2022 Newfoundland and Labrador Online Casino

When looking to begin gambling in Canada there are a whole host of places to enjoy the experience. From online casino games to the establishments offered by our high streets. Our guide takes you through the possibilities that come from residing in the province of Newfoundland.

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Best Newfoundland Online Casino Sites in 2022

In this guide we discuss what the industry of Newfoundland Online Casino services has done for the place and provide you with much-needed insight on how to gamble, what you can gamble on, and advice on where to play with legal operators.

We hope you find this informative and helpful in your pursuit of approaching the subject and participation of gambling the correct way.

We opened our review with a list and recommendation of the top NL online casino platforms that are currently available online to players that are residents of Newfoundland. Each site is regulated and licensed to comply with industry standards and meets all federal and provincial gambling laws.

Gamble Responsibly in Newfoundland

It’s imperative that on the subject of gambling that the issue of addiction must be raised. So, we will begin by facing this taboo head-on and highlighting the importance of awareness in this area.

Gambling is something that first must only be undertaken by those financially secure. It’s not enough for people to be told they are not of the right age. Here in Newfoundland, you can be 19, but what 19-year-old is in a financially strong position to make losses within the casino?

It is, therefore, incumbent on sites like our own to provide advice in this area and as our own Editor in Chief, Charlotte Fitzgerald states, all the warning signs are there about the dangers and risks of gambling as a whole.

“The signs are there already for players. Regulators are now forcing casinos to inform their customers about the risks of not gambling responsibly and, therefore, must place notification of gambling charities on their sites.

“This should be viewed as a good thing, and a measure that this site stands behind wholeheartedly. In addition to raising issue and awareness, online casinos are also meant to be proactive in stemming the tide of gambling addition by offering account tools that can give playing spending budgets and playable timelines. These are important parts of customer service that not many players know of, so we must make sure our services highlight this to them, whenever possible, so our job is done. ”

In the online world, restrictive measures can be implemented at your request and control from the offset. You can curtail your spending so you either have a budget for a day, week or month. With this, you can limit your playing time and set measures in place that set reminders, or you can go all out and give yourself timeout restrictions, so you only play once a week or once a month.

The key to curbing problem gambling is to bring about education on the subject of gaming. For those that feel that they are in a position with gambling that requires help, or if you need further advice. Here are some professional services within the Newfoundland province to assist you:

Enjoy Your Favorite Games in Newfoundland

When looking for a new casino to join online, you need to consider how you will be entertained. It’s important for two factors; one: most of your time will be playing the game so you want to be entertained, this is part and parcel of gambling to have fun and make money at the same time. Two, you don’t want to waste money on games you do not enjoy or are not as profitable. This comes back to the education and understanding the industry for what it is.

So, let us take a look at some of the games available and plenty of these options are available as free demo games within our own site, so check them out if you wish to practice and trial games out first before you play with real money. It is the number one gaming strategy!

  • Slots - There is no bigger game in popularity and in payout. Slots are as diverse as they are numerous. They are also the easiest of games to play because there is no skill involved, just hit the spin button to reveal the outcome of your wager. The progressive jackpot variant of the slot machine offers over a million in prizes and should be considered if you want to be a millionaire overnight.
  • Blackjack - This traditional card game and classic is presented to players online as a virtual game that can be played as a digital table game or as a live dealer experience. Blackjack is a popular card game as the rules of winning and playing are very simple. It is also the favored card game because of its low house edge at 1.48%. That is a near 50/50 split on your chances of winning.
  • Roulette - When it comes to iconic gaming, roulette is the master. This dynamic feature presents a wheel and table game that provides many betting options, and the outcome is based on the roulette ball spun in the wheel. There are many variations of roulette and this is a game that is played as a digital option of live dealer table game.
  • Poker - The card game that is poker is popular all over the world. Famed for its many tournaments that present million-dollar prizes, poker is one for those that are able to adapt their skills to out-poker their opponents. There are many variations of poker but none more popular than Texas Hold’ Em. You can also experience video poker games that turn the card game into a slot feature.
  • Baccarat - This is a more niche card game, not as popular but hugely more unique as it plays with all top card from 10 to king removed. The goal is to achieve a score of nine or as close to with the 9 cards being the highest cards in the game. No many variants exist of this game given the simple manner of play but can feature as a digital or live format of gaming.
  • Bingo - If you want suspense and thrill, then bingo is the game for you. You already have the land-based options of Cowan Plaza Bingo or the Atlantic Star Satellite Bingo to play in, but if you want online entertainment with this game, then you will have the opportunity. There is both digital bingo games and live bingo games. There is an ever-growing community online for bingo lovers and it gives you a chance to play against one another.
  • Lotto - Other lotto-based games online include scratch cards, keno, and the lotteries. You can access these features without going out of the house to get your tickets. You also get to play international lotto games as well.
  • Sportsbook - Now, sports betting is an industry unto itself, it combined forces with the best casino online to offer up the ultimate gaming service and package. From this, you can bet on all sports from ice hockey to tennis, baseball to motorsports. You can watch every national and international game, match, race, fixture, cup, and tournament. You can also watch most of the action live when you have a bet placed.

All these games and opportunities are available to you within our highly recommended casinos. With them, you can access these games via any device you wish to choose. Right now, mobile gaming is huge, so if you have Android, iOS, or Windows, then you can appreciate instant play no matter where you are.

Also, look out for the bonuses within the casinos that are able to help you play these features with free spins and extra cash credit. Always read the bonus terms to learn about the eligible games, what needs to be deposited, and what the wagering requirements are.

Live Casino Gaming in Newfoundland

So, what are live games, given we have spoken so much of them? Well, a live casino is a gaming platform. This runs off of an entirely different server to conventional games. This is a live casino platform that broadcasts real-time games from the studio of Evolution Gaming, that allows you to watch real games, play real games, and win real money in taking part. You can communicate with the table’s host and play against other members of the casino.

It is wholly immersive and is the new norm of online gambling and it presents all of the main features of gaming that you would have inside of a land-based casino.

Your live gaming options include:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Poker
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Gameshows

Newfoundland Banking Options Accepted by Online Casinos

Banking is an important area of the casino that you have to pay attention to, especially when playing online.

Not all banks are the same and neither are the casinos. The cost of using a banking service for a casino dictates what they can pass onto their customers. Some casinos prefer to save cost while others seek to provide a full service.

Do not assume that because you use a popular form of payment, that all casinos will be able to accommodate you.

There are examples where one casino will allow you to deposit and withdraw using your bank card, and then other casinos not accepting it at all. Thirdly, you may find that there are some casinos that can make deposits with your bank card but cannot allow you to withdraw using it. So, as you can read, it can be a very mixed thing.

The option available are still nonetheless very varied to help players have a choice of how to pay, relative to the service the casino provides.

Besides methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Skrill, there are numerous other e-wallets and alternative forms of payment that include these four commonly used services within Canada.

  • Interac - Our very own popular debit banking service that is safe and easy to use.
  • Bitcoin - Use this cryptocurrency to access bespoke gaming for the coin and play with peace of mind given it has the highest security of any currency created.
  • eCheck - Direct bank-to-bank payment is provided and provides deposit and withdrawal security.
  • PayPal - If you shop online, you most likely have PayPal already. This is a service that makes payments without adding personal data and banking info. It’s the same as Skrill or Neteller.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

A Brief History of Newfoundland Casinos and its Gambling Laws

  • In 1970 the federal law on illegal gambling ended as each province took control of their own Criminal Code.
  • To date the province of Newfoundland doesn’t have a land-based casino.
  • Horse racing is the common sports betting option in the province and is governed by the CPMA (Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency).

Newfoundland Laws 2022

Now, despite not opting to build a casino in the province, the laws are still fairly similar to that of any other Canadian province. The Newfoundland government still has a task force to oversee the gambling services that take place a bit like the ALC.

At a federal level, gambling was deemed illegal, then the criminal code was brought in to allow provinces to dictate their own laws and rules on the subject of gambling. With this, again, like many other provinces, online gambling was never written into the laws to ban or stop players from joining overseas or foreign casinos.

Remote businesses have always been prohibited so offshore betting was and still is the only legal option players have in Newfoundland and throughout all of Canada.

Newfoundland Online Gambling Regulator

The Service NL and Digital Government regulate all non-profit and charitable organizations’ that use lottery fundraising activities. This is about as far as the regulation goes given there are no other optional services that are not found online.

With sports betting, you only have the horse racing sector and that is overseen by the CPMA.

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in Newfoundland

Currently, Newfoundland is the only province in Canada that as yet, does not have any land-based casinos, not even in any first nation territories.

So far, online casino play is the only option open to residents of Newfoundland, and this may have worked in favor of the government given the decline in high street casino establishments. They can opt to generate their own online services to meet the demand which they really should do. Until that happens, players in Newfoundland can enjoy their gameplay inside the casinos outside of Canada’s borders.

Enjoy Online Casinos and Gambling in Newfoundland

Whether you live in Newfoundland or just visiting, your options of playing online casino games are limitless. You have plenty of casinos that are licensed and regulated to choose from. There are scores of games and different gaming platforms to immerse yourself into.

Through our website, you can access these casinos and claim your own range of exclusive casino bonuses that will provide you with free spins on games and additional cash credit.

You can play from your mobile smartphone and any other device, with instant gameplay accessible without the need to download additional bulky software.

Another perk comes with the taxes. You do not need to notify the Canada Revenue Agency regarding any winnings made online. No matter how big or small, this is money won outside of Canada’s borders, so are no subject to tax laws in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Casinos Legal in Newfoundland?

Yes. Online casinos are ironically made legal because no Criminal Code bans players from joining them.

For your safety and security, these casinos are licensed by overseas commissions and regulators. When it comes to online laws, the only mention is that pertaining to remote businesses not being able to produce online gambling material or services. Now, foreign casinos cannot advertise but they can be a source of entertainment. It is an odd law and rule, but it is widely common in Canada, the USA, and across Europe.

Is it Safe to Gamble from Newfoundland?

Yes. Gambling online is incredibly safe, especially when selecting the casinos we recommend here at Casimoose. These may not be based in Canada, but these are international services. Like all online industries now, from clothing, to electronic goods, not everything is made in Canada. These online casinos are registered in Europe and they provide a service to Americans, Australians, Europeans, and to those in the UK. Canada is just another area ticked off the list as with all modern online businesses now. They are 100% safe, approved by governing bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curacao eGaming Authority that licence their services. They are also independently tested to meet standards of safety, long before being put online.

What is the Online Casino Legal Age?

The legal age in Newfoundland to be allowed to gamble is 19-years and over. When registering online, all players across all casinos must comply with the Know Your Customer procedure. This requires all players to hand over photo ID and proof of residency when registering for a new account. This is compulsory to help stop online money laundering and criminal networks. If you are underage, you will be caught out and banned, so do not try.

Do you pay Taxes on Winnings?

No. There is no legal requirement and no ruling from the CRA to advise and pay upon any winnings. The simple fact is, that any money you make from these online casinos are deemed to have been won outside of the country, therefore, not associated with Canadian laws. So, no matter how big you win, the money is all yours, 100% of it.

Who is the Gambling Regulator?

As there is no major gambling activity in the province, you only have the body that looks after the lottery. The Service NL and Digital Government regulate all non-profit and charitable organizations’ that use lottery fundraising activities. This is about as far as the regulation goes given there are no other optional services that are not found online. With sports betting, you only have the horse racing sector and that is overseen by the CPMA.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

There are a number of available payment services. This includes the likes of Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Neteller. Canadian players also prefer other alternative payment options and these four are currently the trending options to cover deposits and withdrawals.

  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • eCheck
  • PayPal

Can I find First Nations Gaming Properties in Newfoundland?

No. There are absolutely no land-based casinos anywhere in Newfoundland and there most likely never will be given the commercial success of the ventures online.

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The Best Online Casinos for Canadian Players - January / 2022
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