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🎰 Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Unique Slot Features

The pages keep on turning, and a new chapter is found within this Ra series. The Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes presents players with a whole new look that is a giant leap away from all other Book of Ra games in the series. This is Novomatic finally getting creative with the much-milked feature. This time, you can really get excited about picking this book up. That’s our intro to the game, now let us show you the game specs.

Features Data
🎮 Game Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes
🖥️ Provider Novomatic
🗓️ Released 2018
💯 RTP 95%
📈 Volatility High
📑 Paylines 10
🎁 Bonus Rounds Yes
➖ Min. Spin $0.50
➕ Max. Spin $5.00

🔥 Background on Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes

book-of-ra-mystic-fortunes-logo book-of-ra-mystic-fortunes-logo

A new book is added to the free slot games shelf, which is a continuation of the original slot game that launched in 2005. Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is one of many released follow-ups, but this one actually took us by surprise. If you do not know of the original game or its other subsequent sequels, then this will all mean nothing to you. So, let’s give you a bit of background about the Book of Ra and Novomatic.

So, in 2005, Novomatic released a slot called Book of Ra, and it turned the industry on its head. It was innovative for slot games and readdressed how slots should look and what features could be presented. To this day, it has held the status of the most significant slot game ever made. Novomatic were top of their game and had been part of the industry for almost a decade already, being one of the original developers when casinos went online. In 2010, the industry boom and scores of gaming companies hit the scene wanting in on the action. Novomatic’s demand depleted and soon they vanished off the face of every casino online.

In 2018, their comeback was set when their new development wing of the company Greentube started to pump out revamp after revamp. This leads us to the Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes. Now, when you play a Novomatic game, they all come with tell-tale signs that it's made by them. Their style has not changed one bit from 1997 to 2024. There is a strange nostalgic look to their designs, very dated and this also stretches into their programming, with cost of play, jackpot prizes, and RTP scores.

Novomatic are very much a niche production company and software developer. You will either love them or absolutely hate them. It’s a reality and our free demo will help you to determine what side of the fence you sit on.

💲 How to Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes for Real Money

Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is thankfully unlike the other gaming follow-ups. Mystic Fortunes presents a Progressive Jackpot feature that changes the whole dynamic of the game. Starting from the beginning, Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes come with a 3 x 5 grid that contains 10 non-adjustable paylines. Now, the cost to play this feature starts at 50 cents, but the surprise is that the max betting cost is only 5 dollars. This actually makes it the “cheapest” of all the Book of Ra games you can play. Now there is something strange about this because normally, the cost you pay to play affects the price of the jackpot. So, normally, the more you increase the value of your spin, you see the jackpot price go up. With Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes, that doesn’t happen. The value of the two main jackpots (Grand and Major) are not affected by the price you spin at, whether you spin for 50 cents or for 50 dollars, the amounts do not change.

Now, there are also two other prizes, Minor and Mini. These two are affected by the change in cost per spin. So, there is something to consider when you might approach playing this game if you play for real money payouts. If you do not know what a Progressive Jackpot is, and why it is important to note that the prize is not affected, then allow us to make this a bit clear.

Progressive Jackpot prizes are not capped. They can escalate to extremely high values, sometimes in the millions. The more popular a game like this is, the higher the prize money climbs until it is one. So, the importance of this is that you can win the big prize no matter how much you decide to pay per spin.

How does the game perform? Well, there are two programming elements that can help give you a gauge on whether this game is or isn’t for you. First, the RTP (Return to Player) is scored at 95% which is low. Most modern games are 96% or higher. This is a Novomatic attribute that hasn’t changed in a long time. Now, the score is based on the calculated return percentage when playing a million spins of the game. So it suggests that you will make 95% of your money back if you spin the slot a million times. Now, this is not exact because winning is based on luck and not built on algorithms.

Another way to measure performance is the volatility setting. Now, like many other Book of Ra follow-ups, this comes with a high setting. This means the performance of this game makes it hard to be successful. Wins are infrequent and it becomes costly in trying to spin any kind of win. However, the appeal of such a game is in the rewards when they do land because they are highly profitable. In contrast, a slot made with low volatility settings gives you frequent wins but they are often always below the amount you are paying to spin, so they become non-profitable, unless you land a major big win.

🕹️ How to Demo Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes

Why play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes as a demo game and not just bypass it and head to the casinos where you can potentially win real money? Well, like any beta game, the demo is a testing option. Through engaging with it without any risk or cost, you can decide if you like the game enough to pursue it as a real money casino game. We always recommend to our readers to play demo games before real money ones. Play about a hundred free spins of the game and from that, you will be able to gauge how it performs and if you are lucky or entertained by it.

The programming of the demo is the same as the real money version, so it provides the best practice tool. Too many players are far too eager to chase wins and put money into games and then, after 20 spins and 20 dollars down, they decide games are too boring or aren’t landing wins. You will be in a position to know how high volatility games act and can save your money for games you know you love.

🎁 Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Bonus Features Explained

The design of ancient Egyptian games are a common genre, and there is a huge market for this. But the aesthetics can only take a game so far. The important factor is the in-game features. This section of our slot review will discuss what bonus features of the game will help you to be successful.

🆓 Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Free Spins and Bonus Rounds

Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes comes with one main feature; with exception of the Progressive Jackpot we discussed earlier in the review. Like all the Ra games in the series, you will be graced with a Free Games bonus round.

Free Games: Land 3 or more of the game’s Scatter symbol, which is the Book of Ra, and you will trigger the Free Games bonus round. Once the round is unlocked, you will receive 10 free spins and a special symbol will be randomly picked to act as the expanding symbol that will cover the full reel. This bonus round also gives you the chance to trigger the jackpot feature.

💎 Wild, Scatter, and Winning Symbols

The symbols that feature within the game and their values when match on one payline with betting at $1 per spin.

Symbols 2 Matching 3 Matching 4 Matching 5 Matching
Explorer x0.80 x4 x40 x200
Tomb x0.40 x1.60 x16 x80
Statue x0.40 x1.20 x4 x30
Scarab Beetle x0.40 x1.20 x4 x30
Book of Ra - x1 x8 x80
A - x0.20 x1.60 x6
K - x0.20 x1.60 x6
Q - x0.20 x1.20 x4
J - x0.20 x1.20 x4
10 - x0.20 x1.20 x4

⚡ Jackpot and How to Win

There are a total of four prize jackpots in this game: Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini.

When you trigger the jackpot round, there will be 12 coins that appear. You get to select one to reveal a gem that is associated with a jackpot.

  • Grand = Red gem
  • Major = Purple gem
  • Minor = Blue gem
  • Mini = Green gem

Find three matching gems and you will win the respective jackpot balance. The amount is unknown because the Grand and Major jackpot amounts keep growing and growing in value. Aside from the four jackpot balances, the maximum payout win from the base game is $1,000. This is standard for Novomatic. As stated before, their gaming is still very old-school.

“For the cost of one dollar, you will be rewarded with 100 spins to play on one of the biggest jackpot slots online. To chance your luck, just pick one of our reviewed casinos that offer you a minimum one-dollar deposit.”

📱 Playing Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes from Mobile

Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is fully mobile compatible. It comes with HTML5 tech embedded so it can be accessed through any Android, Windows, or iOS device. This also means that there is no requirement to download any additional software to allow you to play the game.

📂 Can I Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes from Casino Apps?

You can certainly play the game via a casino’s app provided they host the game and come with an app service. Lucky for you, there is one Canadian casino online that comes with both. Only ever download a free casino app from the casino directly, or use their links to Google Play or the Apple App Store to get it. Apps are not a necessity, so you will not find too many casinos out there providing apps. This is because the HTML 5 software does the job of an app, so you can save your phone’s storage space and just play directly from your mobile browser.

✔️ How to Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes from Mobile

Playing Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes from your mobile is very easy and the process and performance make no difference if you play by an app or from your phone’s browser. If you wish to play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes as a real money game, then you will need to first join a casino. Then you need to make your deposit so you have the funds to play. Once in the gaming menu, put the title into the search option and locate the game. Once loaded adjust the default settings, and this also goes for the demo game. Set the value of the total bet cost and once ready, press the start button to begin playing.

🏆 Top Casinos to Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Mobile
CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Casino Classic Casino Classic
Play Now
The Gaming Club Gaming Club $350
Play Now
All Slots All Slots $1500
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👨‍⚖️ Responsible Gambling

Warning: Gambling results in more losses than win. This is a gambling fact and players need to recognize that the risks are very real. Once your money is gone, that’s when panic starts to take over. It is our duty to highlight these facts and to put your wellbeing first. Casinos are now doing the same and giving their members a brand-new Responsible Gaming service.

The features of this help to educate and provide solutions that can somewhat control how a player better engages with a casino. Tools are provided to players that allow them to control what amount of money can be deposited into their accounts. They can limit the amounts they lose and wager. The tools help them to manage time and to log them out once the limit is reached. Any setting imposed by the player can also be adjusted or completely removed.

The casinos now also supply contact points for members that might want to seek professional assistance from reputable gambling charities that support gambling addicts. Players can contact such organizations without having to reveal their identities.

🏁 Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Verdict

Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is a worthy game to the series and perhaps one of the better ones because the change is so clear. Whereas others in the Ra series add a new payline and it’s classed as a whole new game. Anyway, the slot demo is here and free to play so you can make up your own mind.

✅ Four Jackpots.

✅ 10 Free Spins Bonus.

✅ Adjustable Paylines.

🥇 Best Casino to Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes

If you want to play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes as a real money game, we recommend you sign up at Leo Vegas. This casino is one of the country’s very best that supplies thousands of slots and sports betting services. At this casino, you can access Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes, all the other games in the series, and plenty of other titles made by Novomatic.

Head to our LeoVegas Casino review and if you sign up, you can get your hands on a limited-time-only welcome bonus. Right now, you can get hold of 1000 CAD and it also comes with 200 free bonus spins (T&Cs apply).

🔍 Other Games in the Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Series

Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes by Novomatic is just one of many games in the Ra series. If you loved the demo and want to experience more in the Novomatic library, then you will find the following available.

  1. Book of Ra: Deluxe 10
  2. Cash Connect: Book of Ra
  3. Book of Ra: Deluxe 6
  4. Book of Ra: Deluxe 10 Bonus Buy
  5. Book of Ra: Magic
  6. Book of Ra: Deluxe
  7. Book of Ra: Classic
  8. Book of Ra: Dice

❓ Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Slot FAQs

What Are the Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Slot Features?

Gaming specs for Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes:

  • Game: Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes
  • Provider: Novomatic
  • Released: 2018
  • RTP: 95%
  • Volatility: High
  • Paylines: 10
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes
  • Min. Spin: $0.50
  • Max. Spin: $5.00

Can I Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes Free?

The demo of Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes is 100% free to play. If you wish to experience the real money version and for free, then there is only one way this can happen. The casino you join to play this game needs to be able to offer you one of the rarest of bonuses called a no deposit bonus. If you can get hold of this, you can play a small number of free spins and keep the winnings you make. Terms will of course apply to the bonus should you be presented with it.

Can I Win Real Money Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes?

The demo will not payout any money. If you join a casino and are depositing money to engage with games, then yes, you will win money that is paid in CA dollars. When you do play for money online, make sure the casino you join can meet your banking service so you can make deposits and withdrawals.

What Is the Best Online Casino Canada to Play Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes?

The best casino and only casino is Leo Vegas. Already one of Canada’s top 10 sites, it hosts all of Novomatic’s games including Book of Ra: Mystic Fortunes. Head to the casino via this slot review or through our Leo Vegas review and you can claim a welcome bonus of $1000 and 200 free spins (T&Cs apply).

Read more slot reviews and play more free demos. Pick, click, and enjoy.

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