time? 

Most online casinos offer withdrawal times of anything between 24 hours and a week, depending on the payment method. It is likely that BritainPlay Casino will offer transaction services along the same lines.

What Banking Options Do They Offer? 

We are hoping that there will be a wide selection of banking options for their eligible UK casino players, including standards such as VISA, PayPal, and Interac. With any luck, there will also be more Canadian-friendly options, if the casino ever opens up to Canada.

What Is the RTP%?

Most online casinos offer an RTP of between 95-97%, so we are expecting to see a similar return to player from BritainPlay.

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