2022 British Columbia Online Casino Guide

Inside of Canada’s glorious British Columbia province, there are 17 casinos that are able to provide you with many real money opportunities. But what are your rights? Can you gamble online in BC? We set the record straight, for those living from Nanaimo to Vancouver, we give you guys that live in BC the facts on gambling.

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Best British Columbia Online Casino Sites in 2022

In addition to knowing your rights to play, we present details on banking measures, news on online gaming interest and a top 5 of British Columbia’s landmark casinos. This is a review that will also provide help to the tourist that visit the wonderful part of Canada, year on year.

We begin with a presentation of the best 10 British Columbia online casino sites that are open to the residence of BC. We have them reviewed and ready for you to select from.

Here are just some of the qualities you can expect from each one:

✅ Software for Industry-leading developers

✅ Live sports betting on national and international markets

✅ Reputable and local banking options

✅ Casino promotions for the Canadian market only

✅ Live streaming of card and table games

Gamble Responsibly in British Columbia

We start our review with a discussion on responsible gambling. Gambling itself is a taboo and even pointing out the fact of responsible gameplay from a platform recommending the services may seem ironic but the fact is our goal is to educate firstly, and then present to best options thereafter. If someone has the intention to gamble, they most likely will carry this out regardless of what anyone tells them.

Our approach is perfectly summed up by our own Editor in Chief, Charlotte Fitzgerald.

"We highly recommend that players pay attention to their actions. To a degree, those that have problems with gambling will be aware of their behaviour. This is why we push the tools that online casinos offer that enable players to control their expenses and time spent playing."

Gambling responsibly isn’t an age thing. In BC you can legally gamble from 19, and a 19-year-old will and can make the same mistakes as someone in their 40s that has been gambling longer. The fortune is that younger people now have this access available to them at a younger age.

Gambling in the province has always been a common pastime for people. You can’t host 17 land-based casinos in a city if there wasn’t an interest.

Here are some interesting facts that were taken by StatCan, which was part of a BC University study into Lottery and Gambling Industries.

  • Average gambling revenue per person 18 and over in 2009 ranged from $120 in the three territories to $855 in Saskatchewan, with a national average of $515.
  • Compared with workers in non-gambling industries, those in gambling were more likely to be between age 15 and 34 (42% versus 36%), be paid by the hour (80% versus 65%), be paid less ($21.95 hourly versus $24.05), and receive tips at their jobs (27% versus 7%).

Gambling plays a role in society and though it may seem to present a path of gold leading to it, the fact is, that the rewards sit atop of a very steep mountain that you have to climb and climb with the right know-how.

Here are a few of the support groups in BC that can help those requiring support should they wish to seek professional assistance:

If at this stage, you feel you might wish to rethink your approach, then now is the time to leave and later down the line, you can return if you are more willing to learn about taking the right steps to gamble responsibly.

If you already feel that you are willing to take on the challenge and the requirements of that, then please continue with our review.

Enjoy Your Favorite Games in British Columbia

For those new to gambling and the opportunities it presents and the options you have in a gaming sense, then let us give you a clear and brief explanation of what lies ahead. When looking to gamble and seek out your first online casino, the best approach is to know what games you are wanting to play. Playing is where all your time will be spent, it’s the be-all and end-all of online and land-based casinos.

So, there are many different games available. Not all casinos house the exact same titles or developers, so this needs to be added to the equation of selecting your future casino.

Here are the options:

  • Slots - Slots are a standard gaming feature that will appear inside every great casino and the bad one. They are the most played game online. There are thousands of titles and styles. The slot requires no skill to play and winning is luck and good timing. Some slots determine wins based on the amount of cash going in, with their RTP algorithm deciding the percentage paid back out. Then there are RNG games that are programmed to be more random in their win or lose ratio. Slots have one of the worst odds of any casino game, yet they come with the biggest prizes that can reach beyond a million dollars.
  • Blackjack - Blackjack is a card game that is one of the more traditional features of casino gaming. Blackjack is a game that comes with variant offshoots and in the realms of the internet, can be played both as a live casino game or a digital simulation. Blackjack is the ‘fairest’ of all casino games because the house (casino) only has a 1.48% edge over the player. That is a near 50/50 chance of winning, hence why it is so popular.
  • Roulette - This is a table game that comes with a wheel feature that determines the win/lose outcome. Roulette is an icon of the casino because it is so uniquely different from any other game. The simplistic nature of it makes it a favorite of many. It is the go-to game for most new payers that want to experience traditional gambling. The roulette table looks daunting but the rules of predicting where the ball will land, could not be more simpler. The game of roulette comes in many variations and online can be played as a digital game or as a live game.
  • Poker - The game of poker is one of the more popular card games. Its peak of interest hit in 2015 when games of poker tournaments were being aired on TV, given the prizes of such events can turn players into millionaires. Poker is a game which comes with a minor element of skill, that adds a certain appeal to players that seek to develop this and seek the rewards that come with the knowledge. Poker comes in various varieties, like Texas Hold’ Em and Caribbean Stud Poker. It’s a game that can be played online as a digital feature or as a live dealer game.
  • Baccarat - Seen by many players as a niche game, mainly due to its association of being the ‘posh’ card game, baccarat is still an important feature of any casino. Brought into the spotlight as being the preferred game by fictional character James Bond, baccarat has always been attributed to the rich and famous, even when the game was played by the royals and those in higher society in the 18th and 19th Century. It is a special card game that removes all the top cards, leaving 9 as the highest. The task is to then score a total of 9 with two cards. A twist comes in that players can bet against themselves to win. Baccarat can be played both live and as a digital feature.
  • Bingo - If ever there was a game that gets the heart racing, bingo is a wonderfully crafted game that falls into the category of lotto-based play, rather than casino-based. It’s not as common a sight in casinos because of the distinction of play. However, you will be presented with opportunities online to play in specialist casinos made for bingo and experience live bingo rooms and communities that celebrate the game. By playing online, it saves you from having to travel to Plant Bingo in Vancouver or out to Dawson Creek where the Bar Mountain Bingo Hall is. You can find the same incredible game online at home.
  • Lotto - There are further lotto games online that are accessible but not overly common. You can play lotteries both national and international, like the US Powerball and further afield the Euro Lottery. Players in BC will also be able to access scratch card games from any of the online casino BC sites listed here at Casimoose.
  • Sportsbook - Online sports betting is one of, if not, the most popular form of gambling there is. All the top online casino BC sites support the feature that allows British Columbians to bet on over 30 different global sports. You have basketball, baseball, golf, ice hockey, tennis, motor racing, MMA fighting, wrestling, and loads more. Every game, match, fixture, race, event, cup, tournament, if it’s in sport, it’s in the casino. You can get live stats, live streaming, live in-play bets, thousands of betting markets, and a cashout option if your bets are up or down.

Supporting these games, you will find there are a number of promotions and bonuses that can allow players to access their favorite casino feature with a bonus that helps them to play with extra credit or free spins. There are many of these promos out there, just make sure you read all terms and conditions beforehand. Plus, all casino games online are accessible across many devices. None more so popular than mobile gaming. If you wish to play online, rather than visit one of the many locations in British Columbia to experience gambling, then you can do so no matter where you are, through your mobile device. And you don’t even need to download anything.

Live Casino Gaming in British Columbia

We mentioned several times that there are live gaming options. What is live gaming or live casino? Well, if you are fresh to the world of online casino, then note that it’s not just about playing digitalized games that look like slot machines. As early as 1996, live gaming has been a feature of online casinos, but it hit its peak in 2010 when the technology made it go through the roof.

Live gaming or a live casino platform is a streaming service. The developer of the software holds a studio that houses the broadcast within and is played out onto the casino’s server. These broadcasts are 100% live and presented by live dealers in real-time.

You can interact and play, even communicate with the dealer and game host. It is an immersive experience that presents the future of online casino entertainment that is still to this day, innovating and developing new gaming features.

Your top live gaming options inside of the best British Columbia online casino sites include:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Poker
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Gameshows

British Columbia Banking Options Accepted by Online Casinos

With banking, it is always important to check that the casino you’re joining is firstly able to provide a matching service that you use. Do not assume that all online casinos are the same. Many of the land-based ones are, but online it is different.

Also, do not assume that the ‘popularity’ of the banking method will fully cover your needs. For example, and to help demonstrate the different ways banking works. You might have a MasterCard and there will be many casinos online that accept MasterCard, but there are some that don’t. There are some casinos that allow you to deposit with the method of payment but cannot support the withdrawal back using it.

Banking services cost casinos huge sums of money. Some will make a saving if they can. So for some players, you can find that you can pay in but not out, for others there is no issue at all.

In BC, there are also alternative forms of payment and online banking solutions like e-wallets that open up the different alternative methods.

Here are the most popular solutions in Canada right now when paying for online gambling services:

  • Interac - Now the most popular form of banking in Canada. This online service provides debit card payment for goods and services. It comes with incredible security and is accepted in all major BC casinos.
  • Bitcoin - The most successful of cryptocurrencies available right now, supplier owners with the most secure measures of transaction and the casinos accepting bitcoin can supply players with specialist built for bitcoin games.
  • eCheck - The Canadian bank to bank service is a fast and secure payment service that everyone has access to.
  • PayPal - The most popular online form of banking provides a middle-man service that makes payments on your behalf and removes all personal data from the transaction. You may already have this and now you can use it for deposits and withdrawals in the British Columbia online casino platforms.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

A Brief History of British Columbia Casinos and its Gambling Laws

  • In 1985 the first state-owned lottery started in British Columbia, regulated and controlled by the BCLC the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.
  • In 1997, the British Columbia government took control of slot machines in the province to regulate them.
  • The Royal City Star was the first casino to open, the year 1999. It was a riverboat casino.
  • 2004 and River Rock Casino Resort became the largest casino in BC built and still maintains that honorary record.
  • 2010, the BCLC launch their own legal online games on the site PlayNow. They offer games and lotteries

British Columbia Laws 2022

The regulation of gambling is BC is overlooked by one principal government. This oversees the commercial sector of BC’s gambling facilities, online services and the legal rules that are actually more clearly articulated than most provinces.

All casinos are certified with a gambling license and are regularly monitored by an independent body. The legal age is 19, and money accumulated by the regulatory bodies are put back into the local community and services.

British Columbia is clear on the rule of online gambling. It is legal and thusly, opens the gateways to the best British Columbia online casinos that dominate the online casino landscape. The federal laws in Canada will prohibit online gambling when the service is remote, but it makes no mention of foreign services. This is because no government has the power to stop players from accessing online content in foreign IP addresses. This is a loophole that the government accepts, the control of gambling is done on a provide ruling basis. They have not adjusted the rules to ban online gaming, therefore, it still remains 100% legal to gamble online. And yes, all the casinos listed in Casimoose are 100% overseas casinos, licensed and regulated that accept Canadian players and do payout in Canadian dollars.

British Columbia Online Gambling Regulator

So, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) looks over the industry of gambling in British Columbia. They ensure that the integrity of fair gambling service throughout the BC area is upheld by companies, people and the equipment used.

They will investigate any complaints of wrongdoing. They have regulatory control over the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. They also overlook the horse racing industry in BC and any other form of licensed gambling event or charity that takes place.

You can read in detail their role from this Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General document.

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in British Columbia

We no present the wonderful opportunities residents of British Columbia get to experience when they put their mobiles down and place their laptops away and step outside. There are many great casinos to experience and to help guide you to them, we present a top 5 list of British Columbia casino establishments that are a must for any local and visiting tourist, that are seeking warmth from the cold of Canada’s climate.

River Rock Casino

  • River Rock Casino Resort Address: 8811 River Road, Richmond, British Columbia
  • Phone Number: 604-247-8900
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, the River Rock Casino Resort offers the biggest gambling experience in the province. You have every table game playable 24/7 and over 1,000 slot machines. There are also six restaurants and bars to help fuel the stamina to play all day and all night.

Hard Rock Casino

  • Hard Rock Casino Address: 2080 United Blvd, Coquitlam, British Columbia
  • Phone Number: 604-523-6888
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: If you know the restaurant, then expect the same greatness from the casino. Boasting 950 slots and a huge range of table games, it’s the biggest casino that you will find in Vancouver. Access to the features is available 24-hours a day, all week. It offers numerous places to eat and provide big-name concerts. Plus, you can also enjoy off-track betting, especially one for horse racing fans.

Cascades Resort and Casino

  • Cascades Resort and Casino Address: 20393 Fraser Highway, Langley, British Columbia
  • Phone Number: 604-530-2211
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: Open 24/7. The resort and casino provide 70,000 sq. ft. of entertainment. They provide five poker rooms and hold poker tournaments. There are also slot machines and with this, you have the resort amenities to enjoy, like the spat and hotel pool.

St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

  • St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino Address: 7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook, British Columbia
  • Phone Number: 866-292-2020
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: You can play here at this glorious site 24/7 and enjoy not only golf, but up to 100 slots, poker, and other table games. They also provide off-track betting to help mix up the activities here. The resort also provides fly-fishing, helicopter rides, and paddle boarding.

Lake City Casino

  • Lake City Casino Address: 48 Ave, Vernon, British Columbia
  • Phone Number: 250-545-3505
  • Website:
  • Gaming Information: The opening times here vary, with Monday to Wednesday opening at 10 am and closing at Midnight. Thursday to Saturday, the casino opens at 10 am and closes at 2:00 in the morning. Sundays are open from 10 in the morning till midnight. Inside the casino, you have 400 slots and a selection of table games. You can also relax and watch some sport and enjoy the food served in the Match Eaterie.

Enjoy Online Casinos and Gambling in British Columbia

Being in British Columbia has its benefits with it comes to gambling, so whether a resident or visitor of BC, take a look around the glorious spot of our province and enjoy a game inside one of the top casinos.

You can also enjoy plenty of online services from the best online casino BC sites that are legally supported and come regulated by foreign governing bodies.

You have full access from any device and remember, learn more about casinos and gambling to help yourself have a better experience of gaming and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Casinos Legal in British Columbia?

Yes. No BC law has banned the use of online casinos that are outside the province of British Columba. The government of BC regulates all the legal issues of gambling and do not prohibit the use of such services.

Is it Safe to Gamble from British Columbia?

Yes. Even though these online casinos are registered overseas, players can rest assured that these are all global platforms services many other countries and come with regulatory approval and licensing from gambling bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Casinos are also independently tested to certify security software meets the standards of the industry and that games are fair to play.

What is the Online Casino Legal Age?

In British Columbia, the legal age is 19 to be able to gamble. This is a law both online and inside of the many British Columbia casinos that are land-based. When registering online, you will have to prove your date of birth by submitting the usual details, name, address, sex, date of birth, email. But you must also comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures that ask for proof of ID and address.

Do you pay Taxes on Winnings?

No. There is no requirement to inform the Canada Revenue Agency that you have won money through gambling. If you are a professional gambler and this is your only source of income, then yes, you must state and pay taxes. But gambling should neve be considered as a full-time occupation.

Who is the Gambling Regulator?

The regulator is the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB). They look over the industry of gambling in British Columbia. They ensure that the integrity of fair gambling service throughout the BC area is upheld by companies, people and the equipment used. They will investigate illegal or wrongdoing acts and they also regulate the lottery and gaming operator the BGLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation).

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

There are numerous forms of payment that are accepted by British Columbia online casino platforms. Along with Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, you also have a host of other alternative payment methods. The top of these include:

  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • eCheck
  • PayPal

Can I find First Nations Gaming Properties in British Columbia?

Yes, you will find that there are four casinos located on First Nations Land within BC.

1. Chances Cowichan

2. Casino of the Rockies

3. Chances Salmon Arm

4. Chances Sqamish

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